Shunya and Momental Space.

Brahmagupta's description of the Brahman conception of Shunya,corresponds with my notion of notFS, i now think. And Hamilton's conception of Momental Spacecorresponds to my notion of the set FS.

By this i mean that Momental space as conceived by Hamilton is a fitting model of Shunya with the modifications i have made,i.e. momental space is founded on flowing motion with "pure Time" as an analogue.

Shunya is the pregnant void, bursting with children to issue forth, and devouring of all matter in a flowing motion, Momental space is my perceptual response to Shunya through the mediators of my complex sensory meshes with inherent state memory, and innate intuitive software that lays out an operational platform to develop with and from.

In Momental space i may select from many configurations,but essentially only 2: to go with the flow or to centre on myself as a measuring tool of the flow. In both cases i cannot extricate myself from being a part of the flow , therefore the commonality is the flow and from it i derive all other constructions in sequence and in sequences of sequence, which again is an analogue for aspects of the flow, the motion field of trochoidal motions, which is a model of Shunya.


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