The Yeshuat Yehovah method: part one

The Yeshuat-Yehovah or yishayahu method.

I first of all acknowledge that my father Yehovah through the diligent teaching of my teacher Yhshua Drew my attention to the wim hof method in answer to my petition, which is constant, to be filled with the decontaminating wind in my chest cavity, and not only me but all the students of Yhshua in whose name the decontaminating wind is administered to us all by the grace of our father Yehovah .

It will be evident to those who seek after “truth“ that it is found not only in the pages of the Tanakh and the commentary on the Tanakh by Yhshua and his students, which I collectively by consultation with Yehovah refer to as the acts of Yehovah and the acts of Yhshua ; But is to be found amongst the wisemen from all nations who have studied the handiwork of our father and attempted to conform to the evident instructions there in. However it is also evident that the language used by such wisemen is not The pure language of our father and very often contains concepts and words which will trip up the unwary, and give purchase to the tester, the prosecutor and the liar who whispers alternatives into our ears and hearts. To this end our father established from among the nations a nation to be priests and ministers to all nations and to purify them of all their disconcerting ways, By means of his decontaminating wind. However the history of this nation is well known and recorded in the acts of Yehovah as being in the main only temporarily or partially successful, that is mostly unsuccessful and fit only to be cast away either into death or into exile. However the nations are cautioned not to be presumptuous for Amongst them Yehovah always retained a remnant for himself, who like salt season the whole, and indeed the whole Earth, and by means of whom his eventual restoration and salvation will become evident. In this way he disciplined the nation Of Israel and those nations that became haughty against them bringing them down low whilst all the while preparing his salvation which is in Yhshua His son, by means of Adam Abraham and David, and a Jewish tzadiq of extraordinary uprightness!

Yes it is from the Jewish nation that a flag or banner was set up to which all Jews and all the 12 tribes are called to be in camped around in preparation for the restoration of the Imperial administration of our father in the land of Israel and between the Nile and the Euphrates, the land promised to Abraham by our father. In that day all the nations from all the lands will come and well securely and safely in the shadow of the Imperial administration being ministered to by the priests of the nation of Israel the 12 tribes.

We start the understanding of the method in berishyth which refers to the beginning of the purposeful cutting out of the fluid plasma and the crystalline earth. We then find that the fluid called the wind of Elohim broods over everything that is liquid. This is so that we are to understand that our father is a great and dynamic wind beyond our comprehension and partitioned off fluid which being liquid was called water by Moses first of all picking up on the name that Yehovah gave to it after first of all making light and daylight appear and then the beaten expanse appear to separate between what he called the waters unders under the expanse and the waters above the expanse .

So the first words or motherly sayings were concerning light. Yehovah and yihyowr are too close onomatopoeically to be ignored in Hebrew, but completely obscured by the English translation. Without elaborating too much we can understand that light, consciousness, communication are all part of Yehovah and administered in his great wind to his creation. So the wind is not to be diminished to just some chemical formula , As Some might consider it, but to be included in the greater understanding of the physical nature of materiality expressed as magnetism, by which movement or as we shall simply call it frequency we obtain the electromagnetic spectrum which includes within it what we call light but much much more, and by which we communicate and create communicating devices such as the computer before which you S it, and the digital Devices by which you listen to and record all manner of entertainment and communications.

The physical, chemical, and the biological nature of the environment brought into being by the wind of Elohim is disguised by religious language and unfamiliarity with the technical jargon of the sciences. But we can be assured that by the time Yehovah comes to form the human lump Adam there is plenty of biological and chemical and physical and electromagnetic material available to construct an incredible wonderful fractal entity, more complex than any human made digital network or computational system or electronic biofeedback system. Having created this form in some kind of mould involving pouring some kind of biological and chemical slurry into a mould to form a plaster cast image, it only remained to get it going, to switch it on, or to empower it.
The manufacture process is far too complicated for us to fully understand even when we have incredible factories that produce silicon chips and devices of incredible fractal design.
We do not currently have any means of producing from the basic chemical biological and physical materials living functioning tissues. We have to use already existing cell structures to do the work for us. We can tinker, and we do tinker but we cannot create “living“ biological cellular entities. We can destroy living cellular entities or we can remove one form of biological so-called molecule and replace it with another we have designed within the existing nucleus, and get it to do the work for us, but we cannot build one from scratch, despite what some people have cleaned.

I am exposing this fact to remind the reader that Yehovah created this physical chemical and biological reality in which we exist because he is the source of light and communication and consciousness whether it is found in a fluid form (liquid or gas) or a crystalline form like a silicon chips. And biological material is somehow a combination of the liquid and the crystalline and the gases and plasmas of our reality all of which we see is the handiwork of Yehovah .

So now we need to concentrate on Genesis chapter 2 verse seven to understand the method that Yehovah introduced to activate a biological material slurry akin to clay or plaster cast slurry into a fully functioning conscious breathing blood being!

Bereshiyt 2:7
My children Yehovah established you in this form, made out of biological material called dust, for a very incredible purpose. And he made it very simple, but we have twisted away from his simplicity, we Lept and danced away jumping to the right jumping ahead, jumping behind, not keeping step with Yehovah , And we have hacked off offcuts from his simple instructions, with chopped out chunks that we do not want to perform or know, Or because we think we know a better way, or we just want an alternative way. So to return to the simplicity by means of a short and manageable stressor, And by being washed clean and by having the wind in us re-invigorated from Yehovah is an unbelievably simple and amazing gift from our father 😂🕺🏼🦋🌈

The way of Abraham and the way of Yhshua : Fixing your life-support reliance in Yehovah

Abraham: the father of prostration to Yehovah , The father of encouraging others to fix their life support in Yehovah , The father of recognising doting devotion from Yehovah pointing it out and acknowledging it to all; the father of teaching firm and motherly supportive teachings; and the father of love, love of your family and sons daughters based on the friendship with Yehovah A true and everlasting friendship upon which love can travel between the two of them day and night, long sighs and yearning, patience and burnings, Ecstasies and desires , sorrows born only momentarily replaced by over flooding hope and expectation of provision of all things. The humility of this love, the abject realisation of how special it is for an unworthy person to receive this kind of love and the everlasting gratefulness for it; these are all the things that Abraham is the father of
He, that is Abraham, is the father of the great dread of Yehovah in the cutting of a covenant with him, because it is a covenant with a dark burning cloud that consumes all things, a torch that sets a light all things to make them smoke.
He is the father of those who look up at the night sky to see the stars and all the inhabitants above the heavens to understand the message that Yehovah alone created them and it is he alone who can make you into a nation that cannot be counted, and innumerable multitude. He is the father of those who petition not for their will but to find out the will of Yehovah more precisely, and do so with fear and trembling like a delicate flower or a bird whose heart is trembling in your hands!
He is the father of the willing servant who responds: here am I send me, set me upon the work of your hands and the desires of your heart! He is the father of those that prostrate themselves before their fellow citizens counting them equal to or greater than themselves, and the father of those that deal fairly and justly and equitably. He is the father that teaches all his children to proclaim the name Yehovah !
He is the father, the fore father of the salvation of Yehovah ; The Jewish man called Yhshua Who alone of all the prophets like Moses was raised from the dead unlike Moses! Who like Elisha was preceded by Elijah and dipped the “nations “ seven times to make them clean. He, like Solomon, was an amazing person for counselling, and like Samson a powerful warrior carrying out the judgements of Yehovah and like David seizing the plunder from all the nations against whom Yehovah pronounced judgement without deviation or pity like Saul because he cared for the most important things of the covenant with Yehovah and also did not despise the least commandments and instructions, not one blemish and not one horn on a letter did he ignore!

So we come to this small statement;
And he caused to fix life support, The nurturing care of a nurse or a mother, to firmly look for that and expect that in Yehovah and through involvement with Yehovah . And then it says: it will count towards uprightness in relation to him!
What does that mean?
There is a calculation that is being made, a consideration and counting up on various things . it is a thoughtful and deliberate consideration, a calculated guess or estimate , and this calculation was not done at the time but later on, as time marched on. Because it is only as time marched on that it become evident that his encouragement and strong unwavering teaching where one should fix one’s hope, one’s life support system, one’s expectation of resources and resourcefulness resulted in people servants, and even nations looking upwards to the place where Yehovah sits upon an imperial and majestic throne, and some of those people crumbling at the knees dropping to the ground in submission and obedience, and giving allegiance in full unwavering service to Yehovah . So the fruit of that teaching before Yehovah was and is and will be uprightness, and that is why it will be counted as uprightness to him and for him, that is our father Abraham. So let us understand the nature of our Father in heaven and hell he keeps records! For your records are not based upon your deeds but upon the deeds of all those that you affect, especially the deeds of your children grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Your account will be based on these and that is how you will be judged!
But you say: the Watchman! If the Watchman does not cry out then the blood upon those that he should’ve cried out to , Their blood will be upon him! And I say yes indeed for their deeds i’ll set against him! But if he cries out and warns them and they ignore, then their deeds are upon their own heads and therefore only the deeds of those who listen to him I set against his name just as he said Your record is based upon the deeds of those whom you teach and effect.

So, in this light is it good to be self righteous? Certainly not ; because if you in your self righteousness cause others to stumble that is what will be set against your record. Far better is it to be upright and to encourage and teach others to be uprightWith all service and humility, with all communication and ability to help those who are in darkness to see the light, those who are confused to have understanding those who are wondering where to fix their attention for life support to fix it in Yehovah by all means. So when Yhshua Took the paragons of virtue, the Pharisees, those that came from Persia to task, it was for this reason, and not because they loved and devoted themselves to the Torah! It was because they twisted their students away from fixing their life support in Yehovah to fixing their life support in some book, some scroll, any book any scroll scripture or not! For the truth is not written in any book Or pen inscribed scroll, or any scroll, but Dwells firmly and immovably in the heart and the dealings and the voice of the great universal and unique wind Yehovah by whom we must all be decontaminated and as uncontaminated as he is.

By the doting devotion of Yehovah and the teachings of our Lord Yhshua involved with the decontaminating wind under his control, we will take a quick ride through the landscape of the Biblical Hebrew concept of fixing a life support reliance in our father .

I will draw your attention to the Egyptian supreme entity called amuwn simply to overthrow it and cast it down into the ground and grind it into dust! It is not the source of this Hebrew concept, Because the etymology of this name in Hebrew is derived from a biliteral or monosyllabic root :“am”. The concept of training :and skill in performance is drawn out of this basic concept as will be briefly shown as we pass by.

The pictographic symbols in the Paleo Hebrew help us to remember the references in this concept of a strong fluid source of power, powerful flexible and dynamic energy.

There are two major observations to be drawn about this powerful resource and the first one is that it is immovable and fixed, firm and able to overcome all attempts to move it. The second is that it is associated with a kind nurturing and supportive entity usually recognised as : A mother.

The concept is developed by its language use and by additional syllables added to the basic form. We will focus on the development based on adding the Hebrew character nun which as a pictograph reminds us of a seed that is taking root and that is is well on the way to growing into what ever it is the seed of. The action concept now developed is that of fixing a life support source somewhere, and this power of support is nurturing and developing, Enabling and goal oriented towards what ever is intended to come into being or to exist. So we can see that Abraham was encouraging all who would listen to him to fix their life support in Yehovah . If you want to reach your true potential you have to give your life over to be supported by Yehovah, that was his message.

Now what naturally derived from this action, when carried out is a fixed and determined course of action and progressions. These actions and progressions do not occur in anything other than a real life experience, and those experiences run through the whole range from good to bad and back to good again. And as an individual family or a group moves through this course they grow and develop according to the true potential ordained by Yehovah . This brings us to the many adjectives and adverbs which are related to this stage of development of the concept, all of which reference the security and surety and reality of this action and process of progression.

Now we develop the concept further but subtly by infixing the letter waw to create the word amuwn which now becomes the name of some aspects of this fixing one’s life support in Yehovah . It is that specific because the concept does not appear until after Yehovah introduces himself to Moses as ehyehhwah. So this word refers to the curriculum, the teacher of the curriculum, and also the student of the curriculum.

The teacher of this curriculum can only be a fully compliant servant of Yehovah like Abraham, like David, and like Yhshua . The students of the curriculum can only be those that are committed to learning about Yehovah , The who the what the why the when The where in the how of our father. So you can see that they become well trained, and skilful individuals who are developed by the doting devotion of Yehovah through this curriculum training by this trainer to be trainees who have received wisdom understanding and knowledge, all the skills that are required to master any field of activity, Building nurturing and caring for the environment and creating incredible benefits for those that are around them.

If we now add the directional heh we end up with a further refinement alerting us to an Allied or related set of concepts which moves towards The three main concepts or are dependent on in the sense of deriving from or being created from or given birth to from these three. So this word refers to the female student, or all those students who gather around the teacher. It also refers to all the conversations and teachings and instructions The teacher gives to His or her students about Yehovah and these teachings are sometimes distinguished in and of themselves, and I refer to them as firm motherly supportive teachings regarding Yehovah , And in this case the construct or smikut form emet derived from emuwnah is used. Finally it is used in regard to the qualification of the trainer and the trainees, and indicates that they have been tested and passed the tests so far.

So I only want to mention briefly in passing that the Greco-Roman concept of faith truth and even Gray is a poor substitutes and in all cases a stumbling block for those who want to understand our father and to love him and to protect his commandments and thereby to be recipients of his overwhelming doting devotion to the thousandth generation and forever, by the gift of our Lord who is of the same mind as Our father, seeking our good always.❤️❤️🔥🦋

The 10 prohibitions

The 10 prohibitions: the 10 Devarim

There are 10 prohibitions but they are embedded within six contexts.
The 10 prohibitions are:
No to yihyeh
No to making
No to prostrating
No to working in the fields
No to bearing
No to dashing out of your hand
No to accepting snorting anger
No to roots sucking the house dry like a can mel
No to inflicting humiliation
No to fermenting desire
These are the concrete concepts expressed as best as I can in English, but the first one is best expressed in the original Hebrew.

So let us look at the contexts in which these 10 prohibitions are embedded.
Anoki . This is one of the most recognisable concepts and it is often considered to be an elaborated and emphasised pronunciation which identifies the speak of this word. The bulls head, the routing seed the palms of the hands and the soles of the foot and the hand in the forearm are all used in the pictographic script to express this concept. It clearly pictures and identifies the prominent parts of an individual Who is strong and capable and grounded. This individual has a name that is to be proclaimed and enunciated lifted up before the eyes and ears of every part of his creation so that it can be recognised as the name of the Emperor of a vast universal empire. So this great individual sets the context, demanding that his name be recognised and associated with his incredible activity: springing the nation of Israel out of Egypt and out of the temple of fieldworkers. That name is
Yehovah .
This name is a combination of the two concepts for being and becoming in the Hebrew language: Hyah and hwah . When he introduces his name to Moses he calls himself ehyeh. He then combines this with hwah to give ehyehhwah expressing the sentence , “ ehyeh has become“. This is nominalised into: Yehovah his name that he commanded to be mentioned throughout all generations in association with Abraham Isaac and Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. So in this context yihyeh is not acceptable in association with Elohim of other people or other nations. It has to be Yehovah Elohim of Abraham Isaac and Jacob or Israel. And so these Elohim are not to come up into our chest cavities not to appear as face masks upon our faces and definitely not to be considered over us in any way! That position whether it is over us , or on our faces or in our chest cavities is reserved exclusively for Yehovah !

Now in the context of getting to know and knowing this individual unique entity we need to accept and acknowledge its extreme jealousy and zealous exclusivity so I and you individually must not make a statue or a picture or even some public work or divinely organised work on the seventh day the Shabat. We are not to bow down to any kind of statue in abject prostration, or to work in the fields for any kind of picture or image or statue. Set up in any temple or place to which offerings brought. We have to work six days, but even if we are doing public work or divinely appointed work we are not to do it on the Shabbat!

The reason is clearly stated; the jealousy and exclusivity demanded by Yehovah has consequences. He expects love , and servants that protect his commandments in return for his doting devotion to them for essentially ever, Although it is enumerated as the thousandth generation. To this end he keeps a record, an account of each of our individual behaviours in three categories: twisting away from him; breaking step with him; and cutting off or more deliberately hacking away bits and pieces from his instructions. And he doesn’t keep an account based on what you do but one that is based on what your children your grandchildren and great grandchildren and your great great grandchildren do! He drives home the point that your behaviour affects those around you and that is what he is most concerned about. This is what he will use to make a judgement about you, and it will be a fair one based on recorded evidence not just however he happens to feel on the day! So it’s important that not only do we acknowledge who Yehovah is in relation to the nation of Israel and the forefathers and what he has done for them, but we also understand his nature and character and his deep love for us in return and response for our abiding love of him and his instructions and commandments and statutes and judgements.

The third context is how we carry and bear his name, how we represent him. We are not to represent him as anything fickle, unpredictable, and flimsy. We as individuals carrying his name must not be like this, and anything on which we place his name either written or chiselled or imprinted must be as enduring as he is. This is a quality standard like no other, and in the light of the previous context a very serious one because he demands total love and total protection of his commandments.
The fourth context is the context of our family relationships with our father and the mother and the land which we occupy with them. In that context we are to make them invincible heavyweights, Champions in the land for all the values and principles of Yehovah , Which we have seen are the principles of doting devotion love and protection of the highest standards. So in this regard we are not to make our family and our parents smell bad by dashing others to pieces, by making other people snorting angry and thinking that that’s okay, by going into other peoples houses and taking what belongs to them like a wild camel, and by humiliating other people who are fellow citizens and servants of Yehovah involving mere gain by plunder, by falsehoods and lies. We are not to do this to our fellow citizens in the land nor to our parents in the land!

And the fifth context has to do with our fellow citizens and what belongs to them, all their house. We are not to ferment desires like yeast or like wine for the tent of our fellow citizens and all that’s in it! We’re not to ferment desires for his wife, or men fieldworker or his female fieldworker and house servants nor for any of his domestic animals by which he makes a living or grows in wealth. None of these things that belong to our fellow citizens are we to dwell upon and create fermented desires for, bubbling over into all kinds of plunder seeking or causing upset, or stealing, or as God forbids murdering.,
So these are the five contexts in which the 10 prohibitions are embedded.

What about a sixth context? The context of the sabbath. There is no new prohibition in this context as you have seen, So the prohibition not to make or do is embedded in this sixth context in relation to an important characteristic of Yehovah , And something that we learn about his nature in relation to his exclusivity and jealousy and doting devotion and his standards of representation, and that is that he remembers to take a rest to appreciate all that he accomplishes, and we should do the same. This is such a fundamental characteristic, that it is more important than eating drinking sleeping or completing any divine project. This is how we become like him. We work like him, we rest like him, we appreciate like him.

There are some who have given up their lives in order to protect this commandment in their community, and there are others who have asked Yehovah for permission to fight on this day, and others who have just gone ahead and done it out of fear of dying. It is worth noting that if we individually love Yehovah and protect his commandments, that does not mean that it is his will but we should escape death during warfare all the rain of some disobedient men., And so we should be prepared for this eventuality by remaining faithful loyal obedient devoted and loving servants of Yehovah . Who knows except Yehovah what his will is for you as an individual or a group, for I say he is able to not only protect you but resurrect you according to his will for which we have as examples Daniel and Yhshua and so the Sabbathday far from leaving you vulnerable as you or maybe your enemies may think actually protects you according to the will of our father Yehovah and we should counted a great privilege to be able to prove our love and loyalty towards him even and to death, which in that case is no longer death but a little sleep so therefore in the sixth context we are called to remember, to make use of a chest cavity is to think about what he has created, to bend our knees and prostrate ourselves before our creator, and to decontaminate ourselves and be decontaminated as he is decontaminated; all of this with great joy and Thanksgiving with Eager lips to proclaim his name joyously❤️❤️

The rise of Hasem with the fall of the 12 tribes

Why does Judaism as a religious system replace the name Yehovah ?
You can imagine that this is a simple question to ask but requires many levels of understanding to begin to properly understand and provide an answer.

The general background.

This is such an interesting exploration of Tsuvah but especially the use of the concept of syllables! The prophet assures us that Yehovah Will lose our offcuts, twisting away and our breaking step (the language of the high priest,) because we have followed after our eyes .But the priest says after we have “handed off”to the substitute animal these same three things that Yehovah Will receive what we have handed off! And then receiving it and sending it away removes it from us and blots it out of his record.

So this is the general background which the thing not to be missed is how The rabbis become the ones that shape and create the traditions which we follow, often in contradiction to the plain voice of Yehovah . It has preserved much of what the Jewish nation lost through continual disobedience, But it did not restore everything that was to be restored or do complete Tsuvah

We can now look at some of the specifics.
We need to stop being defensive and start being proactive based on the clear voice of Yehovah !
Creative tension it’s absolutely necessary and it involves the dignity of difference.
In detail we see the influence of the Greeks and the Romans on the rabbis. The Greeks in the Maccabean revolt cause the problem by banning the use of the name Yehovah . Fortunately the Maccabees when the right to continue using the name, but lost it again when they did not maintain the covenants in relationships with the Romans, who once again banned the use of the name And reimposed the sanctions of the Greeks. This is history which we go through every year when we celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah. In order to preserve the Jewish nation rabbis worked very hard to maintain the uniqueness of the Jewish nation and to prevent assimilation. In the modern world we are able to rediscover not only the pronunciation of the name but the freedom to pronounce it in obedience to other mitzvot to make mention of it throughout all generations

The face of the other, those who choose differently to us yeah nevertheless I still sons of Elohim

The scholarly Guess presented in the context of modern Jewish tradition.

The Jewish scholarly but alternative response is outlined here.

I look into the background as recorded by Josephus and also the book of Maccabees

First of all we get a sense of how the Tanakh came into being and cannons were eventually set by jewish sages and their students.

We see here how an upright jew can change the world!
Tobia singer claims that the name is ineffable and only said by the high priest at Yom Kippur and then goes on to say that the name is used all over the place in the Tanakh and especially with Abraham. He presents a problem which is that he interprets and puts into the text so much that the question and answer become very confusing. And his use of Hashem is anachronistic and explains nothing.
Now he sends a message that these names are not to be used but gives no reason but conveys a kind of superstitious fear based on the commandment about lifting up the name of Yehovah ! But then he says you can use it to teach, but even then he doesn’t use it, and keeps changing it. It is a deep anxiety and superstitious fear That he seems to show in contradiction to the evidence he has already pointed out that the name was widely used and expressed! So we need to know why later Jews have this great anxiety about This name especially in the light of how bold and courageous we want and need to be.
This is a consistent concise and succinct halachic explanation, and relates to the practice of the Genesa where texts with the names of God including his personal name are not destroyed but left in perpetuity. This relates directly to the commandment about not bearing his name on anything that will Showa.
What I call the infamous scholarly guess

A man at the Wailing Wall crying out using the name as written in Exodus 34 verse 5 et cetera.
The historical pressures on the Jewish nation not to use the name Yehovah is well attested to and clearly shows that the name was in use during the time of the Maccabean revolt going forward into the Roman occupation and finally the Roman wars against The Civil War in Judeah.

When Josephus wrote about the fall of Jerusalem he mentions that people called upon the “tremendous name of God“. The fact that he wrote it this way, indicates that the name was known even among the general populace, but also that it was respected when written down by such as Josephus.

We can now look at some particular research into all of this by the researchers Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon

Nehemia Gordon on the Name of God – Nehemia’s WallNehemia’s Wall
Wealth of research information and textual information is presented in which every aspect of this topic is researched in detail. The only aspects which I can’t comment on because I have not read everything, is the halachic and the philosophical considerations of modern Judaism, or Orthodox Judaism. For this reason I invite comments from the various chief rabbis starting with the British and Commonwealth chief rabbi.
Keith Johnson as a Christian minister is nevertheless the student of nehemia Gordon with regard to the Jewish researchers, but he also provides his own experience of the impact of the research is in the Christian communities he engages with.

BFA International » Subjects » Tetragrammaton

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Visibly shaken and in raged (?) Jews who hear the name pronounced. Several reasons are put forward in this article but not one of them speaks up for the will and the commandment of Yehovah , Why?
I have spent many hours and searches looking for the answer to the question why did the Israelites and the Jews pronounce the name of the tetra Gramatan and found that the topic is not really addressed. There are a few Christian based organisations that state the obvious that there is a command to pronounce the name but no Talmudic or halachic authorities seem to openly discuss this. The issue is obscured by the interest in vocalising the name, which to be sure is important if you want to proclaim at all annunciate it clearly and distinctly but is subjected to a command to pronounce it, and only a few make this connection. In the meantime the traditional Jewish response is to avoid pronouncing it by order of the rabbinical authorities who have set the traditions with scant or very weak justification, because there is no justification in the work of Moses or the profits or the writings.

We find a very interesting phenomena in the later books where the name is hardly mentioned or is tied strongly to the word Adonai and is totally absent in the book of Esther and Hardly mentioned in the book of Daniel. From this it is possible to surmise that the pressure against the Jews in the Jewish religion was intense leading to assimilation and the forgetting of their own language and the pronunciation of their own language and finally to the forgetting and curtailing of the use of the name of our father. So it was only when Cyrus gave the order for the dues to return to their own land that Ezra and Nehemiah took pains to restore the language and the name and the profits Haggai and Hosier and Zachariah reinforce that name. But clearly there are some from Babylon and Persia called the Pharisees, that is those from Persia Who are afraid to use the name and impose that fear and that tradition and the population in Judeah and on subsequent populations of Jews. Why they did it is of course obvious on two fronts, one is to protect their own power and to to protect those people that came under their influence from persecution from those around them. It appears to have been a successful strategy however as we can see through history the protection of the people was not afforded by their sanctions or their teachings but by the doting devotion of Yehovah Who having preserved the people and united them then began to lift the control put over them by these Shepherds and then they became the minority although a very powerful minority and cannot answer the question of the Holocaust .

The words of Moses clearly explain the Holocaust and the words of the prophets clearly explain the Holocaust, but the connection between the name and the voice and the accurate word in the wind and the doting devotion and the firm motherly supportive teaching of Yehovah they are blind to: The Pharisees and the rabbis are blind to it but the Jewish nation is open to persuasion from all kinds of influences, and why not from the influence of their Elohim whose name is Yehovah which in Vowel form is ieoua . The causative hiphiel is also an acceptable pronunciation emphasising the causative power of Yehovah / yehiweh .

The commandments to pronounce the name, ha Shem , Adonai Elohim El Shaddai are very numerous! None other than the king be loved by God, King David made it his law that is his instruction to command the people to pronounce the name, In praise! It is a mitzvah like any other, but one which is frustrated by commandment of Jewish political and religious authorities. They deliberately frustrate this commandment without giving any rigourous justification or authority from Elohim. This they acknowledge relying on the fact that when the “Messiah comes “everything will be put in order. “Indeed it will but every man will have to justify his actions according to the Torah and no defence is possible for deliberately teaching against mitzvot.

Moving on from these numerous commands I will then trace the example and the teaching of proclaiming the name Yehovah from the beginning as our father gives me insight and understanding through my Lord and the wind that decontaminates that he has freely placed upon us as a free gift if we would but reach out for it.
We can learn something from the textual notes which are found alongside the Masoretic texts, in particular the qere and katib marks. There is a clear tradition that the words in the Torah are not to be tampered with by additions or subtractions, and yet marks are put into the text not only to help with the trop and the pronunciation but also to direct/remind the reader not to say what is written! This is therefore a command by men not to read the text, and in case that is not clear enough it is one of the 13 principles set out by maimonodies . So what we have here is a practice which is clearly imposed in the text which is later codified in a code of laws and therefore takes on a mistaken Force of law by virtue of association.

Now we turn to examples of servants and sons of Elohim proclaiming the name and pronouncing it publicly. One mention is in the time around Noah, and more importantly is the mention of our Father Abraham building altars and proclaiming the name Yehovah . We see that he did this on numerous occasions and famously in the presence of Melchizedek where he proclaims the name Yehovah specifically in relation to the title El Alyon . Yhshua We also see, and take note that Abraham has a personal relationship with Yehovah Who appears to him as Yehovah and also as El Shaddai.

It is to be noted that Yehovah determined in himself to mention things to Abraham to ascertain his response, and makes the statement that he will establish his covenant with Abraham because he is a teacher and proclaimer of the things important to Yehovah that he has vouchsafed to him for safekeeping, even his statutes his commandments and his instructions. And he makes clear that this is because Abraham will teach his children and grandchildren these things.
Finally we see as evidence of this that Eliezer his servant freely uses Yehovah The name talked to him by Abraham and mentions also the doting devotion and that firm motherly supportive teachings of Yehovah which he and his servants have been instructed in by Abraham. In passing the first person to mention the doting devotion attribute of Yehovah is Abrahams nephew Lot Who interacted with the messengers from Yehovah as Yehovah while Yehovah Who is everywhere and in the heavens rain down his just judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah. So there is no mistaking hear that Yehovah is everywhere and also represented by messengers on the ground who reveal his basic character of doting devotion.

There are three books in the Tanakh that failed to mention the name Yehovah ! Esta Ecclesiastes and Song of songs! Ecclesiastes contains the root verb associated with Yehovah hwh but not hyh . The two are related but distinct and given the attributed authorship to Solomon helps to reveal how focusing on the things of this life infect cuts you off from and squeeze you out of life at its source! In contrast to Abraham who trusted and supported himself in Yehovah and had everything given to him, Solomon who was given everything came near to losing it all by not supporting his life in Yehovah but in the results of his own diligent research into wisdom and the meaning of life. It is reported that at the end of his life he followed after other pantheons and the love of women.
The other two books are very late additions to the Tanakh and focus completely on human emotions and political manoeuverings. He served indicate that the Jewish people we’re at the end of the tether, the fate separated from the destiny decided by the casting of lots that is purrim and the human emotion of physical lovesick devotion. What we see illustrated in these three books as how the pressures and constraints of living with other people who do not allow you to proclaim Yehovah’s name remove from you your moral compass, and your understanding of the sublime purpose of life and love. But once you regain this freedom you see it even in the bleakest of times and the greatest of passions.

In the timeline, after these three books are written in the name of Yehovah is once again proclaimed, and his battered and bruised remnant I returned to the land of Canaan into the building of his temple and the city of Jerusalem., But against this backdrop the Pharisees, the people from Persia came once again attempting to rob the people of the freedom and liberty by suppressing the use and the proclamation of the name Yehovah for what seem ostensibly good political reasons but which countermand the commandment of Yehovah

The fathers Isaac and Jacob struggled to maintain the name that they were taught by their forefathers Abraham, but they clung to it and they were helped by Yehovah Who supported them and provided for them so that they were without excuse for letting go of it. And those around them could see that Yehovah provided for them and came and made contracts and treaties with them because of it. And finally Jacob after a bit of struggle also clung to the name and corrected himself by following the teachings of his father Abraham .And in this name amongst all the names he moved his family down into the land of Egypt for a purpose which is evidently stated by Moses recording the words of Yehovah : To make his name Yehovah exceedingly great above all other names!

There was a man in the land of uz A servant and a proclaimer of Yehovah . Pa The prosecutor all mankind came and asked for permission to prosecute this man called Job. Because he said the man was an actor just after all the good things that Yehovah gives to his servants. In reality all men curse Yehovah they have no love in them for him. So Yehovah put job to the test and sure enough the prosecutor lied because Job did not curse Yehovah even though he sent his wife to advise him to do so!
So the prosecutor sent three wisemen and his delusion to trick Job and to goad him with many words into cursing Yehovah , The south wind the east wind and the West wind blew on job to knock him off his pedestal and make him admit to the secret activity of hacking of offcuts from the instructions and statutes judgements and commandments of Yehovah , To admit to breaking step from the way of Yehovah and the twisting away from the supportive arms of Yehovah ! All of these things he had not done, and if he had done he had returned to Yehovah and been covered and purged, so he was guiltless and cleared of any fault in his conduct by Yehovah himself so these three wins were lying to his face, and he would be vindicated by Yehovah .
And then the defender sent in the north wind who said so you are upright in your own eyes but that doesn’t make you pleasing to Yehovah just because you say so. He is able to see what needs to be improved in you and that is why these awful things have come upon you.
At the final goad of the prosecution, Job Who is half out of his mind because of this torture crazily cries out that he is more upright than Yehovah and he can prove it in court! So at last job says something foolish but he does not curse Yehovah as the prosecutor said he would. Instead the three winds succeed in puffing up his Wind and his imagination out of all proportion to reality. Under this intense provocation by the prosecutor he reveals that he does not understand how great and powerful and fear inspiring Yehovah truly is, and how self uprightness blinds you to this reality. In truth it is by the grace and doting devotion of Yehovah that any man is made upright and no amount of perfection in keeping his commandments and performing his commandments brings a person anywhere close to being like Yehovah rather it is he who brings you closer and closer to him in a relationship. So don’t rely on the winds that blow about in the Earth rely on and support yourself in the wind that is from Yehovah .
So those three wins that did not proclaim the name of Yehovah work and are misleading even the true servants of Yehovah especially because they do not rely upon the salvation of Yehovah ! Yeshua Yehovah .
And now the defender who relies upon the other name of Yehovah reveal to Abraham el shaddai , A young man but full of the wisdom of the wind from Yehovah points out the faults and the fallacies in the four elderly wisemen before him! And this leaves Job speechless and he only responds to Yehovah and that is in returning to him and submitting himself to his greatness and to handing over the things that he had cut off, that is his unwillingness to increase in the knowledge of Yehovah and give up any pride that comes from declaring oneself upright! Indeed, just as it says for the high priest that he must offer up an offcuts offering for his own offcuts so should Job have done alongside the offerings for his children! And to emphasise the point that Job was still his servant he made the now humble and obedient Job act as high priest to the witnesses for the prosecution, the three wise men who did not proclaim the name of Yehovah . And Yehovah gave job the opportunity to teach his children grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren about Yehovah His doting devotion and his firm motherly supportive teaching!

So let us now return to Abraham Isaac and Jacob, because Abraham taught his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob about Yehovah they were watched over by Yehovah . And Isaac proclaimed the name of Yehovah and was guided by him, but Jacob was guided by his mother Rebecca who did not understand the ways of Yehovah but only the deceitful dealings of her brother Laban a follower of Nacash.She tried to bring about the prophecy from the Seer by deceitful means and so taught her son Jacob to be a deceitful man. However Yehovah confronted him and then said about straightening him out so that by the time he left Laban to make his way back to Isaac his father he also was a proclaim of the name of Yehovah . And the thing to note is that it was Leah his first wife who was a devout servant of Yehovah and it was she who Yehovah used to build the family of Jacob and Israel. But because Jacob showed partiality her sons were not best served, and they took this out on his son By Rachael whose name was Joseph.

Yehovah watched over Joseph and used him to prepare for his family as he had spoken to him in a dream. But Joseph even though he became the highest authority under the King in Egypt was married into The priests of Egypt and so did not declare or proclaim the name Yehovah . Consequently Yehovah allowed his name to be gradually forgotten by Israelites until he revealed it to his servant Moses from the tribe of Levi, one of Leah s sons and to Moses his brother Aharon .

Now up to this point we have seen many excellent examples of those who Obeid a mitzvah to pronounce the name Yehovah and all the good that came of it even upon those who did not pronounce it but were associated with those that did. So Jacob pronounce the name in relation to Dan but all the good that he saw being bestowed upon Joseph did not amount to Yehovah choosing his family as the remnant. Surprisingly it went to his arch rival Judah after he first revealed it to Moses as a commandment to be remembered!
There is no mistaking this clear commandment to remember the name Yehovah And no excuse for forgetting it all for hiding it because it is clear from Moses onward this name was to be made great amongst all the nations! It is for this reason that the heart of pharaoh was made heavy by Yehovah , Not only for justice that is upright but also for the sake of his name and memorial to be mentioned forever from generation to generation! We have seen how Yehovah was proclaimed from the beginning of the heavens and the Earth, and how men gradually forgot to proclaim it and used other names and titles. We have seen how Yehovah revealed himself as el Shadai and as Yehovah to Abraham who took up the proclaiming of his name Yehovah even though he was the only one in all the lands, and he was favoured by the provisions of el shaddai . We have seen how we taught his sons grandsons and great-grandsons to proclaim the name, and how Yehovah favoured them because they did this however grudgingly, or however forgetfully. Yet Yehovah watched over them for good and gave them the success because they knew his name and proclaimed it somewhere in the family. But here now we see the bold and irrefutable commandment to remember the name and to mention it and to make it as great as Yehovah made it in bringing out the nation of Israel from one of the greatest civilisations the world has known! And the command remains and is repeated and is emphasised that the name is to be proclaimed and pronounced and made great amongst the nations. And we have also seen how the fortunes of these people was related to the use of the name and those that did not proclaim it or uphold it would be cast off and only a remnant was retained who did hold to the name and use it and proclaim it. But eventually the name stopped being used and at that time The remnant of Judah was sent away into Babylon where they were hard pressed to even remember their own language let alone the name of Yehovah . And we have seen how they fared in that circumstance and that Yehovah continue to watch over them and to restore his name and language to them and to bring them back into the land that he had sworn to their forefathers to give to them. As they laboured and worked to proclaim the name and to come out of Babylon and to come out from under oppression which tried to change them so they were rewarded for upholding and proclaiming the name Yehovah but once again they were put onto sore straits to see if they would hold onto the name and the wisemen of Babylon from the south and from the western from the east came and counselled with the people falsely as they did to Job Yehovah’s Servant, and so the people were cast out of the land and sent into an extreme exile and put into dire straits so that if it were not for the doting devotion of Yehovah to their forefathers they would have ceased to exist!
And against these wise teachers from Babylon came the defender of Yehovah as promised the one who was going to be the salvation of the remnant of Jews and his name was Yhshua .Among all the teachers and wisemen and sages of his day he was the only one like Elihu you stood up for the name of Yehovah and for the proclamation of it. Therefore he is given the position of Joseph over all the household to order it and to keep it on behalf of his Elohim and master and father, while the remnant that faithfully keep in proclaim the name will offer sacrifice and prayer on behalf of all those that seek to return to Yehovah

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A fellow student of Yhshua by the grace of Yehovah 

This is how you are to bend your knees to Yehovah In salutation and in asking for grace and in respectfully taking your leave from his surfaces; bend your knees with the priests while saying: Yehovah bend your knees to us and protect and defend us watchfully; Yehovah continuously illuminate your surfaces towards us and receive nurture and favour for us in encamping us;

Yehovah Carry your lit surfaces towards us

And establish to goad us a satisfying conclusion .

This is how the priests are to firmly place his name on you .

Zonanim ; Lessons from Hoshea

Zonanim: The wind of sex slavery and work

Modern sex workers, sex slaves trafficked across Europe and Africa probably realise that they are involved in one of the oldest practices of humankind. This degrading business and lifestyle has religious roots, roots in many oriental pagan religions, as well as western and northern European religions. The capture and sale and devotion of young boys and young girls to sex work either in Brothels, on the streets or in temples has formed part of the social behaviour of all communities /Civilisations, and therefore it is not surprising that Yehovah speaks openly and powerfully against it.
From the creation of humanity that is Adam and the separation of this undefined lump into a piece with a penis and a woman with a womb the purpose has been for these two parts to come together and form a stable unit called one lump or one flesh. The alternative idea was to disrupt this stability and to promote free and random intercourse with its inevitable consequences.

Yehovah Does not single out this behaviour as the worst behaviour that mankind can involve himself in, it is merely part of the whole package of horrible behaviours which result from hacking off bits of the instruction that Yehovah gave to the man Adam as a principle for all humanity, which is that a male will leave his father and mothers house and combine with a female designated to him and qform one flesh one lump around which will be built stable family and stable communities.
In passing, although nachash is the father of lies, he has little to do with this behaviour. It is in fact a natural inclination misapplied through disobedience to the plain instructions of Yehovah . And the sequence in the garden of Eden has nothing to do with sexuality, because the word translated naked in fact means covert, just like a spy!

So we are told that this disobedience plus also the lies from nachash developed into a violent and despicable alternative world which Yehovah removed, pruning it back in order to promote a better growth and resolution. Again disobedience lead to all kinds of abusive practices and many of them were Presented as religious service and practice to some elite who were representatives of some supposedly divine entity. The wind of sex working is one of the fundamental miss uses of the powerful drive to build a stable community. So from temples down to married women to young virgins to poor women in the street, many women were expected to provide sexual services as part of their religious practice.Also certain young boys who grew up into young men were put to this service also, whether it was in the temple or in some Backstreet brothel in Port communities or large cities with temples and people with all sorts of lusts and desires, and unregulated by the instructions of Yehovah .

It is also worth noting in passing that the wind of sex working does influence young children, and when a child is two or more parents should be very diligent to teach the correct instructions of Yehovah . These instructions start on the eighth day for a male child, who is circumcised as part of a covenant. This covenant is to remind them of a promise that Yehovah gave today for Father Abraham. And so every time a Male child goes to the toilet his penis reminds him of Yehovah , Abraham, and a promise to be part of a community under Yehovah .
When a child becomes old enough to start wearing clothes he will become aware of the talit and The tzit tzit. These are bud like knots attached to the four corners of the talit . There original design was to look like acacia buds as mentioned in the design of the Menorah, and served the purpose of reminding the adult to avoid The wind of sex working and to remember all the mitzvot of Yehovah . The function is twofold, because they remind the observer of the bedding plants in spring, the budding clitoris, and the budding nipples of a female and the budding end of the penis. None of these things should surprise an adult, because all these associations form through the sexual development of an adult, and the purpose here is to set those associations on the right footing by strongly associating them with protecting the commandments, and devoting the sexual desires according to the commandments to a stable union both with Yehovah and the partner that he provides for you and also with the bearing of fruit to Yehovah as he originally commanded.

In this context we can then deal with the sexual desires which arise not in terms of the wind of sex working but in terms of the devotion to the principles and the instructions of Yehovah , Bound with an enthusiasm for these things which is natural as a side-effect of devoting this powerful energy in that direction.
The issue of masturbation is also well regulated by these practices and some additional instructions with regard to dealing with emissions et cetera

We can see that following the program set out by the instructions of Yehovah provides a full and powerful and effective light touch to dealing with these most powerful urges, and establishes well dedicated and devoted students with a healthy and well adjusted appreciation of their own bodies and the purposes of sex and marriage and building a family. An adult, especially one who has been slightly or heavily damaged is given additional information to help achieve this balance which controls the behaviours with relatives and those that could be ascribed to a false sense of doting devotion

Why the son of Abraham?

I find that Abraham is the source of much of what we are expected to do and be as friends and lovers and servants of Yehovah , And that it is his relationship with our father that is perfected in Yhshuas acts, actions in life. I draw reference to Enoch from the former System of things before the Flood Who also has a good report. Imagine though living for hundreds of years doing what is upright and pleasing to elohim ! We are not made of such immovable substance, and so we are given Abraham to relate to. Of course, no one is perfect, and The sons of Elohim before the Flood were not perfect either, but the same doting devotion was extended to them as is extended to Abraham as we shall see.
Yehovah regretted making man able to live so long and as an act of mercy reduced our trial period to around 120 years. He had determined from his experience with the pre-flood humans that 120 years was sufficient to make an upright judgement on who would qualify to be in his Imperial administration. You will notice that the trial involves striving with the wind of Yehovah flesh and wind striving together to determine the quality of the qualification of that fleshy being. We need to understand this in terms of Israel, the name given to Jacob Who struggled with a “wind“ being and did not give up, and as a consequence came to realise that he had struggled with Elohim in struggling with the meeting of his twin brother! And finally before we return back to topic Yehovah is declared as the one that humanity is to struggle with by Moses in his song after the defeat of pharaoh and his military forces pharaohs elite guard!

So it was Abram of whom it was written: “ he caused one to support in Yehovah and it was calculated to him towards uprightness“ .
Now, he caused one to support is an inadequate explanation which should inspire meditation on the underlying concrete Hebrew concept. This is a very rich and deep meditation in which many layers are revealed, But what is clear is that the support he caused involved Yehovah . So without labouring the point but encouraging you to do the meditation the point is that before his name changed he advocated that humans should prop themselves and lean heavily upon, and secure themselves in Yehovah and he followed his own advice and made it his practice to support himself and his family and all that he had in Yehovah . What that means becomes evident as you read through the account of his life, but it does not mean that he was perfect.

Now the idea of calculating is also an intriguing exclamation because it invites you to realise that accounts are kept and calculations are made with regard to every individual’s life. The purpose of these calculations is to come to a judgement concerning our practice. Now we know that accounting is a skilled practice, but in the underlying Hebrew is the concept of skilled workmanship such as weaving on the loom or sewing in intricate patterns, and the skill of calculating when and where to stop and start these patterns is also implied. So we can see that the calculation is not just related to some ledger account but rather to some incredible tapestry in which everything is set in its perfect place. It is a simple takeaway: White clothes or robes of uprightness are being woven by these calculations!

So returning to the idea of encouraging people to support themselves, their Family their belongings and livestock everything about their existence in Yehovah there has to be some kind of teaching, or some kind of proclamation which encourages people to do this. And this is where the word derived from this initial concrete Hebrew concept of encouraging people to support themselves; This is where the word emeth draws its meaning and application from .

So this concrete teaching is usually translated or explained as “truth“, but as you can probably see this is a very poor explanation of the meaning.

As a simple takeaway is offered the straightforward: the proclamation that encourages us to support ourselves in; As the working concept of the explanation of this concrete conception.

Gesenius starts his explanation by equating two Hebrew forms or concepts: emeth and emunah. Basically he makes the observation that the former is a short hand version for the latter in Shmikut form, which explains why it is very difficult to distinguish between the two in English, because there is no distinction except that one is conveying that the concept leans on other related concepts. So going back to our discussion on eman we recognise the form emun as a kind of noun meaning : one who gives support especially a skilled teacher or craftsman, But more generally the mother supporting a child, from which we get the form emunah . This notion which is concrete contains within it many life examples and practices which can be observed all around us especially when observing any parent or any person who has the care of a child. The upbringing and well-being in the socialisation of that child is a core function of that relationship while it is a child, and this is what is captured by the term emunah.
Gesemius attempt to treat this under four headings: firmness, faithfulness, and uprightness of mind, and finally truth. Truth being the last of these and probably related to The shmikut form specifically. In this sense the basic concept of caring for somebody and promoting their well-being and education in life is made to lean on many other related ideas, Principally to people, to God and to a king.. For all of these the care and well-being of the subject is paramount as their subjects totally rely on them to become established and well adjusted in life.

The other interesting connection is that this concept is often linked to doting devotion which leads nicely into the second part of this discussion. Before embarking on that I would like to point out that the single word truth is inadequate, it has to be explained by some kind of phrase which encapsulates at least the four main concepts, and I routinely prefer to use: firm motherly supportive teaching as an explanation .

Now it is well worth pointing out that it is at first used in connection with Abraham by his servant Eleazar and in relation to doting devotion. So it is evident that The teaching or proclamation which was so characteristic of Abraham to his family and servants had resulted in great success for all of them and recognition of the source of that success and teaching as coming from Yehovah Elohim and Lord of his servant Abraham.

So now at last we come to the source of the concept of doting devotion, and as usual we find this to be associated with Lot and with Abraham.,
His name is changed from: “father of a Highplace to father of a multitude“ to signify that he was not a priest of just any Highplace, indeed he hardly spent much of his life in high places as the land of Canaan is known to be low, but now he was going to be the father of the watchtower of many nations. And true to his former name he set up alters to Yehovah on many hills and high places in Canaan and also proclaimed the name Yehovah even though Yehovah did not choose to make that name famous then. Instead the nations roundabout him associated him with the God of provisions, the God of breasts, but of course Melchizedek associated him with the God of the highest ascent that is Yehovah .
So returning to the discussion we see that Abraham is overwhelmed by what Yehovah reveals to him about Sodom and Gomorrah. Abrahams response is to petition Yehovah not so much to change his will but to soften it if that was at all possible. We see the process of petitioning, in which Abraham puts forward his human assessment for consideration by Yehovah Who graciously responds to Abraham, in this way showing that he is merciful even at this last stage of his decision, and that he gives ear to the petitions of those who are his servants. As a servant he would not attempt to change his Masters will but he did seek to express his opinion gingerly, because at the end of the day it is Yehovahs Will that must be done and we must want to see it done for the sake of uprightness. So shifting the scene to Lot we find that Lot recognises this extra ordinary doting devotion shown to him by these two messengers and it is he who is the 1st to use the concrete notion of doting devotion,, in a beautiful illustration from his own experience.
Following after this we see an example of how doting devotion is misused by Lots two daughters.
With that in mind we should take note of the statement that Yehovah shows this extra ordinary doting devotion to Lot because of his conversation with and relationship with Abraham.

So the reason why I set out to explore these two concepts of doting devotion and firm motherly supportive teaching it’s because it is these two qualities which are emphasised by Moses as part of the goodness of Yehovah . And again it is highlighted in a situation where the nation of Israel was ready to receive a judgement of destruction but Moses like Abraham offered his opinion, not to impose his will but to soften the will and judgement of Yehovah if that was possible. And we see that like Abraham there is always something that Yehovah he is able to do with regard to uprightness.

So now we see the background for these two concepts we can better understand why in the time of the Romans, After the persecution of the Greeks, and the evident salvation bye Yehovah through the Maccabeans that Yhshua came announcing the good news of this doting devotion and firm motherly supportive teaching. And it was welcomed because those that had command of the people that fallen in hurtful practices based on their own twisted natures and the lust for power and wealth.

Whereas at the time of Yhshua The leaders and teachers of the Jewish people were pernicious, the experience of the Jews since and also the exile of the Jews has brought about in many a change of heart. However those who have control of the Jews and those who took control of the so-called Christians have still avoided to base their lives on the teaching of Abraham regarding supporting their lives, and those of the family and that of the nation in Yehovah . The only authority that in fact claims and teachers this same message of Abraham is in fact Yhshua and those that are his students and citizens of the Imperial administration of Yehovah

So finally how does this relate to the covenants? Well we can see that the covenant of circumcision is important to Abraham and to his seed, and so it is included in the covenant with Israel. However we also see that anybody who wants to join Israel does not join on the basis of circumcision, but on the basis of the covenant made throughMoses and renewed several times. In that renewal the most important thing has always been that the person love Yehovah and protect his commandments. As that person grows and comes to understand what treasures of wisdom these terms and conditions are , then in his own time he can choose to be circumcised. However his children under the covenant which he has agreed to have to be circumcised on the eighth day. Finally in the renewed covenant established by Yhshua again the main thing is love of Yehovah and his commandments, protecting them as taught and explained by Yhshua , Which involves the receipt of an additional wind through which Yhshua and the father communicate guide and instruct all those that are the servants of Elohim. Once again the main instruction and guidance has to be on the recognition and use of this wind plus the recognition and the use of the doting devotion and the firm motherly guidance and supportive teachings of Yhshua which will bring the servants into all those teachings which include the teachings regarding circumcision of children, decontaminating and being kept in contaminated, and the practice of love of your fellow citizen as you in all its extensive ramifications. It is not that things have been cut out of the covenants rather is that the proper emphasis on teaching and approach is being made paramount and must result in students who are increasing in uprightness and in the works towards upright behaviour, as defined by Yehovah and including social justice.
One issue of incorrect translation has been brought to my attention by Yehovah . It is to do with the concrete concept of knowing. Unfortunately it is a technical issue which I will not go into here, but Mehemia Gordon discuss it fully. Suffice to say that Hebrew uses the senses to explore The environment and these senses are often translated as knowing. Abraham was a teacher of the name Yehovah but those around him did not know what he was referring to. Only his closest servants understood The name Yehovah by means of the firm motherly and supportive teaching and the doting devotion that was evident in Abrahams successful life and practice. Those around him understood the God of breasts, El shaddai. At that time Yehovah had not chosen to make his personal name famous and well known in association with Abraham Isaac and Jacob. That he chose to do when he brought the nation of Israel out from the land of Egypt. The difficulty lies in the translator is not understanding the use of the niphal form which simply reverses the recipient of any action. So for example if the action is giving then the reverse is receiving. In the case of knowing The reverse is making others know! So Abraham Isaac and Jacob gazed upon a meditated upon the name millions El shaddai And The personal name Yehovah, and Yehovah did not make those names known to the people and nations around them.

Yehovah and Yhshua Say: no!

I Time has come to set straight what has been twisted, and has twisted so many.
Is there a triune God which is a father and a son and the Holy Spirit mysterious and inexplicably linked according to catholic doctrine, and the creeds of many men!
The short answer is: no! Yehovah says: no! Yhshua says: no! And the wind that decontaminates Says: no!
In the mouth of three witnesses the thing is established, sentence and judgement made firm!
I, Samuel Eliphalet Mahalaleel Gray, having diligently searched in Hebrew, in Greek, in Aramaic, in Akkadian, and Sumerian, given ability by the wind of Yehovah which Decontaminates, the wind given to his uniquely conceived son Yhshua to pour out upon the sons of Adam in order to make him who is father of all the father of many children who are like our Lord, the one designated by means of the decontaminating Wind and ceremonially washed by Ypchanan in living water to be our high priest according to the report of Melchizedek, so that in that office he might perform covering for all who come before our father asking for a new beginning, and a restored relationship with him. And so he Who was able to overcome the hard tests of nachash by means of that firm and motherly supportive teaching, and expectation of the resurrection by his father, and that abiding love he had for his brothers submitted his breathing blood being to such humiliation and torture so that he is more than conquerors and more qualified than any other to distribute that free gift of the wind that decontaminates to all who want to be pure and uncontaminated like our father and our high priest, The designated one Yhshua .
Yes, I also say: no!

Hold fast to these straightforward and helpful patterns of words so that you are not deceived into following another God so called or one called Jesus who does not love Yehovah our father’s name, nor protect his commandments both great and small; so that you are not filled with another wind that contaminates you and blinds you so that you do not have a good Eye northe protection and the defence from Yehovah , Nor his light that shines from his surfaces Who is Yhshua The one who won this favour for us, and the one who lifts up the face of our father to us and places a satisfactory conclusion to goad us to do exploits as he has done and can and will do over again in you, if you permit. For this cause: that the kingdom of our father and our imperial majesty once again dominate the lands and nations of this earth from Jerusalem the city that he has chosen, and Mount Zion The mountain upon which he has placed his name;preparing sons of wind to populate the new heavens and the new Earth with our father and our Lord to eternity.
To you who love Yehovah and his name , Who desire to decontaminate it , and to you who protect his commandments great and small by means of Yhshua His loving and faithful son he will make doting devotion to the thousandth generation and give firm and motherly supportive teaching, as he proclaimed!
To the one that has an ear he will show and tell what the wind says to the congregations❤️❤️