Beyond the Ancients?

We have not advanced beyond our fathers
Our ancestors from ancient pasts
Save in seeing worlds invisible
Through microscopes of crystal glass.

And from such things we have construed
Electron microscopes with force imbued,
to move as much as is to measure
The fractal worlds once hard pursued.

Now we have them in our long grasp
By distant photon we drag them round
And lazer them with gay abandon
The cost is millions in the round!

Where are the gods?
The spirits of times past?
The Ethers once giddily imbibed?
They have vanished through the looking glass
"And gyre and gimble in the wabe"

Oh invisibles! you have not yet revealed
The density of our "denseness", construed as light
Its turgid nature thus congealed
Around our faculty of sight!

Come insight, and the freer fairer word
Reveal the sounds as yet by us unheard.


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