Close Packing of Spheroids and the Undulatory Theory

Space as a motion field has a structure and that is a fractal distribution of close packed spheroids. Each spheroid represents a region of space within which, fractally there is a close packed fractal spheroidal space. The regions themselves are boundaries of trochoidal motions of space resulting in a convoluted motion path for any region relative to any other,but also providing a "rotational wave" transmission path.

A rotational wave is simply a transmission of rotation through space . If one imagines a cog then in any gear system one is observing a rotational wave. When Newton considered his description of gravity he had no mechanism for transmitting force between bodies not in contact. Today we use field theory to explain action at a distance. But I use motion field descriptors to describe field effects. The fractal close packing structure allows for regional relative motion and for rotational wave transmission, and is adequate to describe all physical phenomena I believe.

By having such a structure I can utilise a surface in a closed form to approximate a larger surface in a closed or open form by fractal Decomposition and synthesis. Using limit surfaces I can approximate a motion surface and describe the transmission of a rotational wave. Equally by binding a region volumetrically to a fractal boundary I can describe a relative regional motion in a motion field. None of these look like what I am used to as described in the popular version of physics, but from the descriptors in theoretical physics they are easier to understand.

Regions may combine,disintegrate, accrue or shed constituent regions in this relative motion or simply pass around or through neighbouring regions. The conditions for these relativistic choices is the topic of further research but potentially it can describe the condensing and evaporation of motion field structures at various scales, and the associated wave signal transmissions from every region within the motion field.


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