The Fundamental axiom of relative existence in a motion field.

The fundamental axiom of existence is that space must be spinning to be perceived.

The spinning space requires a perceiver to be denoted or languaged as "existing".There is no limit on the manner or distinctions in the way space spins as relateable or perceivable by the perceiver

Existence therefore is a shorthand way of describing the relative relationships of the spinning spaces and the perceiver of them. The perceiver of spinning space may language the perception as it or they see fit to define.

The distinction between all other motions is derived from this fundamental perception of spinning spaces as "existence".

The non existence of a spinning space or set of spinning spaces is perceived as no "spin". This is not the same as no relative spatial motion. Relative spatial motion is thus defined in terms of relationships to sets,collections, aggregations of spinning spaces. The language used to denote the plurality and distinctiveness of spinning spaces is also as the perceiver or perceivers see fit.

Properties of periodicity, regionality, permanence, intensity, centre of rotation,axial rotation, orthogonal axial rotations, orientation,direction, direction of rotation, radius of regionality, rapidity,dynamism, stability, equilibrium -dynamic or static or explosive, are all fundamental attributes of spinning space, and thus of spinning spaces, attributed by the perceiver as perceivable distinctions.

Thus general relative motion in a motion field is fundamentaly spin rotation around some centre of rotation whether local or at in-finite distances radially, and spinning spaces, having local centres are perrceivable against the "background spinning space having non local centres. It is this perception against the background which is languaged as exstence, and spinning "regions" that distinguish themselves, ie are distinguishable by the perceiver as emerging from the background are languaged as "coming into existence" and those which are diverging or immersing back ino the background spin as "dieing" or "ceasing to exist".

Thus the motion field background is in constant motion of spin and various local motions of spin emerge or condense out of it or divergr , dissipate or evaporate into it.

With this set of distinctions as axioms i may assume the position of the perceiver and begin to Rock!

Let's Rock and Roll!:headbang: :jester: :hat:

This is related to Shunya , with shunya being the background rotation, and local rotations emerging in pairs with opposing spin directions, and dissipating by contact with oppoaing spin directions,but with varying rates of spin – slow dissipation, or meeting an exact opposite twin – explosive dissipation.

Also transfer of spin rotation to a slower spin rotation is a momentum effect as is the "elastic" rebound effeect. Permeability and viscosity also are describable in terms of spin momentum transfers.


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