Yehovahs Messiah concept in the acts of Yehovah laid out in the 10 days of awe

Understand by this that we do not fall on our faces before Yhshua our high priest but before Yehovah our father and our Elohim, to whom also our Lord and Master, King of kings and Lord of lords Yhshua also prostrates himself with us, being a fellow servant with us of our father and a faithful witness faithfully delivering the testimony given to him by our father which he sends his messenger to communicate to us by means of the decontaminating wind within us all who are his loyal students

10 days of awe

We are in the sixth month, bearing down on the seventh month and Yom Teruah, A day to remember shouting and rumblings and noise and trumpet blasts! A day that collectively draws together every month and every movement and every moment when Yehovah was present with us his people in very remarkable ways, in wonders and in earthquakes and in moments of celebration and every day when we offered up thanks to Elohim! He orders the evenings in the mornings the days and the months and the years of rest for the arable land and the soil and the jubilees! And he is gracious to be present with us despite all our twisting away and breaking step and cutting out huge chunks from his instructions!
How gracious is he to come and dwell among us despite all these things and to decontaminate us by his presence by his instructions by his commandments and by his judgements, and to continue to call to us to return to him for he is gracious and kind and full of exclusive privileges and ever so willing to looses from our debts and to restore us the offcuts that weigh us down and bog us down in error and badness and even death!

So on the 10th day of this month the day of coverings kapharim we can come before him reminded of all our twisting aways and all our breaking steps and all the chunks that we have cut out of his instructions and which are upon our shoulders as burdens and inner path like rocks and which litter the way to his uncontaminated house, contaminating it! And on that day we can anxiously abase Our selves in every way and show and tell that we do not want to contaminate or be contaminated and so be destroyed by fire like Aaron’s two sons! But rather we want to see our high priest come out safely from his audience with our father having brought in before our father our pleas and pleading for mercy and grace and showing by our sacrifices and our abasement that we want to renew our relationship in a pure way, that we want the purity that is demanded of us and exemplified in the cleaness of our sacrifices to be transferred to us from them and are impurities and contamination to be transferred to them and sent away from us, burnt up and removed from before your face oh Yehovah!

On the beautiful sunrise on the 10th day may the light shine through the open gate onto the altar and reflect off the bowl of water in which the high priests and the priests wash themselves, and cast its light and its reflection into the decontaminated place sparkling off the gold altars and lamps and shine with full strength onto the curtain of the uncontaminated place of all decontaminated places where you have placed your safeguarding  chest covered over by a golden seat, your throne our father and the throne of your son who sits in it with you Yhshua your Yeshuat Yehovah Prince of satisfactory agreement.

But now we know for these past 2000 years almost this spectacle has not happened because of the unwillingness of your people in the Jewish nation to accept Yhshua, sacrificing him on a tree by means of their Roman allies you tore open the curtain to reveal no Chest and no golden seat in that temple, that house! You made it plain that you were not at home there but in fact remained in your place above the atmosphere to which all pleadings would now have to be directed! And to this end you raised up your son Yhshua To make plain that this one was now the high priest after the report of Melchizedek who commanded Abraham and all who had ears to hear to bend the knee to Yehovah With benedictions and salutations. And to this one Abraham without hesitation gave a 10th of all that had accumulated to him by the grace of the exclusive privileges of Yehovah. So in one sweep a new administration was announced and put in place and all of us who have had our eyes opened and ears open to the good news are called to be priests in the service of our high priest Yhshua , we are indeed called to be a kingdom of priests!

And to those who want to turn back to Yehovah they will understand that this is the same covenant that Yehovah made with the children of Israel through Moses and through Yhshua and which was upheld by Samuel and David, and to which we were all called to return by all his prophets and the wisdom of which we were taught by his sages in the writings and the songs of Tehillim!

And now this same covenant has been renewed with a better promise of the incredible human potential because we have the best high priest and the best instructors in the instructions of Yehovah even the decontaminating wind and we have the presence of the father!

Yhshua is communicating to us by means of the decontaminating wind in his name and which has been signified by the signet ring of our father Yehovah.

Our great high priest according to the instructions first of all sacrificed a bull for himself and his family and all the priests and the Levite! Even so our Lord Yhshua offered up and laid down his breathing and digesting blood being for his friends and students of and apprentices toYehovah and who steadfastly respond and endure to the end of our breathing and digesting blood beings! To this end that we would be found worthy to administer grace and exclusive privileges to the children of Israel and to the nations!

And then having washed and put on other clothes our high priest came out and sacrificed the lamb for the people of the nation of Israel, those that committed themselves to a new renewed relationship with our father. Their blood was brought in and sprinkled before the safeguarding chest on which is the covering seat of gold where our father sits when he is present, as he always is in his imperial throne above the atmosphere! Again a high priest purifies himself by changing his clothes!

And now again he comes out to the people Who at seeing that he has survived death give thanks and praise and submission and salutation on their faces and on their knees to our gracious father. And in that moment having changed his clothes again our high priests takes the two goats one to be sent away carrying all of our unwanted twisting away behaviours, all our unwanted breaking step behaviours, and all unwanted chunks and offcuts hacked out of the instructions of our father having restored these to the rightful place in our chest cavities. And now we are rid of these because they are sent away into the wilderness to the Gaza Strip no more to be associated with us, and the goat that is for Yehovah he completely burns up and turns to smoke on the altar finally sending up a sweet odour to our father signifying the destruction of all those missing behaviours that we have offloaded with great joy and willingness.

This work of our Lord and Master and high priest Yhshua continues to this day for all of us who are steadfast and seek first the Imperial administration of our father Yehovah Elohim, made all the more efficacious by the constancy of our high priest who knows all our weaknesses and how to overcome them and conquer them and qualify to be presented before our father is loyal true faithful and good apprentices.
Being in this way decontaminated and fervent we may proclaim the good news as apprentice priests and kings to everyone in all the nations so that they two might understand and receive these exclusive privileges which come from the grace of our father if they so desire and steadfastly choose! This is how we fix the world, devoting ourselves even to the extent of laying down our breathing and digesting blood beings in the cause to which our Lord has dedicated us, as he himself is dedicated🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yehovah The source of fundamental forces

On the origin of the mechanical and physical concept of force.

What is gravity? This question was asked of Newton widely regarded as the foremost expert on gravity before Einstein was to hefted into that position by modern sycophants. Famously he replied to the question, in Latin, “I frame no hypothesis“

To this day many think that they know what gravity is, but don’t realise that our top scientists and physicists i’m not so bold as to make this claim. The latest attempt at explaining gravity is due to a theoretical field called the Higgs boson field, and the particle in particle physics that is associated with this field. The behaviour of this field is magically said to explain what gravity is in relation to the motion of this imaginary particle. It is useful to remind yourself that no scientist no physicist and indeed no microscope has ever seen an atom or a particle or quark or even any of the incredibly and imaginatively named parts of modern theoretical particle physics. We have incredible imaging technologies which image and visualise things and it is these visualisations that we tend to rely on as reality. The reality is that there is a limit to what we can visualise, and the method of visualisation has its own false affects. And artefacts.

What are the subject matter of physics arose out of the deliberations and considerations of ancient men who were natural philosophers and observers of the natural world or the world controlled by a pantheon of rational and irrational entities, often called gods and sometimes called fundamental elements which most philosophers believed were beyond their control, but some magicians and mystics felt that they might be able to gain control of them. The overwhelming evidence has been that we cannot gain such control but nevertheless what we have studied and understood gives us a mechanical advantage which to the uneducated seems godlike!

So making the basic assumption that most rational philosophers believed or understood that the source of the powers that they were investigating Lee not in the natural order but in the gift of the gods, And that their duty sometimes reverently, other times greedily was to understand or divine how these powers function. And most rational philosophers based their ideas on observations and experimentations. So by the time we come to Newton there is a large body of writings in Greek and Latin concerning mechanical constructions and systems by which the powers of water wind animals and humans and falling objects could be converted into useful work by mechanical means and by levers. These powers are the innocent notion of force but it is due to the “genius“ of Newton but these vague and mystical terms were converted into precise algebraic formulation.

Newton was by no means the only Scholar studying mechanics, but as all now know he was and is the most successful and relied upon author for explaining the mechanical workings of many things in the natural order. By using his experimentally determined equations which defined the measurement of force and mass and acceleration and velocity he was able then to go on not only to explain correctly the operation of levers and pulleys but also the ballistic motion of projectiles and finally and astonishingly the motion of the moon around the planet Earth. The systematic and logical and rational and geometrical explanation of the mechanical devices around the astrological community, the astrologers who made it their lives work to study the position in the motion of stars by means of mechanical measurements, this laying out of the fundamental logical and systematic principles called the principles for astrologers (qualified), or in a reference to the platonic Pythagorean school principles for geometers, Gradually became the standard work throughout Europe and then the entire world.

There was and is much that needed to be stripped away from the superstitious and mythological turn off the magical thinking and conception of many natural philosophers, especially those that were religious and deferred to God or Christ. Newton himself was a religious man but not an orthodox one, finding that the lack of rigourous thinking was often most profound in those who were most heavily swayed by theological doctrine and not by observation.

Adopting newtons point of view therefore took some time some 60 years, when the mechanical approach having proven to be successful gradually diminished the authority and power of the theological amongst those who were intellectual and artistic. But in order for this approach to be applied certain fundamental definitions and principles had to be laid out so that term is used such as force and mass and acceleration and velocity would definitely defined, and their relationship expressed by equality is common in geometry. Therefore leaving aside all manner of superstitious and inventive fluids and spirits et cetera and focusing on the observational senses and the objective measurements he was able to establish regularities that was so consistent that they were called in English laws! The word itself being Latin referring to the rational and proportional relationships which were consistently demonstrable in these geometrical and algebraic terms.

The second important device that Newton used to invest these geometrical and algebraic notation with suggestive names. So the mass of an object refers only to a numerical measurement based on an equivalent using a cantilever weighing machine. So the word mass has no meaning other than that strictly defined by this mechanical measurement, But in using such a term it suggested the materiality of the object being measured and made it easier for the measurerers to think not solely in terms of measurements but also in terms of the object. Similarly acceleration is a measurement but by using this terminology Newton was able to encourage the mechanics to think about the motion of the object and then finally when we come to the word force we have a very strict equivalents which is based on a ratio which merely states the relationship between a moving massive object and the feeling that one has of it impacting on the senses. The feeling that it impacts on objects and on the senses is what is referred to phenomenologically as force but strictly speaking it is only the result of multiplying together the two measurements mass and acceleration. So where is we can measure mass by the way machine and we can measure acceleration by means of a process of measuring distance and time we cannot measure force by making these two measurements we can only calculate fource. On the other hand Hooke by creating the spring balance obtained a different way of measuring a mass which he defined as a force measurement. So the spring and the balance are the two fundamental measurements from which Newton constructed the equations for force and from which those of the mechanical mind understood the power or the impact of force. Both of these concepts of force relied upon another concept called gravity.

Newton having established the equations of motion for force of a moving mass and the static force of a mass on a spring was able to relate these two cleverly by the static balance of mass on a cantilever balance. In making that relationship he made clear the dynamic nature of force and created a mathematical system called the calculus in order to substantiate this relationship. The differential calculus he created was based on motion the differential calculus that Leibniz created was based on differential geometry and then applied to motion, so the argument about who invented calculus has shaken out on the side of Newton, but they notation which is commonly used as being deferred to Leibniz.

So seemingly we have wandered off the discussion about force, but this in fact is what happened historically! Having made these astute observations and relationships between the spring balance and the cantilever balance and the motion in terms of measurements, the philosophers moved away from any further discussion of the nature of force as being outside of the realm and possibly theological. What was fundamentally important to the mechanics in the physics that followed from this approach was its powerful ability to measure and to predict resultant measurements and finally to predict the position of the moon and the tides.

The discussion of what force is removed from what it is to what ratio is governed it and many ratios were considered especially by Newton. The most famous being the inverse square law, but also the inverse cube law applies in certain situations. Newton went further to try out different other inverse laws to see which ones could accurately predict the observations. For the astrological community the inverse square law proved to be the most fundamentally important but the everyday engineer and mechanic was concerned only with the force mass and acceleration laws that Newton wrote down on the way to determining the astrological law. The astrological law came to be known as gravity, and for a long period of time all forces were defined by means of this force concept of gravity. Again this took many centuries to be finalised in the system of units used internationally. And today mass and time and length are all defined on a different standard then in the time of Newton. And force also is defined in terms of electromagnetic forces.

So what is gravity? Because Modern science does not want to include Yehovah in its formulation it cannot give an answer to that question. However Yehovah gives a simple to understand explanation of what gravity is in the opening verses of. Bereshiyt. Force is his will to shape and manipulate his creation and in particular and relevant to this discussion is his will to create by coalescence the arable land and also the oceans under an atmosphere. That which is under the atmosphere coalesces and comes together by his will exhibiting the force that we called gravity that which is above the atmosphere spreads apart and disperses into the rest of the universe by force which we Might call antigravity. However astrologers with no justification decided to make the law of gravity universal in the sense that it applies to every point in space, whereas the observations only support that it applies only around massive bodies observed in space. In that regard if we regard the Sun as a massive body then this gravitational force applies. And similarly around many of the planets in the solar system we see this law is applicable. But when we come outside of the solar system and look at the Galaxy that is when the force law runs into trouble. The application of this force law to galactic structures has proven extremely troublesome and has led to the invention of such things as dark matter and dark energy and many other dark things proclaiming utter darkness with regard to the laws governing galaxies!

In fact we are not in darkness regarding these laws, because we understand The magnetic force and the derivation from that of the electromagnetic force, and by applying these laws on the extremely largest scale of the Galaxy we can understand the behaviour of the star systems within the Galaxy! Modern astrology, basing it self on the false notion that the law of gravity is universal has kept us in ignorance by means of forcefully denouncing the electromagnetic explanation of the behaviour of galaxies and indeed the electromagnetic explanation of the force of gravity. However the magnetic universe and also the electric universe community is not held back by such vindictive and ignorant campaigns by the entrenched astrological community against the observational data and more importantly against the power and rationality and benevolence of Yehovah has been able to successfully develop the new Paradyne which explains gravity and electromagnetic force theoretically but again although they include the notion of “gods“ they do not acknowledge Yehovah

Einsteins reworking of gravity is only a reworking of the fundamental assumptions that Newton made at beginning of his work on the principles of astrology. He assumed that God had a constant quantity which we will call space and a constant quantity which we will call time. Tgese constant quantities were difficultabsolute which he stated meant that they were independent of each other by the divine will. He also took for granted that mass was indestructible, although materials could be and were different in relation to each other on the spring balance and on the cantilever balance, and this difference he defined as density. It is this density that is universally linked to water. Because water was everywhere abundant it made sense to make water the standard of density and then to define using a cantilever balance The density of fixed volumes of other materials. Because space was absolute then volume was absolute, and so he could then proceed to the higher level definitions on which his principles are based.

However Einstein correctly pointed out that time is not an absolute and in fact is not independent of space. It took Huygens awhile to correctly work out the pendulum formula which is the basis of a scientific definition of period the inverse of which is time. In this definition it is clear that time is dependent on space, precisely on the length of the suspending rope of the pendulum. And again the pendulum is swinging in a gravitational field and the time is also dependent upon gravity. By loosening these absolute constraints Einstein explored the geometry of space-time and what principles of equivalents were essential to establish a sensible and applicable physics.

So despite the unfamiliarity of his approach it was essentially a version of the Newtonian physics in which absolutes were no longer removed from influence by other quantities and so had to be replaced by some kind of “absolute“ principles in order to guide the astronomical thinker.

In the end we come back to the fact that the will of Yehovah is being explored in these assumptions, and whether the theory explicitly or implicitly states this this is the source of the power and the influence of gravity: it is the will of Yehovah.

From any philosophical point of view the measurement system established by Newton, and so successfully used for many years, reflects the human desire for Perfection in measurement, but now neither the mass nor time Is perfectly absolute, this status been reserved only for Yehovah The source and the prime mover of every quantity.

There are at least three conceptual “forces“ mentioned in the first few verses of bereshiyt which are clearly be expressed will of Yehovah. The first is Tohu, The second is bohu and the third is tachat.

Tohu derives from the concrete route hwm Means to oscillate or wave or agitate. The concrete concept of waves and unsteadiness and agitation are all evident in derivatives from this route of which Tohu is a distinct form descriptive of the result of such agitation as a result of natural forces such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, and any other huge monstrous oscillation in the waters of the sea or in the mantle of the Earth or in the wind is in the atmosphere.

Bohu is another special form ultimately derived from the concrete route bwa meaning to come together to go to gather to aggregate and to meet up at a given point. In the special form it refers to the coalescing of incredible attractive forces or aggregating forces such as tsunamis or mudslides or lava flows, or even ash clouds and pyroclastic flows. In one sense it also refers to the magnetic attractive force and also the gravitational force in its ability to clump things together either in an orderly fashion or in disarray. One noticeable effect of these things is the clearing and levelling devastation of any area, leaving behind a featureless and barren landscape devoid of any upright structures The classic picture of these two forces would be the movie of the lather flows and lava fields of the Hawaiian islands, but these great forces meet both in agitation and in coalescence forming a cooling barren landscape which nevertheless is unsteady with the continual agitation of eruption. And the darkness of this material must not go and noted, especially when considering the opening scenes of bereshiyt which occur under water, forming huge undersea lava beds and dark material. This material is of course and steadily vibrating on the surface of a heaving magma bubbling below and exploding into the water has lava pillows or is intensely hot hydrostatic vents.

Tachat which apparently is derived from a route similar to twch which may in fact be related to the root hwm in the sense of a deep oscillation, a deep depression in the Earth or in the sea where things are going down and down and down! In any case the sense is clear of a downward motion which is a clear reference to gravity. And in particular it’s used in reference to being underneath the atmosphere. Some of the water collects together underneath the atmosphere and then further collects together in a deep basin formed by a rising landmass, probably by volcanic disposition. It is this flowing together and coming together which is emphasised by the flowing together of the water into one place or at the side of one place which is directly referred to by this adverb in force meaning under underneath. In the scenario it is clear that the water is separated into two distinct areas or volumes; one which is a collection of water going down underneath the atmosphere together just like gravity keeps everything coming down underneath the atmosphere, and then the other area being collected or into a region above the atmosphere. And we know it’s a region not just a place because later on another expanse is mentioned above the expanse of the atmosphere in which the Sun and the moon and the stars are caused to come together in the same aggregation all manner with different electromagnetic effects.

So I think it is clear from the text that some of the fundamental forces represent the will of Yehovah in his creation, enabling flexible bounds to be set, and limitations to be imposed rationally throughout the entire universe, leading to the notion of a fractal universe in which a single rule applies at different scales and produces very similar if not exactly the same result at all scales.

It remains to say thank you to Yehovah and hallelujah to his extraordinary wisdom and ability to establish maintain and organise a universe within himself with endless interesting discoveries to be found at all scales. Not only astonishing us by the depth of his knowledge and wisdom and intriguing us by the intelligence of his design, but also providing for us abundantly showing abundant and exclusive privileges to us who are made from the soil of the ground! And then to top it all he takes one of us and transformed him into A wind like being like himself with great power and authority in this planet on this land under the sea, to show us how incredible human potential if we want it, if we want to be with him and like him. The Jewish man Yhshua is the salvation of Yehovah 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hey look here and listen up! It’s good news!

This is the good news of the Imperial administration of the atmosphere, that is of Elohim The creator of the atmosphere and outer Space.
This is the good news sent to us and confirmed by a faithful witness who was demonstrated to be the son of Elohim and the Yeshuat Yehovah, his name being Yhshua from Nazareth.

He was a Jew and he died a Jewish tzadiq and he was resurrected as a transformed Jewish tzadiq demonstrated to be the designated one to save Judah Israel the sons of Abraham and the whole world both after and before the flood. He is the first of Yehovahs New creation, being the long promised jew from the house of David. This overview will guide you in your study of the three major profits and in your study of the whole of the acts of Yehovah and the acts of Yhshua.

The good news of the Imperial administration of Elohim

This is the good news laid out by Yehovah to be proclaimed by the students of Yhshua , Who is the Yeshuat Yehovah as many have borne witness to and have proven throughout the millennium.

And the workings out so far as they apply in the books of Maccabees.

And as regarding the rock that was cut out and that smashed all the empires into pieces you may read about it and him or listen to the acts of Yhshua
Which I would encourage you to listen to in its modern Hebrew translation so as to learn the pure language of our father.

And now to those who understand the good news as far as Daniel, continue now in the understanding given by our Lord and our master Yhshua

So now bear this in mind in contemporary English what the father wishes to communicate to us under his son.

Indeed is this not good news giving us excellent hope and prospects who love Yehovah protect his commandments? And in addition who love our fellow citizens and our fellow students of Yhshua as he loves them?
Rejoice and proclaim the good news because it is joyful news ❤️😂

Yehovah hwa hahwb

What is love? We ask that question and never think to ask who is loving and lovely. Without an understanding of the deceptiveness of language we probably don’t realise that the question what can only be answered if one has a concrete object to which it applies. But loving behaviours and attitudes and approaches are embedded concretely only in living things, so the question really should be who is loving.

The source of loving behaviour is Yehovah because he it is who is dynamically alive and loving. However as human beings we first have to reference a loving human and the example that Yehovah. Presents to us first of all, apart from himself is Abraham, and to understand his loving behaviour we have to understand the Hebrew word lahwb.
Abraham is the father of many exceptional behaviours so it’s not surprising that Yehovah identifies him as the father of loving behaviour towards his son Isaac. But we should ask the question: what about Sarah his wife, and locked and his father and his family and his land of birth? All these things Yehovah asked him to leave behind and to go to a place exclusively for him. And that place was occupied by many nations so it didn’t look very hopeful on the face of it. And he walked the length and Breadth of that land with his flocks in his cattle and his family and his servants but most importantly always with Yehovah , And it still did not look very hopeful that this would be a place for him and a place that he would love.

And while he had great respect for his princess that is Sarah and had an indissoluble bond with her it still was not described by the word ahab . You see for him and for Sarah the longing desire there yearning they’re saying was not for land but for children from their own blood and their own seed. Because of this longing Sarah endured the scorn and the hurt of all the mothers in all the land, because she was childless. And Abraham endured all the hurt of being fatherless because of his loyalty to his wife and his loyalty to Yehovah . Both of them were loyal to Yehovah but the covenant for land was not as important as the covenant for seed and children to Abraham. Because of this covenant he endured much, and showed great love for children to come from his loins.But what about Sarah? She hoped against hopelessness to be the mother of all these children to Abraham and she continued hoping until she was sure her body was quite dead with regard to giving birth to children. And so in her anguish she gave her loyal maid servant to her husband to have children by her. She no longer hoped to be the Mother of all the children promised in the covenant. She at that time felt excluded by Yehovah , But she continued to believe in his covenant to Abraham to give him the children that he so yearned for .

It’s hard to explain just how diminished she was as a person by being unable to contribute to the family of Abraham, and we have to understand that Abraham did not despise her for this but continued in his steadfast loyalty to her and sort in anyway to bolster her great inclination to help him achieve what Yehovah had a covenanted and promised. And so she engineered the birth of Ishmael, just to see Abrahams happy face. And she sought verification of her Covenanter position as head with him of the family of Abraham, because she could not give him a child and Yehovah had not favoured her with one. And so Abraham made it plain to all that Sarah was the mother of all his family whether she gave birth to his children or not, nobody could take that away from her in Abrahams administration of his family and of his camp.

So hopefully we have an understanding of the yearning and the longing of both these parties for a child or children to Love, and we can see that Abraham was capable of loving his own child as well as supporting and esteeming his own wife regardless of whether she had given him a child or not, or rather Yehovah had given them a child together. This loyalty to Yehovah shown by both parties and this loyalty to each other was thoroughly tested and determined to be exactly what Yehovah wanted in order to give them a special child in order to give them Isaac which means laughter. So Yehovah answered their yearning together as loyal servants and loyal partners with laughter, and in that laughter the full expression of the long yearning and loving for their own child.

We first deal with the laughter of unbelief, The laughter of amazement and wonder and incomprehensibility. For Sarah had given up hope on giving birth to Abrahams child and so laughed when Yehovah confirmed that she would have his child. And then she denied that she laughed out of unbelief and was reprimanded because she was talking to Yehovah Who knew exactly what he wanted to do to a woman for whom it was considered impossible to give birth. And when she had confessed her own disbelief, and Abraham had confessed his amazement they both resolved to accept the decision of Yehovah and to laugh joyously, because nothing is impossible for Yehovah in what he can do for those that are loyal to him through everything and endure to the end.

So we see the love and the laughter and the joy were focused on this child Isaac and it is this love and this type of love that is given the name the word ahab.

Once we can identify this love for his son Isaac, this laughter for a miraculous gift from Yehovah we can also identify this love in other activities of Abraham, his love for Yehovah and his love for Sarah all surpassing even his love for Ishmael and his love for his camp and followers and his family. All these actions and behaviours reflect this incredible love and laughter released by the promise and the birth of Isaac

If anyone thinks that they have grasped what love is from meditating upon this concrete example, then may Yehovah Grant them continuing understanding and wisdom in this knowledge because love is stronger than death is, and outweighs all passions and Endures all Hopelessness by Yehovah and the loyal love of those covenants to you, and your loyal responding love to everything that he promises to you and prods you to do for him and to endure with him until he fulfils his promises according to his will.

And now taking this kind of love Yehovah applies it to himself and to his covenant with his special wants as he expands upon it through the teachings and the experiences of Moses. Because to be sure it is a matchless and pure and bottomless behaviour which spares nothing in order to fulfil and to achieve the will of Yehovah .

And finally we find this love personified once again by the behaviour exhibited by his son Yhshua , Which behaviour in obedience to the will of Yehovah Will indeed bring laughter to all who embrace it to its final end.

I would encourage you to explore this love as the goal of your life appreciating that every day and in every way you will understand it better and deeper as you practice it according to the instructions of your father Yehovah whose loving behaviour it is. If you love according to his instructions you will laugh and you will live in joy with all those that love him.

This song illustrates the peculiar nature of human love when some of our finest poets and musicians try to grapple with the concept and so obviously fail to express it completely and properly.

Why do we listen to those who so obviously do not comprehend love?

The only one that we can rely on is Yehovah and he gave to us one human being to demonstrate the possibility of humans understanding and expressing his love, that person being Yhshua The Jewish tzadiq .

The question also arises: why Abraham? Why not Adam or why not Noah? And the answer seems to be because the exclusivity of the love of Yehovah required a childless man and a childless couple to make the point crystal clear. And to that end Ishmael was a possible distraction. It highlights one lesson which is that human ingenuity and thought or planning and desire does not fulfil the will of Yehovah no matter how much we think or feel that it does or it should. And that is why Ishmael had to be sent away, because no human being understands the love of Yehovah in its singularity and its exclusivity. And it is this singularity and this exclusivity which guarantees unity. Adams children did not bring unity to the Earth, Noahs children could not bring unity to the Earth and Abraham’s children are not unified in the Earth even to this day! But the children of Yehovah by means of Yhshua are unified and will bring unity to this planet even if it costs them they are very breathing blood beings!

Abraham was singular in his devotion to Yehovah and came to understand that his life support reliance was fixed on a singular entity his name is Yehovah Who brings through his singularity the submission of the whole Earth to himself. And those that wait and endure until it or he brings his salvation his solution will end up laughing with joy having experienced the full love of Yehovah without delusion or illusion, without myth or fairytale or any romantic foolishness that does not comply with the instructions and the powerful wind of Elohim which gives us light and song and the light in the night.

Perhaps we ought to consider how long Yehovah had to wait to get the perfect sun. We have to realise that the Earth and all the creation in it eager to give birth to the perfect son Adam to Elohim , But unfortunately this was not the one that Yehovah chose. So the explanation of Abrahams long wait is to communicate to us how long Yehovah had to wait and how he also had to reject the earths first offering just like Abraham had to reject or send Ishmael away, Sarah‘s first offering. And on a national level Yehovah had to reject his first born son Israel, just as Paul explained because nothing but perfection is really good enough for Yehovah which perfection he found in his son his chosen son
Yhshua. So what kind of love is it that Yehovah has for us if after so long a wait he allows his perfect son to be killed by those he wishes to make perfect if they will only choose it? Only Yehovah Truly understands the twisted chest cavity of his creation Adam and how to rescue success from the jaws of defeat.

So let us study this love, seeing as it is so great and so complex and so infectious in its laughter and it’s joy.