Space never breaks., it just unravels!

Iwas thinking about a ball of wool. the wool ball unravels.

then i unraveled the ball onto amother centre and i had two connected balls that could unravel relative to each other. But they could hook up by casting loops mutually around each other. @ balls connected bu a woolen thread. hooped together by the same woolen thread. If those hoops slipped off the balls could continue to unravel relaive to each other.

So i had one ball of wool. i unraveled a bit onto spool to form two balls of wool connected by a thread of wool. i hooped the two ball together by yet some more of the same wool thread that connects them. i separate them by slipping the hoops. they unravel relative to each other.

Then i remembered the nylon zip. A pressed spiral of nylon arrange so precisely that the corners of the press spiral can interlock in a zipping motion .

So now i have my bal of whool, but as i unravel it i notice it is a spiral twist. Twisting and spiralling i notice that strands of woll are twisted together. i look closer at each strand. eventually i find the correct magnification and i notice that a strand is made up of twisted strands of molecules lined up in a thread. I look closer and eventually after spending nearly a century and billions of pounds i find the right resolutionand find, the atoms are made up of fine strands twisted together to form a string…….

I came back to my scale, puzzled. I looked t the helical twists in the unraveling thread of wool as it balled up onto its second centre. I could see how the spiral loops interlocked. but then i saw some that zipped together, hoop whorl locked between two adjacent loop whorls. It was tight. it required a certain amount of energy to unzip. It required a special catalyst to run along the zip applying the right amount of pressure in the right direction to unzip or zip the helical threads together in this wedge form.

The two balls on different centres from the same thread could be wedged together by huups of the thread wrapping round each other and being zipped to the threads in the balls. Their unraveling stops.

But if they are unzipped, then they start to unravel again relative to each other.

This is a simple system. but imagine a more complex one in which a single thread of wool is raveled up into many centres of rotation with the same zipping attribute, and the thread follows a space filling Peano or Hilbert curve. ….

Space does not break it unzips and it unravels. Zipped together balls of space unzip a[art and seem to break, bt they are still connected by a thread and so they unravel….

Space does not just unravel. it ravels and zips also, and the periodic dance of these 2 processes can describe what the Quantum colour relationships are as well as the cosmological relationships, and all cales in between.


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