Relativistic motion Transfer.

Watching a cloud of fog roll and expand over the slope of a valley floor made me think that space must have a pressure attribute.

I thought about the original concept of a maotion field and remembered that relativistic motion transfer was also a conssequence of the field. The question was how?

Space has a density function. This means that density is in constant motion. It also means that the space is condensing and expanding in a way that is a function of the motion form and direction. Thus the elastic properties of space are attributable to the motion forms of the density in space.

Space can be condensed it woild seem infinitesimally or expanded infinitely, resulting in a change of density but no limit. The limitations therefore come from the geometry of the motions of density.

Rotational motion is inherently springy, and entangling and repelling. Thus i feel that the combination of rotation and density may be sufficient to construct pressure surfaces, contact boundaries, wada Basins, boundary limits and energy and momentum interaction surfaces. From these i would hope to be able to construct bodily contact interactions as well as field contact interactions that transfer torque and translational motion.

The nature of space is not knowable by me, but subjectively i attribute properties behaviours, resposes according to my empirical experience on the perceptible scale. Thus i axiomatise a set of principles for the imperceptible scale that may be necessary and sufficient to describe behaviours at that scale. The ineluctable guide is the notion of a fractal geometry, especially as pictured by mandelbrot's computer generated image of the mandelbrot set, which has latterly been generalised to 3d.

The So called Mandelbulb is a testament to the ingenuity of the minds of men and the complexity of convolutional computing. Not only is the computation impressive, but the derivation of surfaces and structures and colouring schemes is equally impressive and necessary to the realisation of the forms.

So space has attributions of density and continual rotational motion at all scales, but the implication of these attributes is the notion of infinitesimal densification,infinite expansion, density modulation, rotational density structures, dynamic condensation and evaporation, with equilibrium density configurations.

The notion of condensation and sublimation is important as a structural process to explain the rotational motion driver at all scales. Whatever space is it is in motion between a condensed state and a evaporated state. Said in another way the rotational motion is associated with the intensification of density in regional space and the rarefaction of density in regional space. I would postulate a cycle from evaporation to condensation to evaporation again as a rotational model of space as a motion field. This takes place at all scales and is not the same as heat driven evaporation condensation cycle, but clearly this is a nodel of it.

Motion is involved in this process at all scales and so is convolution. the process generates kinematics of high motion

which may be the basis of heat and electromagnetic phenomenon. The densification however is fundamentally a different attribute, it is a cyclical property of space independent of electro magnetic phenomena, and essentially a mechanical relationship of density distribution and modulation.

Consider in a motion field that the space itself has a variable density. Consider that an innate process of density6 variation drives the rotatins in space of space at all scales, then a perception of rotation is achieved as density rotation. Space is able to increase or decrease in density, and though not in a causal relationship with motion it is in a inherent relationship. Thus condensing space is inherently moving space, and so is expanding space.

a rotating region of space is a regioon of condensing and expanding space, that is density variation in a spatial region that forms a closed loop of density rotation. not all condensing of space is fully looped at all scales. Thus an extended region of space may be condensed out like a surface with the motion in that surface causing an ephemeral effect of boundarisation and transferring motion to the bounded region in a relative way.

Many of the rotational motions will be closed loops of all descriptions and geometries, some will be oe loops of all geometries . The whole family of motions will tend to trochoidal loops, surfaces and solids which will have varying durational stabilities, scales and speeds. the resultanr convoluted space will have densities relating to the geometric structures within the convoluted space and the rate of rotation of the constituent spaces.

Within a motion field , the density variation in space is sufficient to transmit a pressure surface if a powerful condensation occurs in a small region. Thus the variation in density in a condensing space generates pressure surfaces on all regions in that space.

Electromagnetic pressure surfaces aeise through the variation in density caused by convoluted dense space internal motions. These motions tend to create harmonic pressure waves that expand out either ina disorganized or organizedway. the more organized the more powerful the pressure surfaces. The variation in spatial density amd the harmonic scales are linked in convoluted space which allows good rotational motion within the convolutions. Those that are not such good spaces for rotational convoluted motion have a different condensation effect on space.

Action through convoluted space regional contact or by pressure wave contact in a motion field are both able to transfer relativistic motion.


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