Dark Energy, Dark Flow, Dark Matter, visible Matter.

According to observations of structures larger than solar systems, as well as Big Bang cosmology interpreted under the Friedmann equations and the FLRW metric, dark matter accounts for 23% of the mass-energy density of the observable universe. In comparison, ordinary matter accounts for only 4.6% of the mass-energy density of the observable universe, with the remainder being attributable to dark energy.[2][3] From these figures, dark matter constitutes 83%, (23/(23+4.6)), of the matter in the universe, whereas ordinary matter makes up only 17%.

Air contains roughly 78% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide, trace amounts of other gases, and a variable amount (average around 1%) of water vapor

Curious to me on a boat trip in the aegean was the state of the sea. At each scale i cared to examine there were waves on the surface. The deep underlying motions interacting with the pressure waves of the windy atmosphere, at a dynamic interface.

All i could see was what the light shone on and through, the rest was in invisible darkness. stretching away to the shore and the horizon was a seascape of perspective adjusted waves, squeezes into a narrow band called the horizon. It was a relatively calm day so the huge density swell of the ocean was muted, and the surface ripples on these swells dominated the view. By and by the wind picked up and the surface ripples began to break every so often, white flecks of foaming water briefly rolling over a varying wave.

The huge density swell i felt in the rocking and rolling and churning of the boat as it ploughed through the waters and the wind.

Essentially there are 2 classes of rotation(clockwise and anticlockwise)and 3 types within each class(condensing, equilibrium,expanding) and this makes for 3 sets of 9 interactions. these interactions ae relativistic motion transfer interactions and can be characterised as clockwise on clockwise, anticlockwise on clockwise and anticlockwise on anticlockwise. The results of these interactions are describable in terms of trochoidal motions and perturbation dynamics and shockwave dynamics.

Space is something. What it is i do not think we can know beyond naming it , but it is an all things and all things move through it . If i do not allow space to exist in anything else then objects must move with space not apart from it.
It is axiomatic hat space is in rotational motion at all scales and at all rotational speeds of angular velocities and accelerations, thus the outcomes of these interactions are mediated through these additional attributes. i have to say that the attributes of space with just these simple descriptors is enough to explain gravity, electromagnetism, fluid and thermo dynamics and strong and weak nuclear forces as well as states of matter, dark matter and dark enegy and dark flow. At the igher rates of vorticity we have the super dense black "hole: and the super symmetric dark matter, and the vorticular motions in this high expanding state of rotational flow is an adequate description of dark energy an dark flow.

We cannot see these relativistic relations because they are beyond our ability to perceive the "signal output". but nevertheless ,though rotating too fast to interact extensively, ie weakly interacting relativistic motion, nevertheless they are subject to the expansion and condensing interactions in space.

What we have is an indivisible density field called space and dense objects are in condensing vortices which constitute gravitational motion, but in addition the rotational motion drags and stretches the folowing space whle compressing the leading space, creating pressure waves in space with chiral characterisiics which are the electromagnetic phenomena. In the mean time the super condensing core of a fast vortex constiutes the strong binding nuclear force with the ripples on the surfaces associated with such a system constituting the weak binding force.

Stable dynamic equilibrium rotations depending on speed represent the neutral elements within an atom like structure, if the trochoidal path is elliptic , but various other trochoidal paths describe different energy shells for electron like behaviours .

Super condensing vortices do actually produce a super fast angular momentum radiation which is quantized and does escape the intene gravitational effect due to it being so fast that it is weakly intracting, and it contributes to the super fast vorticular motions of space creating more dark energy or dark matter or dark flow. the contribution of this angular momentum s to speed some dark matter up, while slowing some down to the extent that it becomes interacting again and contributes to the visible matter spectrum.

Thus dark energy and matter contributes to visible matter as well as accelerating visible matter into the dark matter states.

Although i have mentioned vortices, i should in fact point out that it is vortex torus form, and these are the rotational cells in the motion field.

We can only really observe a small portion of this interaction due to the limitation in the ranges of our sensors, but we can infer moe than we can see.

It comes o mind that if condensing matter is similar to condensing gas, then a flow of "heat" outward from the centre of condensation should be expected, Similarly reviewing the data on vorticular motions, inward spirals are toward a lower pressure centre, while outward ones are from a higher pressure centre, the opposite of the notion of swirling in to compression. This notion derives from the experience of torquing rope/ material strands, not swirling non rigid or elastic materials. Thus the internal tensions within a material structure due to bond alignments and inter regional attractions are crucial to external torque producing compression.

To break bonds requires the requisite amount of "energy" and this is therefore consistent with an influx of energy not an out flow, ie heat is required to be inflowing no out flowing.

However in the gaseous and fluidic states the reverse is true, and as there are bonds to form an outflow of energy is required. The swirling motion of space inward therefore is not a model of condensation, but rather out flow of "heat", and the heat is flowing out along the tangential flow surface of the motion, leading to an inward impulse due to "bond" formation. Thus as space spirals inward heat spirals outward .

This "bond" impulse has several forms, but in space it is called gravitational attraction.

The pressure at the centre of a storm is low because the bond energy at this region is low, usually because heat has been input to this region, Heat i have just surmised as spiraling , thus i can follow that by surmising the low pressure region as spiraling, that is the bond energies breaking induce an outward impulse as heat flows along a tangenial path. This creates a pressure wave in the surrounding"cooler" space which in turn provides a route surface for space to flow along on the implosion part of the cycle of the pressure wave. The explosion or compression part of the wave brings space into "bonding" closeness, and in this circumstance( rather like a chain reaction) heat energy is dissipates along the surface of the pressure wave thus creating an impulse toward the centre which if large enough creates an inward spiral toward the low pressure centre. Clearly the "elastic" and "bond" energy properties of space are crucial to the exact details of the mechanism.

In motion space, particularly rotational motion space elasticity and bond energy correspond precisely to the interactions of rotations in clockwise and anticlockwise scenarios, and heat corresponds to the rates of rotation, Angular momentum corresponding to "radiation" of rotation.


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