Yehovah had two children, Wisdom and the spoken word. 

Wisdom Yehovah used to separate from his side Eloah and from this entity he developed and grew Elohim as his work functionaries and deputies. And then the spoken word said to them in their mother language: “light exist!” and then again: “light continue to exist!“

This is the same spoken word which was at the side of Yehovah with wisdom and continued to speak and express and declare and pronounce and command and say the thoughts and the words and the expressions of Yehovah. And everything that he said was an expression out of the mouth of Yehovah and it came into existence and continues to exist by the will of Yehovah.

Now this same spoken word was transformed into flesh and blood and bone and seen by the world in the power of Yehovah and made to grow up like all the sons of Adam from the womb of Mariam, and from the egg within her womb into a child by birth and from thence into a young man fit for the work of the priesthood. Then this young man had poured out upon him a great cloud of the decontaminating wind (possibly in the form of a dove) which entirely ‘put him on’ and drove him out into the wilderness to be tested.

Now he was tested on the Torah and the prophets and the Psalms and writings, which had been gathered together by Ezra and delivered to his people. And after a long time he had come to pay the full price for the work done in preparing it and to fully perform it. He had come to defend it and to protect it and to promulgate it.

But when he came to his people they rejected him, that is those who were in authority and their followers. But those that John the Dipper drew to him were able to be transferred to Yhosha from Nazareth.

And these authorities had established their own way of working out the Torah called the law or halakah, and they laid chains upon the people like bindings, blindfolds and like fences and like burdens. For example they said to the people: “unless you perform the ritual of washing your hands with a Natla you will be defiled and cut off from the temple and your people.“ And they were told that any food that they ate with these defiled hands and in this defiled state would also be defiled and they would end up being thoroughly defiled throughout the entire body! However Yhosha told them not to be ridiculous or perverse and misleading. Indeed it is this perversity and false doctrine and their takenoth and maasim and the covenant shredding behaviour. Also divorcing and committing the cause of the snorting anger and the lust and foaming desire for silver. These are all the things that pollute and defile the person. Eating with unwashed hands does not defile the person!

Later he explained to his students: “Dirty hands may transmit dirt to the food and the food may go inside of you but it does not defile you because the body has a system which deals with all kinds of food and dirt and passes it out into the sewers!” But what comes out of the mouth also comes out of the chest cavity and the inner guts and consists of things like murder, causing snorting anger, greed for money, lies and stealing and all manner of things worse than this! These are the things that defile a body but a person with dirty hands does not defile their body. In this manner he explained how all foods whether eating with washed hands or unwashed hands are purged from the body, and indeed whether they be foods that are in accordance with the covenant or breaking the covenant they also are purged from the body. However the man that wilfully shreds the covenant to eat such foods which are declared contaminated, this man is defiled for out of his heart is coming disobedience and covenant shredding. 

So it was that the spoken word spoke sensibly and correctly, the firm and motherly supportive teachings from Yehovah transmitted to us through the Elohim from Eloah.

This spoken word transformed into flesh and anointed with the uncontaminated wind energy from Yehovah which fulfilled his mission of laying down the fleshy body for all those who are partakers of flesh, and showing that all those who have are partakers of the decontaminating wind will be raised up in power.

So having completed his mission and trained his missionaries he was taken back up to the father to be at his side in his throne governing as coregent with the father, speaking the words of the father for the fulfilling of all that the father had desired against the nations and against those rebellious wind entities. And when the father deems it right he will be returned and the Imperial Administration will be established from among the people over all the nations and the rule of the majestic Yehovah will be made apparent to all.

Do students of Yhosha of Nazareth need to be circumcised? 

Let us put circumcision in its proper perspective? And already some of you men are grabbing hold of your groins! And possibly some of you women are thinking of circumcision of the male penis, that is part of the foreskin of the penis.

However the word which is translated as circumcision in Hebrew means the skin that covers. In making a covenant, ‘that is a cut agreement,’ that is cutting a deal. The deal that was cut was ‘the skin that covers’ as a small token which one of the parties, the human party shared in return for the much greater benefit of having a unique child and through that child descendants that would be innumerable.

When we return to Abraham where this covenant is explained and cut we come to understand firstly the nature of cutting the covenant. Usually something has to be cut into and shared between the parties. And very graphically animals from the flock and from the herds and birds were cut in two and placed on the right and the left, on either side, one for Abraham and the other side for Yehovah. Yehovah turned up to the party late, that is joined the important covenant ceremony just as the sun was setting and just as Abraham was falling asleep. And when Abraham awoke having dreamed of a great burning fire passing between the two parts he saw that his part was cooked and remained with him and the part to Yehovah had been consumed. Thus the covenant for the land was made.

Later he was visited by El of two breasts, after Abraham had defeated the many Kings who came down to raid the land of Canaan, and Melchizedek had appeared to pronounce that Abraham had received the blessing, and that also El Alyon had received a blessing, to which blessing Abraham added 1/10th of what he had recovered giving the rest back to the people of the land and declaring the name of Yehovah. He was visited by El of two breasts, usually translated El Shaddai, but this name emphasises the fact that like a nurturing mother Abraham was not only being protected and provided for but also given instruction and opportunities. 

At this occasion he was told that he would become the father of many nations, the father of the multitude, and the land that was given to him by covenant would be possessed by his descendants from his loins and all the families of the earth would find themselves experiencing goodwill because of him or being grafted into his family. Of course Abraham asked how could this be because he had no children as his wife was barren.

Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister and so they were subject to a curse. And as a result Sarah was barren. And yet they were one flesh and they were bound together. Also they were cut off from the land where they were born and from their relatives and also from Abraham’s father’s house and placed like wanderers in the land of “nod“ wandering about, marking out the boundaries with alters upon which the name of Yehovah was proclaimed.

So naturally Abraham asked how this was going to happen, because up until that time only his servant seemed to be the likely inheritor. But he was told that it was going to happen and that he would see his wife giving birth. So Abraham accepted this Torah and went ahead being guided by Yehovah. However Sarah had come to the end of her tether. She did not believe that she would give birth as Abraham had been told. And so had she brought Abraham her handmaiden and said have children for me by her. It seemed a logical thing and a solution to the problem as far as they were both concerned and so Abraham received Hagaras his wife under the hand of Sarah and impregnated her and she gave birth. Their son was called Ishmael and this lead to some problems.

Abraham realised that the problem definitely was not with him it was because Sarah‘s womb had been closed up by Yehovah and so he had received the child that he desperately wanted and which he had been promised and seemed to be fulfilled by this means. But of course this was not what Yehovah had foretold and promised to him, that is a son from his loins and from the womb of Sarah. So consequently Hagar began to create problems with her mistress and Abraham had to restore her to his wife Sarah as her handmaiden even though she was still his wife. He did not divorce her, he gave her another mission to do as did the messenger that she encountered while trying to escape and wander away from Sarah.

Later on Yehovah came to clarify the situation and to explain that the seed that he was promised was not Ishmael. It was going to come through Sarah and his name would be called Isaac. Because of Ishmael Sarah had given up hope, and Abraham was concentrating on developing his son Ishmael. Once again Yehovah reiterated to him the covenant of becoming a multitude of nations and the father through Sarah of an innumerable multitude but this time he added a special condition. The condition was not his part and Abrahams part but would be the joint condition of the covenant, that is his son and Abraham’s son would be one and the same! And the son would come through Sarah. So that there was no mistaking what was intended, he sealed this covenant by a cutting off the covering flesh of every male in his camp and entourage, and every male amongst his descendants. So Ishmael and all his servants and all the children thereafter were to have the covering flesh removed from their penises. This was a sign to Sarah that she would give birth to a child by the grace and power of Yehovah and not by any other means.

Later again Yehovah appeared and confirmed to Abraham and Sarah who was listening that the following year she would give birth. She still did not believe this and almost fell about laughing in the tent. But when Yehovah challenged her she became afraid and said “no I didn’t laugh.” But sternly Yehovah pinned her down to the truth by saying “you did laugh.” This was something she never forgot and consequently she believed that it would happen, and as soon as Abraham could he got her pregnant which she was of course not only amazed and eternally grateful for, because her curse and her reproach had be lifted. And yes she did laugh and she continued laughing until the boy was born and she laughed after that.

So we see the ‘circumcision’ was to enforce not only the covenant of being the father of many nations but also to be a constant reminder to Sarah that nothing is impossible for Yehovah. And it was passed on down into all his descendants to make that same point. They would become a multitude, they would cause goodwill to be expressed to all the families of the earth and from them would arise a son of El and Abraham.

When we fast forward to when Moses is bringing out these rebellious and stiffnecked people who want to do and say they will do everything that Yehovah commands them under the covenant of marriage with him; but also keep on wanting to go back to Egypt, to return like Lots wife to the bondage from which they came. After many trials and many purges and many prunings Moses was able to say to those that were remaining you are the remnant because you have lived by every expression out of the mouth of Yehovah; and you exposed your heart, your lungs, liver and kidneys and your bowels to Yehovah as your gut offering! Consequently the flesh that covers your torso was removed exposing these things and this was the kind of reasonable sacrifice that he required of his servants.

So the circumcision of the heart means more to Yehovah then the circumcision of the foreskin of the penis. But both are not necessary. But the circumcision of the foreskin of the penis is not necessary for salvation as was clearly demonstrated in the wilderness. All those who were circumcised in the foreskin of the penis were pruned away and the children who had not been circumcised were brought into the land by Yhosha who immediately circumcised them before they entered. So it was because their hearts were “circumcised“ that they received the opportunity to enter into the land. But before they entered into the land they fulfilled all the requirements of the covenant including circumcision of the foreskin of the penis.

So let’s understand that it was the Pharisees who had made circumcision so important, for which there are many historical reasons relating to the time of the Maccabees and the Seleucids have distorted the true message of being in a good relationship with Yehovah. First circumcise the foreskin or the flesh that covers your chest cavity and torso exposing your guts to Yehovah as an offering and so that he can write upon these two tablets his instructions; and your heart is able to listen to and receive them without being stiffnecked and sensitive. And then when the foreskin or the flesh of your torso has been circumcised you will have the ability of and become a servant like Abraham, then circumcise the foreskin of your penis. Why? Because it is good to fulfil all the instructions which come from the voice of our father and which are part of his commandments as obedient and loyal servants yearning to be just like him and his son Yhosha from Nazareth. But if you have not realised that Yhosha from Nazareth was circumcised because he was a Jew and is a Jew you do not know the true Yhosha from Nazareth, who came from the father to be a Jew and to be circumcised in his flesh and to be circumcised of his flesh, to show us the way to walk in order to please our father. 

What is consciousness?

Life is a mystery to most people on the face of the Earth. Wildlife might be mysterious but it certainly is not a mystery because it is as simple as opening your mouth and your nostrils to breathe in and breathe out, the neshmat chaim that opens up your ears and removes the eyelids of your eyes and enervates the feelings of your senses.

Because it is this simple, it is also obvious that life does not reside in oneself but instead it resides outside of the boundary we might call ourselves and have invited in by the manner and vigour of our breathing. And so we must simply conclude that the universe that surrounds us is alive, full of consciousness and vitality and opportunity and hope and potential.

The living conscious universe in which we breathe and move and have our conscious being is by definition unique and universal and all powerful and indeed always present. But is it all knowing?

There is only one entity which is associated with one nation and associates itself with the forefathers of that nation, that is Abraham Isaac and Israel, they answer this question truthfully. And the answer is no, it is not all knowing, rather it has all knowledge of good and bad and continues to dynamically increase and extend and understand that knowledge in the course of its eternal dynamic and ever progressive life and consciousness.

Yehovah, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose name was changed to Israel is the name that he wants to be mentioned by for as long as this horizon under the stars lasts. He is or it is, for gender does not matter regarding it, as it is not a breathing and digesting blood being as we are but rather it is an eternal dynamic wind energy. And it is he who created the universe and the environment around us for his own purposes and policies, plans and procedures, and it is he who freely and joyfully gave us light and life and consciousness by means of breathing into our mouth and nose and ears and any other orifices, the neshmat chaim and giving to us the grace to be breathing this in continually until the day that it is removed from us.

So life is mysterious but not a mystery. What is mysterious is the reason behind his generous and gracious endowment of consciousness to us lumps of soil transforming us into human beings. The answer to this question although only partially revealed is an incredible human potential which sets the least amongst the greatest and the greatest as servants to the least.

Hallelujah, that is to ullulate in pure excitement and joy because of these exclusive privileges and this unimaginable grace which is astounding, not only us as human beings but also those wind functionaries of his who have been hitherto loyal to him or it and will continue to be so until everyone wins. Both to them and to us it is a privilege to participate in all that it does with joy and pleasure and anticipation.

So let us be submissive and obedient, ever looking for the chance to please him in anyway and in many ways just as his son Yhosha from Nazareth gave us an example in his fleshly life and continues to guide us now that he has achieved the ultimate reward!

His voice, I say search out and listen to

and listen for his voice! 

And be diligent to show and tell that you have indeed heard his voice, 

and cry out to him for understanding if that is what you need! 

Cry out to him for his decontaminating wind energy which he will add to your neshmat chaim,

in and through his son Yhosha,

and indeed with him. 

And not only with his son will you be endowed,

but the father himself within his son will also come and make his home…

within you. 

If you are thus endowed by this incredible privilege count it all as joy, whatever comes against your flesh because the flesh was made to wither away and to die, but the wind energy was made to grow and develop and become strong in you and transform you! And being thus transformed you will have peace with the father and with the son and adventure forever more. 

What do you mean El?

El. The ultimate, supreme, unique and universal entity, the source of all, and who is in all, and through whom all moves or breathes or has its being revealed to me through his son, the one and only, the unique son of all those called sons, Yhosha from Nazareth, which I will write briefly as follows.

El who personally calls himself Ehyeh which is that same Hebrew verb found in the Hebrew language which has the most fundamental beautiful associations of being, existing, becoming, transforming, happening and causes attached to it; revealed to Moses that his name to be mentioned by the children of Israel and eventually by all nations is Yehovah. 

First and foremost he is a wind energetic energy entity. That is not to say that he is like the north, south and east “winds“ but that he is these winds and many more winds besides, including the wind called the solar wind, and the wind called the intergalactic wind, and any other wind that we can consciously recognise.

This is in contrast to the commonly held opinions of men and the nations of Moses’ time who referenced water as the foundational source of everything.

We know and can understand and can give demonstrations of how water precipitates from wind and we can also give demonstrations of how solids precipitate from water. We also can demonstrate how every “element“ we know in our human knowledge can be identified and can be found in these winds and in these waters and in these precipitated solids.

What we need to understand is representations of an entity called Elohim (or if you are Greek, a pantheon) are misleading us if they lead us to think that there are many entities. The meaning of the word is intended to focus on one unique Elohim.

Now Elohim is the company of beings derived from Eloah. These beings are wind energies, wind functionaries, delegates and representatives constituted from wind energy. And Eloah is a unique wind energetic functionary derived from the “side“ of El. Its purpose, one among many purposes was to produce this congregation of wind beings as a workforce which would carry out the will, purposes and plans of El. There is only one entity, one congregation, one “nation” of Eloah, it is unique.

We are introduced to this entity first and foremost because this is the entity that we must focus on and not be led away from or confused by the so-called “wisdom and knowledge” of men or other nations concerning these things.

So Yehovah, Elohim uniquely represents this one combination of El and his unique workforce through Eloah, from the workers and representatives produced by this entity Elohim. Yehovah shows some specific wind entities and functionaries to be his personal “guard“ or functionaries, or deputies, and they were called Elohim. You do not need to focus on them, or seek further knowledge about them, because in doing so many men have been led astray and have incurred the curse and the anger of Yehovah who is El, uniquely, fiercely and inconsolably jealous of his unique and universal position, and not tolerant at all of anyone who attempts to knock him off that position or indeed who is given that position by his subjects in defiance of the will of Yehovah. We are to focus on his purposes and plans and his Elohim through his unique entity Eloah. You have been warned! It is not for you to know what the father has put on his own advice and knowledge!

Our success and our future lies solely and uniquely in the purposes and the plans that he has for Elohim that were derived from the unique Eloah. As John says in his first letter: “little children keep away from Elim.”

No we are enlightened in the writings of Solomon, wisdom, that is judicial decisions based on correct social and economic distribution of his resources, according to his will and ensuring evenhandedness and excellent stewardship, this was the first of the things that he “produced“. In other words he who is able to perform all good and all bad considered these things and devised the wisest course that produced a good outcome, the best outcome that he desired for his continued existence in a relationship with his “creatures.” That is why he impressed upon all his ‘slaves and servants and workers and creatures’ that they should follow his instruction, his advice and his voice. Although I use the word he is it is merely a constraint of our language and could equally be replaced by it.

The receipt of this instruction was impressed upon his soil entity, who was carefully prepared in a shadow cast mould of Elohim; the tree of knowledge and the tree of living things was presented. The advice given was do not touch or eat from the tree of knowledge.

If we are to follow his advice in everything then we must listen to his voice and follow it right from the outset. And this was the test. It is not that the tree of knowledge or the tree of living things are in anyway safe havens or places of destruction. It is simply that what he requires of us is to listen to and adhere to his voice in order to show and tell his instructions to us. There is no tree of Listening To His Voice! There are just choices presented before us at every turn in which we have to choose to listen or to ask for his instruction and his guidance and then follow it diligently, fiercely setting our face to walk according to his light.

Now we should know that Adam and Eve were not silly little children walking around with no clothes on and full of anxiety about clothing and eating and what was coming up in life. Instead we should realise that they were discreet and able to work seamlessly in all the environments in which they were given responsibilities, and more importantly they were not ashamed of each other or fearful of what Yehovah would say or do to them because they had no reason to fear Yehovah or to be ashamed of each other and accuse each other. They were walking in harmony and in accordance with the wind energy of Yehovah which came to spend time with them in the garden and to fellowship with them.

It says at the beginning of the book of representations and similes and metaphors, that the very first fruits of knowledge, that is what happens when you take from the tree of knowledge which you are not supposed to touch or eat from, is the fear of Yehovah! 

The story at the beginning about Adam and Eve eating from this tree of knowledge is exactly that point drawn attention to by Solomon. If on the other hand we don’t eat from the tree of knowledge but rather we set our faces to Yehovah to listen to his voice and to follow his instructions whole heartedly and without wavering, we will be guided to eat of every fruit which he provides including the fruit from the tree of living things, and from every grain of the grain crops which he provides, and every green leaf which he provides, and we will do this without shame or embarrassment or fear or anxiety, but in joyous relationship with him as he intended.

So why do we focus on gaining knowledge? It seems a very reasonable thing to do, but it is not what we should do. We should focus on listening to the voice of Yehovah and showing and telling that we are hearing what he is saying, and doing what he is saying and we are fixing our life support reliance on his wisdom and his guidance, his advice and his instruction.

It is placed before us in this simple fashion but it is like walking a tightrope, a very difficult thing to perform without stumbling. It is a skill that we have to practice and continually learn. Practice, learn and improve and practice some more. Then we will receive each day and in each moment the support and upliftment and security from him through his son Yhosha from Nazareth who showed us that it is possible to walk this mind troubling tight rope and to succeed.

Unfortunately for us we do not have the advantage of Adam and Eve and have so much that we have to unlearn. And our neshmat chaim is so corrupted and corroded by the experiences that we receive growing up in this world that there is no way that we can walk the path intended for Adam and Eve. We need special assistance and special guidance, a new edition (Yhosha from Nazareth) to straighten us out inwardly so that we might walk in his view outwardly.

This he provided through an incredible plan of restoration in which one of his wind entities, the one responsible for proclaiming everything that he proclaimed, the one responsible for voicing his voice was transformed into a flesh and blood human being. And then this human being was given the extra assistance that we all need through the decontaminating wind and began to show us what submission can achieve!

Now it would seem that some want to make arguments or doctrines about nature, as with regard to responsibilities etc but Yehovah made it simple. First of all over the course of 1000 years he provided a written document which witnesses against all those who are his servants how they need his new innovative wind energy in them, and then he provides a transformed entity as a fleshly model into which this needed wind energy is placed. And by the example of Yhosha from Nazareth we are given a concrete demonstration of how to please our creator, and what the rewards in doing so are.

Then having resurrected Yhosha from Nazareth he restores him to his position at his side in his role as his spokesperson, as the one who proclaims his voice and gives through him the ability to all those who fix their life-support reliance in Yhosha and in our father Yehovah certain and ultimate success, conquering all issues and problems which are precipitous through our flesh and blood and bone breathing and digesting blood beings, functioning on the corrupted neshmat chaim.

Yes he gives us a new “software upgrades” which fixes all the bugs and downloads new applications which enable us to function as Yhosha of Nazareth guides us through his voice speaking the words from our father the instructions, commandments, the judgements and the wisdom which he has for us and for all mankind.

Consider now how he made his workforce initially “flames of fire” and wind energetic beings of immense capability, beauty and responsibility. And then with them and through them, by his wisdom he established the atmosphere and the arable land. This was not for them but for his ultimate goal of creating a representation of Elohim. And it is a great privilege to be able to ask the question why?

Rather as David put it: “what is man that you are concerned and mindful of him?“ Just put it into perspective what is the purpose of this lump of soil into which he has been given this neshmat chaim and transformed it into a breathing and digesting blood being? The answer to this question is not only of interest to human beings but also to his wind functionaries

The answer was given to us by Yhosha from Nazareth. In the answer we see that an important entity of himself or itself, that is the spokesperson, the one that proclaimed all his sayings and his thoughts and his voice was transformed into this lump of soil with this neshmat chaim and with his decontaminating wind energy added without stinginess!

And now he demonstrated that he was able to transform wind beings into flesh beings. Then there is a certain fear and respect due to him by all his creation! Nothing stands by itself, but everything according to his will and his desire and his purpose.

And also everything will be thoroughly tested until it breaks. And that which breaks will be repaired and tested until he is satisfied.

Now it so happened that all who have been tested have been broken in one way or another. But his unique creation and transformed entity representing his voice and the spoke person by being submissive was not broken, in fact only the fleshy entity into which he was transformed was broken. And this was proved not by divine fear but by practical demonstration before all. And the great difficulty of pleasing him which was demonstrated in the fleshy body of Yhosha is a sobering warning to all of us who would strive to be his servants and indeed his children.

We therefore are not made to be beings of fear or lacking in courage, or those who draw back. We are not made to enter into the Imperial administration on the red carpet or by some royal road but by fixing our life support reliance on him and by risking everything on his son Yhosha from Nazareth, making diligent effort in hope to achieve that reward which is on offer and which he indeed achieved. And if it is this hard for those who love Yehovah and want to be his servants and like him, then there can be very little hope for those who reject his kindness and his grace and his exclusive privileges!

So let us not be complacent or relying on the doctrines and wisdom of men, but let us always be submitting to his will in fear and trembling in order to work out our own salvation, according to his will and the instruction of his son Yhosha from Nazareth for the purpose of proving not only how good he is but how faithful and trustworthy his Imperial administration will be! Not one of us who submits to him involved with his son Yhosha from Nazareth will fail to achieve what he has desired for us. So as hard as it may seem to us in our flesh let us not be persuaded by that but by the wind energy that decontaminates us continually and by the wind energy which comes from our Lord and Master who succeeded in this and is determined that we also will become victors with him.

Yes, although we are crushed, that is to produce the oil which lights that great menorah which shines constantly before our father and Elohim. Let it not be in military force that we perform this nor in immense capabilities! But let it be in his decontaminating wind energy exactly, as with him that is Yhosha from Nazareth.

The Evil Eye and Genesis 4:7

These are the words of Yehovah to Kane. In the context they are a reminder and a teaching and a challenge to him.

His behaviour exemplifies one of the three non-verbal behaviours that Yehovah’s always on the lookout for in his children made from clay or soil mixed with a little water into which he has breathed the neshmat chaim. The three behaviours are awn or inherent selfish proclivities; or more simply what we are born with in the mix of the biological hardware and the wind energy which energises, elevates and animates it making it into a living conscious, fleshy breathing and digesting blood being. In other words some of us are born with inherent traits due to our biological make up. These will show themselves, and while not being in themselves covenant shredding or contract breaking they will make it more difficult to protect and defend any contract that this person desires to participate in. In other words each of us will have a personal challenge which we will have to wrestle and fight with in order to protect and defend the covenant or contract that we make with Yehovah. He is aware of this and is gracious regarding it, but he does not excuse it, rather he desires that you would work with him to overcome it. By this means he will perfect in you the character that he desires in all his children, demonstrating with evidence that you have fixed your life support reliance in him, and that you have risked your life and your breathing and digesting blood bring in him. 

Peshab: This is the action of not coordinating or aligning properly with Yehovah. The best concrete example is marching or dancing, and this is whether you are instep, putting your feet in the footprints of the person in front of you,  and staying in line and in pace with the person who is next to you and behind you. This coordinated behaviour can be learned, improved and perfected and this is one of the trainings that he decides to continually give to us, so that we can keep in step and at the same pace with him, and his son Yhosha, the good Shepherd.

Chattah: This is directly related to covenant shredding and contract breaking. The concrete idea is that of cutting up a piece of wood into chunks. The behaviour of not keeping to the whole contract but choosing, that is selecting from it, taking shortcuts, that is not fully doing what he instructs and changing, that is making it fit what you want rather than what you have been instructed to do. Now the instructions principally are relational voice delivered instructions, or experiences like a movie which give you a visual and auditory demonstration of the instruction, or training in classes where you are shown and taken through the steps of the instruction. Any of these forms of instruction are to be followed precisely. To do what you choose or to change what you want to change or to shorten a performance the way that you want to is breaking or shredding the contract that you have sworn to.

Bearing all these in mind we see that Kane has an inherent problem of rage, anger, anxiety panic and an uncontrolled rising up of the power of his wind energy! This is inherent to Kane and not ascribed to any external wind functionary which will certainly be in the environment but not where Yehovah is visiting and taking stock and inspecting.

These weaknesses are inherently still tools available to wind functionaries that are around us for them to “jerk our chain“ and use them to cause us to behave in one of the three ways that Yehovah is inspecting. However in this particular case during the inspection Kane is acting according to his true self.

So this issue is graphically described as one of erupting like a volcano! Followed by being in such a panic as to be frozen to the spot or to fall over onto the ground! If you have had children you know that if they have a temper tantrum, which is another way of explaining it they will often cry out and then throw themselves about the place and onto the floor. Sometimes we call this kicking and screaming. What is the cause? Usually something not going the way that they wanted it to go or happening the way they wanted it to happen. But sometimes it’s due to the fact that they are overtired, have no more ability to control their behaviour and simply need to rest and recuperate their energy to regain control.

So let us understand that in the context Kane is probably not very old in years! He is probably only a number of days old. The idea that because he was born as a baby and grew up and matured and became an adult is not necessarily the case. We are assuming that these humans were just like ourselves, but the indication is that they were much bigger, much stronger and more capable than we are.

In this context we can understand that he required parental training, but not from his parents Adam and Eve only, but also from the creator Yehovah. We also know that Adam and Eve were undergoing training and had failed to keep a direct instruction from Yehovah resulting in them living in dwelling outside of the garden of Eden, unable to return by themselves. But by all accounts they were not abandoned by Elohim and especially not by Yehovah. And from the greater context it looks like they were being trained in how to live in a relationship with him and how to clothe and house themselves, building dwelling places in which there was some kind of house or temple to Yehovah with an opening.

Around these dwellings were lands that were used for arable farming growing the different crops and seeds and flowers, plants and fruit trees which were found in the garden, but which because the land was cursed by their disobedience were intermingled with thorn bushes and weeds and other kinds of hurtful plants like thistles. This meant that a lot more preparation had to be done in order for a crop to grow, with more weeding and more protective clothing necessary against thorn bushes. So the agriculture was hard work.

Animal husbandry also took place around this dwelling place. And this meant that animals that herd or flock together were managed by someone who gazed over them, that is watched over them carefully and generally not only kept an eye on them but got to know them as individuals and as a herd or a flock and was able to protect and defend them if there were any predators at that time or rescue them out of difficulties with the thornbushes and thistles etc. The reason why animals were used as part of the economy is the same as it is today, except for possibly the meat. Their hides provided leather, their fleeces provided wool, their ability to chop down the vegetation, especially the more difficult ones and keep an area clear of thistles and weeds were all important parts of a farming economy. Also they provided enrichment of the soil through their droppings.

The slaughtering of animals was not something that the animal husbandry industry instituted. It seemed that Yehovah taught them how to slaughter an animal, how to pour away its blood, how to disembowel, how to remove its hide and many other things to do with the use of animals. Also from a live animal how to take its fur or its wool and spin threads to make clothing etc. What happened to the meat at this point is not clear but later on we find that some animals were declared tahar which usually is translated as clean but this hides the fact that this is a process which is involved burning. It is commonly related to the purification of metals from minerals by heating the minerals until the elements separate and pouring off the slag and keeping the metallic product. How this applies to animals is probably similar in that the animal flesh was probably burnt and as a consequence it would be turned into ashes. These would be fatty ashes if the fat of the animal was not completely rendered by the fire but in the most cases the animal would be reduced to the fundamental minerals from which it came, by the grace of Yehovah. In this process it was found that some animals when burnt gave off a pleasing smell and others presumably gave off a disgusting smell. The animals that gave us a pleasing smell were called “clean“ or in Hebrew tahar.

So it would seem that we have a functioning society in the presence of Yehovah consisting of Adam and Eve and all the children in a land outside of the garden of Eden, being trained in the best way to deal with the choice to learn from the tree of knowledge.

The tree of knowledge, but good knowledge and bad knowledge, is not an evil tree, but it is a tree in which the fruit will be either good or bad, and will not in anyway preserve you alive! So from one point of view what is the point of learning knowledge if at the end of it you are going to return back to the ashes and the water from which you were composed?

So it would seem that Yehovah was offering as he had done initially to train human beings up so that they would be able to become part of the Elohim, qualifying them enough to be given fruit from the tree of living things. This would mean that once they were qualified they would then be given eternal life.

So by making the choice that they did they made access to eternal life a whole lot harder. Whereas they could have eaten from the tree of living things at any time before being deluded by nacash, and both trees are in the centre of the garden so it’s not that the tree of living things was hidden from them, so it was simply a test to see what they would do. And the test was a simple one. It was a test to see if they would listen to the voice and the instructions and the guidance and the example of Yehovah. And not only listen to it and show and tell that they were listening to it but reject and avoid any other source of direction or alternative. At the end of the day if naturally Adam and especially Eve had been able to do this then naturally so would we all. But as it turned out Eve was deceived and deluded and Adam was conflicted and complicit, and when they awoke from their delusion they were horribly embarrassed and ashamed of each other and unable to face Yehovah or respond willingly to his voice.

Until this time there hadn’t been a problem, there was no shame about what each had done to the other and they were very wise and discreet in the way that they behaved in their relationship with Yehovah, the plants and the animals in the garden.

It is to Eve’s credit that she sought to do her part in rectifying the situation. She wanted to produce the “seed“ that would defeat the snake crushing its head as soon as possible. She also wanted to repair her relationship with Yehovah and she wanted to be a supportive and helpful she mate to Adam. Her original design purpose was to be a help, a protector and comforter at the same time as being in front of Adam which is a general term for actually being in front, either as a conversation partner or as a sexual partner, or as a confrontation partner who is a sounding board. Any of these attributes of being “as a front,” representing Adam, it would seem that when she was deluded by nachash she stepped out of this role and began to access her own “selfish“ interests. Such as becoming more skilled, being wiser, making her own determination of what should be looked at, assessing things by her own standards of what is beautiful and desirable, and ignoring or not putting first any advice given to her from her creator, especially if it’s given through her he mate!

So in effect Yehovah did not really punish as some people want to portray it, he gave more details to make it possible for Eve to fulfil her design function. Within that is the interesting expression which occurs again with regard to her son Kane that her “desire“ will be to her husband and he would represent her.

Now for some reason the translators want to translate this as rule, especially in the many cases where that seems to be applicable. But this word is better translated as to represent, or to be a copy of, or to be a proverb of or to be a parallel to. It is not about ruling over; it is about ruling by the side of, being a support at the side of, being a ambassador in front of etc. It is by no means a lesser role, especially with the added responsibility of conceiving, giving birth and instructing and bringing up children. It is important as a builder of the house of her he mate. Without her doing what she does at his side and also reproducing, their house and their family would not build up into their tribe and their nation etc. 

We see in this that she becomes a willing and compliant aid to her he mate. The use of the word rule or dominate makes this relationship seem overbearing, whereas it was never designed to be overbearing. It was designed to be mutual and it was designed to fulfil the purposes, policies and procedures and the expressed goodwill of Yehovah to them with regard to managing the garden and the animals and the fish of the sea, and their responsibility to grow and store food in order to feed all these creatures on Yehovah’s behalf and according to his instructions.

So when we come to Kane’s example we find this same principle being explained to Kane. The circumstances in verse seven are as follows: 

How many people understand that Yehovah is good, excellent, thorough, and pleasing and pleasant? If you do not know him as a wind energy operating within your experiential continuum you can at least look around at the environment that he has created and see that these are his attributes, policies and procedures. Given this as a starting point you may come to understand that Adam and Eve were in for a good time and an excellent relationship with the creator. However there was one who was a liar, a thief and a murderer who was sent to test them to see if they would be “reliable,” that is would they fix their life support reliance on Yehovah? This one was sent to test them because he had decided not to fix his life support reliance in Yehovah but instead decided to do something which was absolutely crazy when you understand the big picture, that is to strike it out on his own!

Since it was a possibility for any of his creations to adopt this stance this could be a reason why he created clay models, lumps of soil which represented himself, so that he didn’t have to deal with eternal beings who rebelled against him and would therefore have to be repurposed for eternity!

Now avoiding the questions: “well couldn’t God have seen etc etc?” let’s deal with the reality in which we are; which seems to be this state of affairs that we have an opportunity to make good the lack that these dissenting wind energies have created and that we are going to become loyal, faithful, immovable parts of his Imperial administration by our own inexorable choice.

So we see that Adam and Eve were in for a good time despite the fact that they were now potentially going to die, we see that didn’t occur for many years. This is because Yehovah did not create Adam and Eve to ultimately be worthless! So the option of becoming eternal has always been on the table for those who qualify.

So the first thing that Yehovah did after establishing them outside of the garden of Eden was to train them in how to relate to each other and to him since this was where the breakdown had occurred. We have to remember these things could have taken place in a matter of days or weeks, not years as we have no idea of how long it took. 

We come upon the words that are sniggeringly referred to as “knowing” in the biblical sense! Adam got to know his wife Eve. This is crucially important in any relationship, as we all know unless we are blind drunk, stoned out of our heads and engaged in some kind of orgy most of us would not enter into any kind of relationship with a stranger. To all intents and purposes Adam and Eve were in the first few days strangers to each other. So you can see why it is important and was important that they got to know each other.

So let us just realise that dating, date nights, going to the movies, taking walks, having long discussions, doing things together at work, doing things together on journeys etc are all an important part of getting to know the person that you think might be the one that Yehovah wants you to leave your father and your mother for. This is to join together in a mutual contract of a joint venture in order to become one flesh, one breathing and digesting blood being with two mates. So all of this is what should be meant by the biblical sense of getting to know any she or he mate. And it doesn’t include “sexual intercourse“ which is a phrase coined to distinguish it from social intercourse which is an old-fashioned way of expressing the relationship between men and women in society. However it is plain today that many young men and women do not know anything about social intercourse because sexual intercourse is the paramount thing on their malleable minds, to the extent that instead of choosing a mate to meet they meet to mate to choose. 

So the first lesson is to get to know your potential spouse. Now the next statement shows that they had got to know each other and obviously liked and loved and desired each other, and having made that clear to one another they engaged in sexual intercourse which was in receipt of the goodwill from Yehovah. Eve conceived!

And this phrase is notable in terms of its rarity. The fact that a woman conceived after sexual intercourse is a special event celebrated in the texts. Whereas it is common amongst us to think that sexual intercourse will lead to pregnancy this does not seem to be guaranteed in the past. And in fact it is not guaranteed today, it is just “the norm“. But there are many others of us who are different from the norm and experience all kinds of difficulties. So the next lesson that we are learning is that we do things the way that Yehovah trains us as he will show us goodwill and favours. This essentially is what she shouts out. She makes the claim that her he mate is not Adam but Yehovah and that she has gained that relationship or rather regained that relationship with him. She then seems to turn over and give birth to a twin. So the picture seems to be that we have Cain the firstborn (that is an old-fashioned saying for the one that came out of her womb first) and then the second one who happens to be in this case a twin.

The eldest child, the first born, the pioneer from the womb, the matriculation of the womb; all these are terms referring to the first functioning of the womb in the birthing process. In most societies it is the first child, male or female who has a special position within the family, but particularly the male first child is revered in the orient. This first child was called Cain which means to gain or regain and she is referring to her relationship with Yehovah, but it later on came to be related to two types of people. The brother of Cain was called Abel and this means the mist of the mountain dew, to be poetic it is a vapour which you see but is in certain senses is insubstantial.

This second son or twin was assigned to looking after the flocks. This was not an easy option, but it did mean that he worked away from his father and his mother over extended periods. The first son Cain was assigned to work the arable land with his father, and so therefore he stayed nearby to their dwelling place tackling the thorns and the thistles and the areas cleared by Adam and by his brother Abel using the sheep and goats and other animals, and basically working in the heat of the sun with sweat on his brow. This is not to say that being a Shepherd does not involve sweating but the difference between the two doesn’t appear until an incident some days which could be a few days or it could be a whole year later. After crops had been sewn and harvested a difference appears.

Remember during this time we can assume that they were being trained by Yehovah and their father and their mother. They were being trained to live with each other in a good relationship and with Yehovah in an excellent relationship.

Now it seems like the system of “tribute“ had been set up, that is a system whereby producers would bring in produce and silver or gold to a central authority or a central government. We see these systems set up in the Assyrian empire and also in the Babylonian empire whereby conquered nations would be given tributes to bring to the central government according to the agreed arrangement. This resulted in the flow of goods, silver and resources to the central government which would then use these resources not only to supply its needs and the needs of its population but also to build great halls and great houses with expressions of their supposed grandeur.

In any case it seems that within this dwelling a system of tribute was set up which would involve the workers we are concentrating on, Adam and Eve and Kane and Abel to bring tribute to Yehovah for inspection and acceptance or rejection. This will be done on the basis of a contract which is: if you do good good will come to you, and this is a powerful lesson that Yehovah wanted to reinforce over and over again.

However this was specific to Cain who had an inherent difficulty. And it is not that Yehovah wanted to condemn Cain, it was that he wanted him to learn to rely on Yehovah, to overcome all his issues and problems and to rise up be and be an example of the power of the Imperial administration of Yehovah. This would imply that this was individual tutoring to Cain based off the general principle that if you do good you will receive good from Yehovah.

So we are told that after sometime one of these inspection visits was due and Cain wanted to bring to this visit some fruits and some of the produce which he had produced from the land. So that is what he did. But then his twin brother turned up. It says ‘as well,’ so that could imply that Cain wasn’t expecting him to turn up, but that would be unusual for a tribute day when everybody would be expected to bring their tribute, so what it implies to me is that he turned up with a better tribute! 

When we look at this carefully we have no idea that Abel’s tribute was better than Cains. We only have the response of Yehovah which was pointedly, very pointedly all eyes on Abel and a point blank almost refusal to look at Cain and his tribute! This is unusual.

It is unusual because one would be tempted to think that this is respect of persons, and this is why it is important that this verse is translated sensitively and properly.

There is one phrase which indicates what is going on, and that is “is it not if/with or should it not be if/with?” This phrase indicates that some prior instruction or contract has been set up which both parties understand. Now we go and look at the specific behaviour of Cain and we find that he erupts into a violent rage or anger and then he falls over on his face! So whichever way you want to describe it that is the kind of description we want to come up with, someone so out of control with rage, he falls over on his face!

Now instead of being annoyed or angry at Cain’s behaviour, after all he is in front of the supreme creator when this happens, instead we find what can only be considered as conciliatory words. These are words trying to bring Cain back to his senses and to what the whole process that he was engaged in was about! So Cain erupted like a volcano: the question is why are you erupting like a common volcano? So Cain fell on his face: the question is why are you falling on your face?

Then comes the phrase ‘should it not be with you doing good, or being excellent, or being thorough that you will be lifted up, (as opposed to falling down, that there would be a rising, as opposed to an explosion like a volcano) that you would be held up, your tribute would be held up and you would be filled with a feeling of worthiness.

So we see that just from this brief interaction that Yehovah is attempting to bring Cain to his senses and remind him of the conditions under which he is contractually obligated to Yehovah for his own good, to help him to overcome this inherent weakness or failing or instability.

And we know that they are eating from the tree of good and bad knowledge, but Yehovah does not want to mention or concentrate on the bad so it doesn’t say if you do bad. He doesn’t want us to be thinking of bad, he wants us to be concentrating on what is good and excellent and noble. Something that the messenger Paul talked to the Phillipians, probably extracted from this encounter with Cain recorded here. Always focus on the excellent, the noble and the good no matter what kind of situation you are in, because if you do Yehovah has contracted with you to lift you up, to raise you up and to bring into you a rising up of your ability and standards. Thisis a contractual agreement with Yehovah to all who refuse to look on anything but the good or to do anything but the good.

Now realistically what happens if you fail to do what is good and pleasing and excellent? Even in this situation Yehovah has established a way to bring you back up to the contract agreement and this is where the translators have misleadingly translated this phrase. Some who have a look at this have gone on to use the word “sin“ and to try and draw attention to the whole theology of “sin“ and how it relates from this first appearance of the word chattah through to the redemptive work of Yhosha, but they have done this through their own Christology or theology. They have not looked at what Yehovah is teaching Cain and demonstrating through Abel.

If you do not do good, or if you do not perform well enough then there is an option provided by the door of the “house“. Go to the door or the opening of this meeting place and see what is waiting patiently there! It is the covenant breaking offering that is just waiting there patiently! It is sat down with its legs folded and in itself it is just waiting looking for who? In this case it was looking for Cain, it was waiting there all along at the opening for Cain. It would seem that he just walked right past it and brought his produce offering and tribute before Yehovah. So what did Abel do?

Specifically it said he brought his tribute as the collection from all the flock which were first out of the womb in his flock. You know therefore he took care to note who was giving birth for the first time, and that lamb or goat was set aside as the first. And then all these firsts were collected together and they were what he was going to give to Yehovah. Now this did not necessarily mean that they were the best, but generally the ones that are first out of the womb are better than all those that follow because they have had the best of the mother, so it is clear that his intention was to give Yehovah the best. And then it says that he brought the fat of them, all the choicest of them.

No it’s possible that he slaughtered these animals, disembowelled them and brought the fat of them before Yehovah, But it is more likely that he selected from among the first ones, the ones that looked in the best condition, whose midriff was round and plump, whose wool or skin was clean, whose eyes were bright and teeth were good etc. I’m other words  he took care to bring the best of the best. This was his tribute offering to Yehovah. And the response of Yehovah was to give these animals a thorough inspection! He looked them over, up and down and sideways to check that they were indeed the best and the plumpest and the finest. This is very pointed because he didn’t look at the produce of the fruit that Cain had brought from the land in any detail whatsoever! Instead he gave Cain this mini “lecture“ about what he should be doing?

Now I am sorry if it seems that this was a lecture when in fact it was part of the training process that Cain required and needed to go through. As he said this covenant breaking offering is for you, it’s at the door, well at the opening of this “temple“ or house and more than that you will have abundance from it! Or she will be abundant from it.

Now this is the same verb that was said to Eve, that her “desire“ would be towards her husband. Here it is translated as desire in the sense of longing, but the word actually means to create an overflow of abundance, and so in each case Yehovah was making clear to her that she would get an overflow of abundance from her he mate if she stuck with her he mate as Yehovah instructed. And similarly in this case although the form of the verb could be referring to Cain or to the covenant breaking offering and the ‘it’ has to refer to some male noun somewhere, never the less the idea is that this patient, willing animal would provide for him abundance, overflowing abundance. The only probable male reference is the opening.

So the teaching here is if you do well there will be a rising up and enervation and exaltation, and if you don’t do well then by the opening is a covenant breaking offering which will provide an abundance to you at the entrance and it is for you! This is all personal instruction for Cain because it is important to realise that this whole portion is about the inherent self-centredness and flaws within us and what we can do about it, and also what happens if we do nothing about it

The last part of the saying is that: you will represent in it! That is to say that if you do not do well you will represent this innocent willing animal at the temple opening if you so choose! In other words if you go back to the door take the covenant shredding offering and humble yourself, realising that it is there for you and you are to be there to represent it, and if you can do that; if you can represent its purity, its trust, its purpose and teachability, that will bring you superabundance at the door of the temple.

So this is the instruction to Cain and to all of us who want to develop a right relationship with Yehovah despite our inherent proclivities and waywardness and disobedience and selfishness which are biological traits, not so much character traits but which will become character traits if we don’t follow this advice.

The whole of chapter 4 is very significant because it shows that this inherent weakness if we do not rely on Yehovah can lead to disastrous outcomes not just for us but for the rest of humanity who do not want a relationship with Yehovah. We don’t know if the drastic measures that Cain went through actually helped him to come into a right relationship with Yehovah but we do see that his line was continued, that he started to get to know his wife which presumably he hadn’t done before and that in his line some very great artist and artisans and musicians and flutists etc first came into existence. But also we are reminded that this inherent rage and eruption doesn’t get any better through the generations, in fact if anything it seems to get worse. What we need to note from this chapter was that it was after the fourth generation that some notable increase in this weakness was proclaimed. We know from studying genetics there is something about dominant and sun-dominant traits. The modern genetic study has completely changed the understanding of genetic inheritance, however the genogram still seem to be useful in predicting family traits across three generations at least or more.

Further research required.

Adam and Eve were not naked

What are the things that often get taken for granted or just swallowed as is in the story about Adam and his wife Eve?

The story centres around a lump of soil being formed by a “potter“ or rather a sculpture of clay which is better because those who work with clay and soil know the skills required to form a lump into anything like a recognisable anthropomorphic form. We have no idea what the shadowcast mould of Elohim looked like or what plaster cast forms were produced. We also have no idea what size this mould was, and we cannot readily assume that this figurine was what we now take for human size. In fact the implication of later chapters is that these were possibly giant forms.

So now we have this lump which was made from the dust from the soil and mixed with water to form a slurry which was cast into a mould to give a form which was called the Adam. The lump was formed and split into two forms, one with male genitals and one with female genitals, that is with a penis and with a womb.

Specifically, the word used for penis is an anachronism as it refers to something that is used as a memorial. To the readers of Moses’s literary works it would be clear that it was referring to the circumcised penis. The female genitals are referred to quite specifically as being an excavated form for a womb although the usual name for a womb refers to more spacious capacity and also to the attendant feelings of compassion and mercy. This word refers specifically to the womb and the external genitalia, and in fact it is used somewhat humorously by one of the enemies of Israel to refer to those leaders in the communities who didn’t dare lead their armies into battle but stayed hidden amongst the womenfolk sending them out to be defeated. There is a common and well known English word for men and generals like that! And it doesn’t mean cat!

So now in all of this description there is no mention or assumption of whether the two are closed or unclosed. It would be an assumption to assume that these pristine figurines would be totally undressed showing off their manly and female attributes for all to see. Whereas this modest description would be well received by an Hellenistic audience as artistic, within the general Semitic traditions this would be seen with some embarrassment, tantamount to neglect. It would be assumed that the figurines would be clothed in some kind of attire. 

Now, when we come to the detailed explanation and introduction of the clay sculptor and his intention for his handiwork we find that initially a lump is formed which is called Adam, and then the lump called Adam is transformed into a living, breathing and digesting blood being rather like Pinocchio, a wooden sculpture going through various stages of becoming alive and finally becoming the flesh and blood little boy with a big nose!

So let’s not be confused here, we are not talking about a “fairy” story, we are talking about the incredible transformative power of our creator exercised through the incredible capabilities of his wind energy.

Now the wind energy that was given into the orifices of Adam is given a specific name in Hebrew which the Jewish scholars have translated by the Greek English word “soul.” That is to say that a soul was breathed into this clay form and then the clay form transformed by this interaction into a living, breathing and digesting blood being. However because of the many confusions associated with the words soul and spirit I prefer to refer to it by its Hebrew name neshmat chaim and to reference an operating system like Windows or Mac to give you an idea of what it does as a function. As a function it enters into the “hardware“ and brings the hardware to “life“ indicating that it is now operational and able to communicate with the user.

So in this condition Yehovah states immediately that the Adam will need a “helper and protector as a front to him because it is not good that he should be disjointed,“ that is separated from everything else, that is every other living, breathing and digesting blood being around him. And not only was this protector and helper to be a “front” to him, it was to be a challenge and a responsibility for him just as he was to be a protector and defender for it, amongst other things. What these other things might might be has been touched on previously. That is that they should be reproductively active, and able to generate multiples of themselves and have responsibility with the help of Elohim to manage and feed and generally look after these multiples as well as all the other living and breathing digesting blood beings in the air, bugs in the soil and the fish in the sea. This was something that he would not be able to do on his own; that is unless he was going to be “hermaphroditic“ and produce copies of himself from his own being. This clearly was not what Yehovah had purposed or designed.

In order to make it clear and to initiate communication with the Adam, the lump that he was taking on a training course in communication, in which he gave utterance to the names of all kinds of living creatures and these names were noted and used in communication with him. In this way Yehovah and Adam developed a common language which both understood what was being referenced. It is also important to realise that this authority to name things was not just to do with communication, it was also a sign of authority and creativity. So for example if he added the word “throne“ then this word would be used to create thrones at his command according to the will of Yehovah.

Now the immediate impact of this exercise in communication and authority was the dawning realisation in Adam that he was not the same as all the other living and breathing and digesting blood beings because he did not have a protector or a front to him. So when he did realise that he did not have this and it could not be found amongst the other creatures then Yehovah performed the first surgical operation using anaesthesia and made this form called Adam fall into an anaesthetic state and then removed from this form something and it is not clear whether it is from the rib cage or from the lower backbone. I suspect it was from the lower backbone taking with it not only the bone but also the flesh and sinews as a block but leaving the skin. This was then closed up neatly so that there was no scar and the excess skin was then formed into an external penis in the place underneath where the backbone was removed with its raw flesh, nerves and sinews.

Then using this backbone as a scaffold the woman was built up step-by-step, brick by brick and backbone by backbone with several differences including the internal difference of the womb and genitalia and the external differences of the breasts.

Now Adam has woken up from his anaesthetic state and this figure is presented to him and the question is “are they both naked?” It is possible that in this initial state they are both naked as it is common to do operations with a clear “field“ so clothes and other attire are removed and a simple covering is placed for the sake of modesty and decency. However the assumption that they remain naked is perhaps a step too far.

We have Adam exclaiming the first use of the words mother and father and he mate and she mate, and remember that he has the authority to name and then spring into existence these things. The actual Hebrew words ish and ishah have a relationship which is worth knowing in English and the relationship is based on the concept of “a warm ember and that is a live coal that is glowing.” So this is like a live coal from which another live coal breaks off and it is recognised that the second one has come from the first one, that is it leads one to associate it with the first one. The concept of father and mother however is a bit more complicated.

This concept of father and mother would probably be anachronistic, in that Adam had no experience at this stage what it meant to be a father and what it meant to be a mother other than the fact that the living creatures around him multiplied and took care of their offspring and set them to work. The real notion of father and notion of mother would have to be derived from their relationship with Yehovah.

Now in addition to this naming of things was the declaration of a process of going out from father and mother by the male and the joining together in a common commitment with a female to the extent that both of them would become one flesh. That is to say that they would mimic the original creation of Adam and Eve in reverse, for Adam was one flesh and then he was split into two, but then they would have a common purpose which would make them one flesh still. In other words they were clearly two but they remained one flesh because they had committed to a common joint venture. And because of this he mates and she mates can become one flesh by committing to a common joint venture before Yehovah. The reverse extends to the action of taking out. So just as she was taken out of Adam so the he mate will take into himself the she mate to become one flesh; and vice versa we must add.

So the concept of marriage introduced by human beings doesn’t quite cover what is been described here and therefore consequently the concept of divorce does not exist. In the purpose and intention of Yehovah there is no divorce. A he mate is given birth to by his parents and then he is matched up with the one that has been prepared for him by agreement and then both of them become one flesh before him.

So now in none of this is there any kind of reiteration of the nakedness, in fact there is information of celebration and innovation and working together with one another and Yehovah. Anybody who has attended any weddings knows that nakedness is not the aim of that day!

Now we drop back a little to understand that Yehovah gave Adam a job before he gave him a wife and that job involved working in his special garden. So to get the idea of Adam pottering about in the garden with no clothes on seems a little ridiculous.

So what are we to make all these words; arumim and yhtbshu?

Well the first thing is that they were not naked! The word translated as naked actually means covered over! And it doesn’t mean just with their own skin, it means with some other kind of covering whether it’s an animal skin or whether it’s some kind of protective skin or some kind of camouflage.

We know this because the word is related to a being called nachash, often referred to as a snake. And one thing we know about snakes is their ability to remain camouflaged and hide away in cover and undergrowth!

But by extension this is also referred to referencing the behaviour of spies! Those who are skilled in deception and camouflage, in misdirection and not drawing attention to themselves. This is called a kind of wisdom as Yhosha from Nazareth references it, the wisdom of snakes.

Now it has taken some time for this wisdom of snakes to be a pejorative, but throughout the animal kingdom the ability to camouflage and not draw attention to oneself is a highly desirable characteristic. And the fact we see many creatures whose design by Yehovah, a beautiful blend into their surroundings, and even a lizard that can change its skin patterning to do exactly the same. These animals are not naked, they are discreetly covered and by implication secretive, wise and discreet and able to blend into any background without causing alarm. These qualities are admirable, especially if you have to deal with a wide range and variety of other creatures.

So laying aside the assumption that they were naked and instead adopting the plain fact that they were given a natural ability to blend in and be discreet what does this other verb mean which is misleadingly translated as they were not ashamed?

The root idea behind this powerful verb is the idea of being paralysed and from this idea of paralysis the powerful notion of “shame,“ that is embarrassment and confusion has been derived. Most of us were not taught to be embarrassed, we simply naturally find ourselves unable to function in certain unfamiliar situations. In these situations we naturally cling to our comfort blankets or our parents, hiding behind them and peeking round from behind their legs to try and assess the situation as to how we are going to cope with it. Inside we are feeling our internal organs shaking and usually on our face we either have a flash of blood or we go pale. These are powerful endemic emotions within us and they are signs of uncertainty and fear and only later on develop into social embarrassment and shame regarding one’s behaviour or speech acts. Initially they are a protective fear response.

So in the form which it is initially presented and considering the context we are being told that Adam and Eve did not fear one another and they were not confused or uncertain about one another. By implication they were not afraid of the creator Yehovah.

Just to be clear what we are being told here is that these two wonderful, compatible created beings were created with discretion and without fear of either each other or of the creator Yehovah. These are ideal qualities for working in the garden of Yehovah amongst all kinds of animals, plants and situations. They were entirely comfortable within their surroundings and with their relationship with Yehovah and with each other and with the job which they were given to do!

So you can see why I’ve spent some time developing this argument. It is because so much has been hidden and taken away from before our eyes by this notion which is Greek at best, and classically pre-Raphaelite at worst of some innocent human beings in the garden of Eden. We are not dealing with innocence here, we are dealing with a creation that was fit for purpose, capable and fully functional and in alignment with its creator. It seems not necessary to add that they were fully clothed! In fact later on we see that Yehovah himself provides them with different clothing skins which could resist the tearing and pricking and slashing of the thorns which he was now introducing into the environment. The same Yehovah that did this would not have left his children naked. Think about it!

Now Yehovah and Yhosha want me to draw your attention to the question that Yehovah asked them both after he had caught up with them, because they were playing a kind of hide and seek game from his wind energy which was calling out to them in the garden. So when he asked them why they were doing this and they said something about being discreet/wise he said “who told you that you were discreet/wise? Have you eaten from the tree that I told you not to eat from?”

So who told them that they were discreet/wise? When we look at their encounter with nachash we see that he told them that the tree was to be desired to make them wise and open their eyes and to make them see like the Elohim, so we see that he told them this description of themselves, and we were also told that he was the most discreet from all the living things to be found in their outlying fields and scrubland outside the garden. This was not the wild, as in forested land and full of wild carnivorous dangerous wolves and animals and lions, it is more like a field for grazing animals and other creatures including lions and tigers who at this time were all herbivores, not carnivores.

So we see something very powerful here, the creature that is described as discreet and wise in its behaviour somehow manages to impart the same behaviour to Adam and Eve. But not in the same way that they had it initially, because they would interact with the wind energy from Yehovah but rather more like his behaviour, his hiding away and camouflaging himself from Yehovah.

To be accurate nacash did not say that they were discreet or wise. He implied that they were in someway blind in their eyes and deaf in their ears and their senses were hindered. Therefore something was being withheld from them by Elohim and if they ate from this tree they would receive what was missing and be able to see and hear and understand like Elohim.

So what was it that the woman even wanted to gain from eating the fruit of his tree, given the lie that they wouldn’t die? Why did she come to think that this fruit was desirable and needed to make one prudent and understanding, skilful, masterful and wise?

The underlying Hebrew is very revealing. We know that as it says “Eve was thoroughly deceived, not Adam.” In the Hebrew is where this description comes from! It actually says that from this conversation with nacash her whole understanding and perception of that fruit completely changed! She had perceived it as bad because it was dangerous. But now this discreet and wise creature countermanded that notion that she had. He didn’t say that Yehovah had lied to her, because she had no concept of a lie. He simply said that what she said would not happen. They would not die, that has become wet spots marking a place in the ground!

Now ordinarily one would say “what do you mean?” You are saying something completely different to Adam and what Yehovah instructing me in?“ But she didn’t get a chance to reflect on what he said because he followed it up with “ Elohim knows that your eyes will be opened, your senses will be extended, your abilities will be enhanced and you will see what he and they see, and you will know good and bad!“

It seems that this caught her imagination so she no longer concentrated on the fact that there was death involved in this risky business, she imagined the good that would come from touching and eating this fruit. The good that she saw was the ability to be as skilful and as productive as Elohim and to be as knowledgeable as he is. And obviously this was something very desirable and this would come from eating the fruit from the tree, not from avoiding it. She forgot why she was avoiding it because nothing has been said about that other than the false assertion that it would not happen, that they would not die and so on the basis of accepting that assertion, that is risking her life on the assertion, she began to imagine the good that would come from having these abilities.

And then she looked at the fruit and saw that it was desirable and pleasant like every other fruit in the garden, and then she looked at the tree and realised that it was not called the tree of death and dead things, it was called a tree of knowledge, that is both good and bad knowledge. This knowledge obviously is what Elohim possessed and it seemed to make them extremely competent and skilful. This was a tree that would make her as skilful, prudent as understanding, as evil, as knowledgeable and as competent as he was and they were!

The snakes job was done and we don’t hear anything about him until much later on . What we know is that almost immediately the woman jumped into voraciously eating the fruit from the tree, she couldn’t stop it seemed. She is picking and eating, picking and eating and Adam watched and apparently didn’t say anything. It was almost as if he was expecting her to drop dead there and then, but she didn’t and she seemed to be enjoying the fruit. So she turned to him and offered him some, so he took it and ate alongside her, seemingly both of them enjoying themselves until it suddenly hit them. Suddenly their eyes and senses were opened! Suddenly they realised that they were discreet and wise beings and that now they had been fooled by another discreet and wise creature into eating from the tree which they were told not to touch.

So if you can imagine that they became full of fear, confusion and consternation, looking at each other seeing where to point the blame, being ashamed of what they had done and of each other and not really knowing what to do. But they were wise and they were discreet, so like the snake they slipped away into the undergrowth and camouflaged themselves. How are they going to deal with the daily interaction with the wind energy from Yehovah?

They didn’t have long to wait. The wind energy came along as usual and called out to them but this time they didn’t answer and declare themselves, they hid. “Where are you” said the wind energy approaching where they were. They scurried away and covered themselves with leaves. What’s going on with them he said as they hid themselves deeper in the undergrowth. Finally the wind energy uncovered them and said “what’s going on?”Adam blurted out “we are wise and discreet and so we hid ourselves.”

That is why Yehovah asked them the question “who told you that you were wise and discreet? Have you eaten from that tree which I told you not to eat?”

Adam blurted out “the woman that you gave me, she gave me some of it to eat and I enjoyed it!” He was so ashamed, so afraid he passed the buck onto his wife. Yehovah looked at the woman and said “what have you done?” Again she blurted out “the snake deceived me and told me that my eyes would be opened if I ate from the tree.” She was ashamed and terrified of what she had done. Finally Yehovah directed his full attention to the snake. “What have you done?” Because of what you have done you will go on your belly until the day that your judgement comes and this woman’s seed will crush your head and you will only be able to bruise his heel.

And that’s what happened to the snake, he slunk away demoted and exposed. Meanwhile Adam and Eve were each given a curse to bear and the situation was changed from one of pleasant and wonderful enjoyable work to hard slog full of pain and injury and scratching to teach them that they would die, and that their only hope was to listen to and follow the instructions of Yehovah.

This is the same instruction that we are given today, to listen to and follow the voice of our creator because that is the only way that we will escape the consequences of disobedience to him which is a mighty curse. But despite this Yehovah did not abandon them, he continued to talk with them and teach and instruct them and even made them clothes more suitable for their new environment, clothes made of the skin of animals. And he introduced to them the practice of representative sacrifices in order to make up for the covenant shredding and to help them to develop the strength of character needed to resist the lies of the snake. They also came to understand that that the snake intended to murder them. He was not only a liar, he was also a murderer and their first son who was probably a twin with Abel ended up being involved in a murder incident; Cain murdering Abel. 

What else was the snake responsible for? Probably stealing but also causing jealousy and anger and allsorts of rage in people concerning their relationship with each other. He stole their peace and now they were embarrassed before each other with regard to whether they could trust each other. He was a thief as well as a murderer and a promoter of falsehoods. We would do well to avoid him at all costs and to focus our attention on the voice of Yhosha.

So you see we have been robbed of this by the simple lie that Adam and Eve were naked in the garden.

Is it a still small voice?

In first Kings chapter 19 verse 12, a very famous and well-known translation is put forward. It has become the basis of many peoples walk and approach to listening to the voice of Yehovah. Also it is thought to be founded on an unassailable foundation, but it is not.

The actual Hebrew קל דממה דקה

What does this mean? The last word considered to be an adjective is derived from a root word which means to pulverise until very fine, very thin and very small. It is akin to grinding, but it’s more the result of using a mortar and pestle, but a very large one in which a huge pounder made of hard metal stone is dropped on the crushable material until it is turned to powder.

Almost immediately we are connected to a very important event which happened at Mount Sinai and it involves Moses grinding the golden calf image which Aaron had made and had said to the children of Israel, behold the Elohim that brought you up out of the land of Egypt!“ Now let’s party!

Moses reaction to this great covenant shredding action and activity instigated by the people, carried out by his brother the prophet to him, later to become the high priest, was to break the two tablets of the covenant written on by the finger of Yehovah and to rip his clothes. He was not only angry, he was very very scared.

Then he cried “those who are for Yehovah to me!“ And the whole tribe of Levi came to his side and he gave them directions to take the swords and go through the camp and kill anyone, even in their own family, even their own parents who were engaging in this great covenant shredding. 

And after this has been done and the children of Israel realised how serious, not only Moses was but the situation was, he took the golden calf and pounded it into pieces and then pounded it again until it was a fine powder grinding it perhaps between grinding stones and then he cast it into the flowing river and made the children of Israel drink the slurry of fine powder that poured down into the drinking water. To be a bit facetious this was like a golden calf smoothie!

Most of us may not pay attention to this sound but we do know the difference between the sound of water pouring and the sound of a smoothie pouring. We know the difference between the sound of a slurry and the sound of water being poured out and it is this fine difference in sound that is being referenced in this illusion.

The first word often translated as voice also means sound, as in the reference to the sound of the shofar blasting out from the top of Mount Sinai announcing the presence of Yehovah with thunder and lightning and increasingly loud blasts of the trumpet or shofar.

So what does the middle word דממה reference?

The concept of being silent, even perishing is related to this concrete concept of something liquid either making a barrier to some other liquid or fishing, that is drawing out fish from some of the liquid. In both cases a suitable reference is the carrying of something in a flowing river of silt and mud. This kind of slurry can be seen during landslides in which the liquid mud literally forms a barrier to the less dense water and also causes any fish or living organisms in the water to be forced to the top in order to be able to survive and “breathe.” What was once a flowing river becomes a still slick of mud and sand. What was once a babbling brook becomes a silent mudbank, populated only by dead fish and those carrion that feed upon them. This natural occurrence can be witnessed by those who live by wadis which annually become raging torrents and then dwindle down to muddy pools. This occurs because of the fine silt or mud which they carry down from the higher ground. In Egypt this fine silt overflowing the banks annually fertilises the surrounding soil and allows crops to be planted and grow. But it never becomes a silt bank until it gets to the Delta or rather it rarely becomes a silt bank. There is evidence that the famine which was shown to Joseph was as a result of high river levels constantly over flooding the land and preventing crops from being planted or from growing to full term.

Bearing this in mind I would like to suggest that this set of concepts is referencing the sound of a fine slurry being poured! It is to put it in modern terms the sound of a thin smoothie being poured.

How does this relate to the context?

The greater context is that one of Yehovah’s most powerful and trusted prophets is suddenly broken at the height of the combination of the victories that Yehovah has given him in the land of Israel, before the king of Israel and over the false prophets of the baal. Suddenly when he is at his most jubilant a word from the spiteful Queen Isabel threatening his breathing and digesting blood being with the most horrible execution causes him to snap and to run away scared, in confusion and in a great depression.

And chart a course for the mountain of his Elohim crying out in his depression that he was a failure, he was no better than his forefathers before him and he did not deserve to live, in fact he wanted to just die! But as he made his way towards the mountain fainting and stumbling and exhausted, the same care that was given to him during the three years of his contest with Israel was shown to him. Wind functionaries from Yehovah appeared to him with food and drink and encouragement and encouraged him to continue on refreshed.

After 40 days and 40 nights he comes to the mountain and climbs into the hole in the rock, the cave when Moses once stood.

Why was he there?

What happened next can be best understood as a replay of the earlier event at Mount Sinai with the children of Israel. A great wind came down upon the mountain and cracked the rocks with thunder and lightning. But as Moses pointed out to the children of Israel: they did not see any form or any image of Yehovah in that storm. Then a great earthquake shook the mountain loosening the already broken rocks and pounding them together, making them into smaller chunks and pieces breaking them up. And again this was not an event where we could see or should see Yehovah. Finally a fire burnt on these crumbled pieces cracking them and burning them and breaking them down into a finer grit and ash. And in this fire and this process Yehovah was not found to appear. And then finally he heard the sound of a slurry being pulled out, a slurry of fine silt falling down onto the rocky surface. And when he heard this he wrapped himself in his cloak and came out and stood at the entrance of the cave.

Then Yehovah spoke to him and questioned him. “What are you doing here Elijah?”

Here Elijah unburdens what has been eating him up from that day until this. He felt that he was the only one left in Israel supporting the living God. He was all alone and if he was killed there would be no one left in Israel and Judah to proclaim the name of Yehovah. He was not able to bear it all on his own. The risk is too great that his service would end in failure and they will be no one to continue it!

Yehovah not only reassured him that he was not alone, that Yehovah had many others that he was reserving to do this work and he also said “you have more work to do for me!” He reassured him and encouraged him that he was still the most valuable prophet since Moses and that he required to stand firm and continue until his work was done. And in addition he would not leave him alone and without someone, a successor to take over his work he would provide him with Elishah as a student.

So we see that a very discouraged Elijah was finally encouraged and returned to work by a loving creator. And this was done in the non-verbal pantomime of what had happened at Mount Sinai, the presence and invincible proclamation of Moses establishing the eternal covenant with the children of Israel, only to have it broken by their refusal to turn away from their images, their statues, their pictures and their engravings etc, and so in his rage he turned the molten image into fine dust and cast it into the running water and made them drink it as a turgid slurry. The running water from the mountain became a thick oozing slip. The sound of running water in a babbling brook was turned into the silence of a slippery slick powdered gold! Only after that did Yehovah speak through Moses to the children of Israel again, renewing the covenant.

The lesson is from the start that the children of Israel had turned to other gods and disobeyed the one that rescued them from Egypt, therefore Elijah should not give up heart because they continue in their rebellious ways. He should continue to do the work of his Elohim confident that he will achieve what he was destined to do and that Yehovah would bring about the kind of children that he wanted in Israel.

So what happens to that lesson about listening to the “still small voice?” It is not there. It is replaced by the full story which is that a faithful servant called Elijah continually listened to and obeyed the voice and instructions of his Elohim, whether it came to him in a vision, in his inner experiences or through wind functionaries and the messages that come through miraculous events which he was inspired to cool down. And we should do the same, but in addition we should realise that no matter how long it takes for us to fulfil the role or commission given to us we are never alone, our father and his son is always with us. And they will provide us with whatever support or fellowship we need both by means of wind functionaries and also by means of fellow students. And we should expect that the people that we have been sent to, especially the children of Israel will keep trying to establish for themselves images and idols from the information which has been provided for them, and these idols will have to be broken down, destroyed, burned and ground to a fine dust and silenced. And it is our job to continually carry out this judgement given to Moses and also to us as his loyal students. The lesson of Mount Sinai is give no quarter to any idol, break it down, grind it into powder and it set alight and wash it away in the water that Yehovah provides to silence them, to return them to the dust and clay from where they came! In the meantime we should continue in the power and in the valour of the wind energy from Yehovah, overcoming all and establishing all his will.

Zechariah – chapter 4

This iconic vision is fully explained in this chapter but there are some details which escape the understanding of the western mind and those who do not engage in the production of olive oil or products from the olive family.

When you have thoroughly read or listened to the Wikipedia article you may be able to understand why the reference to olive trees is changed to a reference to branches. At the moment it seems to be referring to the harvesting of the olive crop. One of the methods of harvesting is to actually prune off the fruit bearing branches.

Now the method of obtaining oil from the olive fruit is well documented and does not seem to involve a golden spigot which guides the “oil“ from the branches into the containers of the lamps.

In fact as it happened Yehovah gave me some insight exactly at this time reading that section. The insight was about the collection of myrh, the ancient resin used for many purposes including perfume and analgesia with mild psychoactive effects.

This resin is collected by scarification or cutting into the bark of a special subspecies of the olive tree or of the evergreen species that produces resin. So I looked to see if olive oil could be “tapped“ from the bark of the stem or branches of the olive tree. Very interestingly this does not seem to be a viable method of producing oil. Neither is it a method of producing oil from the harvested branches of the olive tree.

However there is a product which is produced by tapping the special species of the olive family and that is mastic, which is found in all olive products and has to be removed in order to make the fruit edible.

It is natural and seems self-evident that the golden liquid that is being referred to is olive oil, the method of collection speaks otherwise. It is possible that this golden liquid is this mastic which mixed with the olive oil provides an incensed oil producing a sweet aroma from the lamps on the menorah.

It is also notable that the lamps on the menorah have seven pipes each! This use of seven is reflected in the description of the congregations and in the description of what is before the throne of Elohim in the book of Revelations. And it is important to note so please note this very well! This is the revelation of Elohim which he gave to his son, our Lord Yhosha.

Here again we see the function of these lamps which is not only to shine the light of Yehovah just like his son Yhosha did and continues to do so, but also to be his eyes looking at what goes on amongst men and reporting these things back through Yhosha through continual crying out to him because of the hurt and pain caused by these evil inclinations.

There is a famous quoted verse in this chapter but it is taken out of context and the context is the whole of this chapter where the vision of the olive trees – menorah is fully explained both as to what it represents in the time of Zerubabel and what it was a foreshadowing metaphor of regarding the presence and function of Yhosha and the re-establishment in Jerusalem of the Imperial administration of Elohim and the raising up of the house of Yehovah as represented by the menorah! The physical material stone house is not where Yehovah dwells. That is not the Shekinah glory! Yehovah dwells in the light, and especially in the light given by the menorah! It is clear I think to relate this now to the work and the function of Yhosha and his congregations or gatherings.

So what about the two olive trees which then became branches from which this golden liquid was being extracted? In the Hebrew it does not say with, it says over or above the Lord of the whole earth! This is amongst other things a reference to the two cherubim who stand over the cover lid of the box of the covenant, looking down onto the lid in which is the representation of the covenant as two tablets hume out by, in this case Moses’ hand and written on by the handle fingers of Yehovah. As Yehovah said to Moses: “after the tenor of the writing of these words” he is making a covenant with the children of Israel, and with the stock and seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

One of the things that it is important to note is that this covenant is always “renewed“. It is renewed with every individual and with every generation because it is an eternal covenant. But the most important renewal was shortly after the first covenant was given, and the blood of the covenant was spotted on the people who agreed to it, the children of Israel and the other part of the blood was splattered around the altar at the base of Mount Sinai.

The production of olive oil requires crushing the olive fruit and then pressing the paste through some kind of straining mat. The oil that then runs out is collected and run through a spout into some vessel that contains it. This process has been well attested to, and is most likely what is being referred to in this poetic form. However, the possibility that the sap of the olive plant and branches might be drained to form resins cannot be excluded entirely.

As I understand more about the production of olive oil, I can see a way that the olive tree itself has to give way to the olive branches on which the fruit of the tree are being born in order for the oil to be extracted from the olive tree. So this focus on branches does refer to the harvesting process, but the process of washing, cleaning and removing the debris and then crushing is not referred to, only the product of the “golden liquid“ running through a golden tube. In other words the olive tree extracts from itself through its branches into its fruit, oil that pours out through the golden tube into the great menorah lamps!

Now we can look at this central and potent verse which sums up the power, ability and process of Yehovah to bring to light all that he wants achieved.

So I’m trying to find videos and documents which open your eyes to the fact that the olive tree drains sap which forms a kind of gum or resin, which can be harvested from the branches or from the trunk and which will be some kind of golden amber like colour.

The reason for this is because I never thought about the olive tree producing such a gum or resin, as it is always common to think about the oil produced from the olive fruit. However the picture that I currently see in my imagination regarding the two olive trees is that of some kind of drain into the great menorah. So unexpectedly I realised that this could be not just referring to the olive oil from the fruit, but also to the resin from the sap being used in the lighting and the fuelling of the menorah. These two olive trees, and the “harvested“ branches represent the two Yzahar that stands above the Lord of the whole earth. I take that to mean our Lord Yhosha and not our father Yehovah , who is always with him anyway. Then it would seem not too much to consider these two olive trees to be Moses and Elijah, the law and the prophets. And what it is saying is that Moses and Elijah, the law and the prophets are wind energetic functionaries.

They are not texts, they are not animal scrolls with writing on on them or stone tablets with hieroglyphs! They are living entities which supply to our Lord Yhosha from Nazareth the wind energy required for him and his students and gatherings to shine before our father Yehovah.

As we build up the context and elaborate what they described in chapter 4, we realise that this communication was intended to apply to more than just the situation that Zerubbabel found himself in. We start with a man that is wakened up from his sleep, or more directly someone who has the skin of his eyes removed and asked to describe what he can see. And he sees the menorah with two olive trees or olive fruit on either side of it, the right on the left and lamps on top of it with a bowl on top and a repeated pattern of sevens. After the meaning of this first description is explained an explanation of how it applies to Zerubbabel is given in relation to the building of the house of Elohim. There is no difficulty, obstacle or mountain that can stand before him. As Yhosha of Nazareth said to the students: “if you say to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea, it will be removed and cast into the sea!”

We were given a picture of a builder checking the plumbline of the building structure and also the level lines of each row of the stones set in the walls. And then we are told that the stone of stones, the cornerstone will be established with shouts of: yes yes! When a foundational cornerstone is set, three things have to receive the affirmative: perpendicularity and horizontal in one direction and horizontal in the 90° direction to it. The foundation stone is set perpendicularly but the two yeses affirm that it is horizontally level in both directions! The temple, the house of Yehovah and its walls will be constructed no matter what the difficulties, and it will be set perfectly, but now the further application is explained.

The olive trees or the olive fruit are replaced by olive branches from which the golden liquid is being pressed or poured out into the bowl on top of the menorah. And these olive branches which are giving up their resin or sap stand above the menorah, identified as the Lord of the whole earth.

What is this in golden liquid syrup, resin or oil? Everyone immediately says that it is the olive oil from the fruit which is used to light the menorah. But as explained above it could also be an aromatic gum or resin extracted from olive branches which enhance the burning of the oil and the fragrance of incense.

So now we return to verse 6, the key verse around which all this vision hangs.

It is usually translated as not by might, not by force but by my spirit says Yehovah of armies.

The New World translation says: not by military force, nor by power, but by my spirit says Yehovah of armies.

The Hebrew however is much more potent and expressive.

“This is the proclamation of Yehovah to Zerubbabel: In dexterous multicapable men? No! In strength and capability of strong energetic resources to overcome all obstacles? No! In my wind energy? Yes! As with this!

The olive trees or olive fruit besides the menorah with the bowl on top and the seven lamps with the seven pipes represent the effective and unstoppable power of the wind energy of Yehovah, of those dexterous and flexible men. The shining of the light is by this wind energy and the olive fruit and the branches particularly which produce the sap resin or the olive oil from these two that stand at the side of the Lord of the whole earth ensure that not only does this great light continue to shine but also that the seven lamps can roam through the earth spying out the land and the peoples for Yehovah.

These two sources of the sap and/or the olive oil from the olive fruit and the olive tree branches are given a special name: Ytzahar, freshly produced olive oil or resin sap!

The act of Yehovah and the acts of Yhosha dripping from these two freshly pressed olive branches and olive fruit is the wind energy of Yhosha. These are two freshly pressed olive tree juices oil/syrup or resin; that is: they provide fresh wind energy to those who shine the light of the menorah before Yehovah and out into the world. 


Animal sacrifice: Why it is relevant to believers today?

Qarab – the word often mis-translated as offering a sacrifice as a fundamentally important relationship to convey to those who are the servants of Yehovah.

The concept of animal “sacrifice“ is not unique to the Israelite communities, nevertheless stands out as remarkably different.

The origin of animal sacrifice given by archaeological pundits is that of a ritual arising out of the celebration for a successful hunt. This is an attractive idea and probably resonates across many cultures as it serves to obscure the origin mentioned in the Tanakh.

In Bereshiyt the first scroll of the five scrolls of Moses we find Kane and Abel bringing an offering or rather a tribute to Yehovah. The tribute that Kane brought was from the produce of the land which he worked. However in bringing his tribute he walked right past an animal from the flock, possibly a sheep or a goat which was tied to the door of the house of Yehovah. Abel on the other hand took the animal, slaughtered it and removed its intestines – it’s qoreb. This was where the fat of the animal was stored along with a fatty tail. He then brought this offering of intestines to Yehovah along with one of the shoulders of the animal as his tribute and possibly the head of the animal. Yehovah accepted Able’s tribute and concentrated on it and ignored Kane’s tribute. One reason is that the animal offering was necessary to come into the presence of Yehovah correctly and respectfully, and then any gifts can be brought. The second reason is that if this follows the instructions in Leviticus there was work to be done with the fat and the fatty tail and the head in setting it out on the fire and letting it burn and produce the sweet smelling aroma which was pleasing to Yehovah. When Kane panicked and fell to the ground fearful because he realised he was in danger of losing his life, Yehovah calmly pointed out to him what his mistake was. He had not taken the animal at the entrance, slaughtered it and brought its intestines to Yehovah with the fat. And Yehovah questioned whether he would be able to “represent“ it, that is be as innocent as it before him! Later on we see that Kane couldn’t control the wind energy within him and let it rise up to the stage where he slaughtered his brother and hid the body. So we see then instead of slaughtering an innocent animal and bringing its organs and intestines to Yehovah he chose to slaughter his innocent brother and hide his body in the ground somewhere.

So the concept in the Torah usually described by the term sacrifice is not one arising out of hunting, but a clear enactment of submission, representation of a substitute and appeasement to the creator. It is an acknowledgement of breaking chunks out of, or selecting bits from or changing instructions within a covenant. It is a reminder that Yehovah wants the guts of the person that does that! But he is willing to accept the intestines of a substitute providing they are presented properly.

There is another word which is translated as sacrifice and that is zabeach which is usually thought of as a “bloody sacrifice“ but it represents an instrument that enables a house or a community to ascend towards Yehovah. The concept of an altar is derived from this word, that is a kind of step on which the parts of the animal are burnt as a whole burnt offering. The details of these offerings are only laid out fully in the book of Vayiqra.

So an interesting question is what was the influence of the Egyptian culture and society on this notion of sacrifice as handed down to them from the forefathers? One of the things that is evidenced in the Egyptian book of the dead is the notion of disembowelling and embalming the intestines so that they can be taken with the dead person into the afterlife as they imagined it. However instead of destroying the body they embalmed it in order to preserve it for use in the afterlife should the person be successful in arriving there.

Alongside this was the careful treatment of certain animals and identification of only those animals that were fit to have their bowels and their organs removed; and their innards washed and then stuffed with all kinds of food offerings and then set on fire to burn. So the Egyptians retained the importance of the intestinal organs being removed but developed their own myths around what the purpose of removing them was and what was to be done with them.

The instructions given by Yehovah to Moses concerning what to do with the intestinal organs and the fat was clearly that they should be completely burnt up and made to provide a sweet smelling aroma; and the blood was to be poured out and used to paint the altar or to paint the surroundings of the altar. So the implication is that there is no afterlife to preserve these organs for, either in man or beast and they are to be used in the present to ask for a favour from Yehovah.

Importantly, if the person was bringing his intestines or his guts before Yehovah to remove a curse which was upon him because of breaking a covenant agreement then the blood was used to paint out all these chunks and blocks which he had ignored or cut out of the covenant and to restore him to full compliance; loosed from these curses with all the blocks which he had cut out, restored to the proper place within the agreement so that he could walk before Yehovah as one who had been restored to full compliance. However this was only achieved if he transferred his weight onto a clean substitutionary animal, leaning heavily on the head of the animal to show the transference and then bringing the slaughtered animals intestines to the priest who then placed them on the altar using the blood to paint the horns of the altar and also to paint the surrounds of the altar, and in so doing would paint a covering of blood over all the bits of the covenant that were cursing him. In that case he was able to then walk away a free man.

It is important to note that the priest did not have to make a covering for a person who was insincere, even though he brought a sacrifice, laid his hand on its head and supported himself on it and brought his intestines too. Yehovah would not accept that as being the right kind of blood covering for the curses which he had incurred. And so even if the priest went through the actions of making the blood covering he would not be able to say you have been loosed from all your curses. Any person who can bring an innocent young animal and slaughter it and remove its guts to be brought to the priest without his own internal organs being affected and his own mental condition being that of complete submission in compliance with the covenant of Yehovah is truly a “bad“ man and a hypocrite. He has the nature of Kane because he was able to slaughter his brother, hide his body and then say impudently to Yehovah , “I don’t know where he is! Am I my brothers protector and defender?“ Anyone who does not love his fellow servant of Yehovah as himself will be cut off from the presence and the face of Yehovah just as Kane was.

Let us understand that from the beginning the only way to approach Yehovah and be accepted of him was by bringing your guts and your intestinal organs to him to be offered up on the fire of the altar so as to create a pleasing aroma. Therefore the commitment to Yehovah that has to be shown is complete and total, involving not only your intestines but also your blood! It is this blood which has to be painted on the altar to cover the blocks and the chunks that you have chopped out from his covenant which are cursing you. However, as long as you transfer these things to a clean and pure animal’s blood and guts then their blood will be accepted in place of yours, that is because a switch has taken place and its innocence and purity has been transferred to you; while your curses, your shortcuts, changing of instructions, your sidestepping the covenant and your determined bullheadedness has been transferred to it.

Yehovah did not establish an animal sacrifice substitutionary system, instead he established a visceral gut presentation system in which your blood and your guts were required, but substituted for by the blood and guts of an animal. And he drove home the importance of this system by asking Abraham to present the guts and blood of his son, his only chosen son, the one that he and Sarah had waited for for so long. Breaking a covenant with Yehovah has extremely serious consequences and curses. At the same time safeguarding and protecting and defending a covenant with Yehovah has unheard of exclusive privileges and incredible expressions of goodwill.

The idea of copicing the tree is fully explained here

The idea being that if you cut down the trunk of a tree many alternative shoots sprout up, some from the roots and some from the trunk. Each of these many alternatives is not the plant that was originally growing or the plant that was intended. In the same way cutting the covenant into pieces gives rise to many alternative versions, none of which are acceptable to the covenant maker Yehovah. Therefore they have the facility to be restored to the original plant as it is an incredible privilege which cannot be taken at all lightly. Chet refers to this act of “copicing“ or cutting the covenant into chunks, changing bits of it or selecting bits from it! All of these actions call down curses upon the person doing them. If you want to save your guts from these curses you have to offer your guts sincerely to Yehovah so that he can make a blood covering painted on the altar, a coat of blood that paints out all these shortcomings. As he said, even though your shortcomings, your chunks that you have chopped out of my covenant are painted red as scarlett with blood yet they will appear white as snow and be removed from you as far as the East is from the West.“

This can only happen if you are sincere about bringing your guts as an offering to him and bringing as your substitutionary sacrifice the blood in the body of Joshua from Nazareth! Then you will trade places with him and he will take his own blood and paint over all your shortcomings and short cuts and selection changes. And then as your high priest he will remove you from all of these by his constant and continual devotion to your development.

Yom Kippurim demonstrates the final transference of all these curses which initially are taken onto himself by our Lord Yhshua so that we might be one with him and also one with the father; they have finally put on to the head of the one that is the cause of them, that is the rebellious and disobedient Nachash and all those who want to follow his alternative ways!They will be removed from the presence of Yehovah for all the time and consciousness that Yehovah has reserved for them. We certainly will remember them no more.

Now, whereas some translate the instructions for Yom Kippurim as “afflicting yourselves“, it actually means “abasing your breathing and digesting blood being.” This naturally leads to restricting your breathing and digesting blood being and most Jews just include food and water! This will reduce your hubris and bring you into a humbler state of mind but it also should include restricting your breathing! This will quickly and immediately bring you into a subservient and submitted position before Yehovah and Yhshua in the knowledge that your consciousness depends on them supplying you it through each breath! This is the bases of your neshmat chaim, your basic operating system and will help you to reset your whole system supporting your life upon Yehovah and Yhshua. Naturally your intestinal organs will cry out, thereby you will be able to develop fellow feeling with the poor and the widow and the fatherless boy as well as the hungry person and the person without clothes, because you will understand how your whole breathing and digesting blood being depends upon the mercy and grace of your creator.

Why Christianity is so Divided

Why is the body of Yhshua, the bride of the Meshiach divided, split off into sects with different “doctrines”, doctrinal differences?

The reason is that like Eve the she mate of the he mate Adam she has listened to Nachash. They have fallen under the “spell” of the gospel of the tester, also the father of falsehoods. We have all been taken in and spewed out of his mouth.

There is one father Yehovah who created one son in the womb of Mariam as the second Adam, the last Adam. And he placed that son in the garden to take care of it and showed him the tree of living things and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. And he chose the tree of living things! But we have chosen the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, if we are listening to the prosecutor and not to the son -Yhshua from Nazareth.

For he, being the son, and seeing the father and all his goodness humbled himself and chose the tree of living things and the tree of pure doctrine and the tree of understanding and wisdom. And by the fruit of that tree he has given existence to his bride, to that part of the body which he woke up to after a little sleep. But she, you and I have not eaten off the tree of living things, if we continue to look on every other tree in the garden, and to listen to every whisper of that hissing deceiver we believe we will not die! That is the first lie and the father of them all.

If we do not listen to the instructions of our father, and more urgently to the instructions of our husband to be  – Yhshua from Nazareth, then we have no part in the living things to come and we are on our way to dying, to being a wet patch that marks a spot in the earth!

Stop looking at the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. Stop listening to the scientists and to the medical practitioners and to the financial advisors and to the property owners and to the farmers who plough their ground without giving it a rest. Stop listening to the manufacturers of technology and phones and televisions and satellites and rockets. Stop seeing the good when there is only bad in the chest cavity of all these men and women. They are sorcerers, witches, and schemers and are full of darkness calling it light.

Stop eating from the fruit of this tree of the knowledge of good and bad, which looks so good and gives so many people false wisdom and false hopes; which empowers people to tell you how to get rich, to live the life that you want to live, to be free from anxiety and to be able to love your children and your family! These are all lies! While you live on the high hog you trample the face of the poor into the dust! Where is tzadeqah?

Instead turn back to Yehovah. Even you who are in repentance who wants to come back to the source, even you who are pigs and swine! But Yehovah is gracious in that he has given us his son to change us into flocks of sheep with willing chest cavities! He who is the second Adam and who is humble and not presumptuous and has eaten from the tree of living things has one pure doctrine. If you are his and love him you have one pure doctrine. There are no doctrinal differences if you are his servants. One Elohim, one Lord, and one wind energy that combines us all.

Stop listening to that liar for there is only one doctrine but there are many understandings! And so why would you split away from your brother because you understand the doctrine, the one doctrine differently!?

All of you who know the doctrine of Yehovah have been given the same doctrine by his son Yhshua. But not all of you can understand it to the same degree, at the same level. And therefore those that understand more are there to help those who understand the least to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Yhshua. Your understanding is not a reason to divide off from your brother. It is a reason for you to come together with your brother and with your lord underneath the one doctrine of your father Yehovah, and learn to love one another in this way to build up each other into the perfect and obedient bride of Yhshua.

But, you say, how can this be done? You sons of Adam, to you everything is impossible but to our father Elohim all things can be achieved to those that love him and love his son and are filled with his decontaminating wind energy which is fruit from the tree of living things.

Hallejulia Yehovah! That means ullulate “Yahh!” Yodel his short name out of sheer joy and excitement!