Spiral Odyssey

My friend ,Kegan J. Brill i have not heard from of late. Things happen, but we do not find out until circumstances permit. My wish, while i am waiting for information is that he is well.

Let me spand a little momemt on Kegan. He goes by the nickname spiralman. He has created a website and on it published a draft book called Spiral Odyssey. Click on and enjoy.

We came together as a result of an internet search i did for 3d Vortices. Not many people on the internet seemed to be considering the geometry in £d, o rather smugly they produced animations that instanced conical vortices etc, especially he nautilus shell.

Kegan, as you will see constructed his from conceptions of spirals. He demonstrated remarkably to me that a given spral coul be arranged in a mesh aligned with the orthogonal planes.

From this remarkable net Kegan is able to mold he surface of the shell. The pleasure in figuring out how to do it is weighed agains the frusration of molds and material behaving uncooperatively! But i can appreciate the sheer pleasure of forming these surfaces in 3d.

For me Kegan's work is inspiring and seminal. I find in it a possible explanation of the physical "Laws of Nature", from Quantum Chromo dynamics to classical and Einsteinin Physics both special and general. In saying that i of course expect to find a "theory of Everything" a combination of gravity,electromagnetism,strong weak nuclear force and hydrodynamic force and fluidic flow.

These are simple observations and any one can apprehend them when they are presented with one of Kegan's creations.

Of course, as soon as i saw Kegan's work i was reminded of something. It was my wife's collection of Shells, that hitherto i had seen only as curios, now they have deep significance. Also i work with Terry W. Gintz fractal generator programme. Some of the forms "generated" which are of interest have these shell like forms when spiral "expressions" are iterated.

One o my goals is to so comprehend the spaciometry of "Kegan's" Shells that i can emulate them on Quasz etc and thereby analogise processes of relativistic motion. I need also to have a thorough understanding of Quasz so i can replicate what the code s doing to create the models. We suffer because at present we are constrained to represent 3d by 2d analogues. This is very clever stuff, but it is complicating of what is going on.

Like Kegan, all modelers, sculptors in 33d have to create the surface. The techniques for doing so are fabulously rich in "mathematical" ingenuity, and deep in "scaled" techniques.

Weaving, basketry, pottery, sculpting, and molding a cast are all practical and pragmatic analogues of what one needs to do to form a surface. Drawing and painting are analogues of colouring an shading a surface, aiming to bring out details, textures and features in the surface for investigation and delight.


One thought on “Spiral Odyssey

  1. Kegan J. Brill is my brother. He has recently relocated. Contact me if you would like his address.
    Kathryn Brill

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