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I feel the logos response compels a spaciometry/geometry, and a geometry compels an algebra; and it is the algebra that compels a language including the so called mathematical language.

The algebra compels vocabulary, syntax. phonemes/graphemes, parsing, grammar and composition; as well as verbs and adjective/adverb reference. There are also prepositional rules and conjunctive rules guiding the use of all these elements, and of course a community of practitioners overseeing and enforcing certain cultural standards.

The fascinating thing about this all to me now is that this represents tne result of processing ratios in my CNS, neural network distributed, processing system; which iteratively samples notFS and reveals a spaciometric fractal design based on spaciometric rotation and extension.

Which seems to imply a vorticular arrangement and entrainment of all things.

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So looking again at the ying yang sculpture i can now see that they are concentric rocking circles! Thus the centre disc looks like an ellipsoid because of perspective , but it also is a good approximation to the ying Yang in 3d .


Hey  :banana: look what i have just found! http://www.geodynamics.org/cig/community/workinggroups/mc/workshops/litho2008/presentations/Tackley_MCW_Davis08.pdf/view.  chilli

Check it out. Not my spiral reference frame but inspiring to me.  :groupbutts:

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Just thought that the sin and cos functions would be a helical function when extended to 3d. Then i could use Fourier 3d helical function interpolation to model vorticular wave behaviour.



if you have epilepsy do not watch this one!



spiral packing

:surf: Hey just surfing man! Check out the ying yang crop circles!

Is this guy me or what? :toast: spiralman

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some more good stuff  nanomagnets



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Hiya Kram1032, yes very nice.  :drink:

I am looking at weaving now so some more good stuff.
baskets from spiral wraps

Also there is a relationship between the Archimedian type spiral length and the [tex]e^{i theta}[/tex] euler formula which i have not worked out yet.


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