Probability Space

prophet said Heaven and earth will pass away but not oneyod or squiggle of my lawOnce i looked with passion at the skies, and thought deeply about 'h¶h and how i was related to this vast incomprehensible being.

How, from his very being could all things exist in such myriads and patterns.?
As a deep biblical student i knew that the torah and the nebiim declared his majesty in terms of incomprehensibility, but the khetibiim focussed on pragmatism in the face of such power.And so my mind was opened to the wonders of the universe, the cosmos, the known or named place of the sun and sun-like stars, the shemayim.

The construcion of the universe on grand scale was declared, and yet the gentleness of a loving father was promoted over all. This response to the Universe was not unique, i knew that. but the comfort of it was immense for a growing child of 'h¶h.

Now i am an adult i must put away childish things, but retain childlike qualities. So i began to push past the anthropological descriptions to find out for myself the real refferent to the name 'h¶h

Within the berith haKadesh i found the jewish wisdom mixed withthe greek, the hellenistic judaism of roman times, after the greek empire. The jews then of the diaspora and the messianic and essenic era intensely expected 'h¶h to manifest, some believed he did in the prophet Jesus. But for me the philosophy that 'h¶h was all, and in all and in whom we move and breath and have our very being was the key.

Space, the Shem, the place was 'h¶h and i had to understand it.

All things were possible with 'h¶h, therefore space was infinite possibility space.
I became sensitive to the patterns in space at all scales , and began to see my subjective response to what was around me. Wheneve i thought of the entirety of space i looked into a washing up bowl, or a sink or a box. I had so many insights in the kitchen or in the garden hanging up clothes. Shrubs became extended galactic systems, clouds nebulae.

I knew the differnce between possibility and what actually happens. i knew we measure probability by ;ooking at all possibilities, but that what actually happens is measured statistically. As a mathematician it seemed reasonable, without prejudice to posit a infinite possibility space containing within it regions of probability space. Within the regions of probability space would be regions f statistical space: a space in which realities existed, happened. This was a local space like my experiential continuum.

The suitable model of this was the condensing clouds in the lowering sky! infinite possibility space condenses into probability space, and in turn possibility space condenses into statistical reality space, our known universe. Our universe was thus one of many possible and probable universes.

As condensation was a powrful metaphor so sublimation, the reverse process was a powerful metaphor of the fate of universes. As the philosopher/ prophet said"Heaven and earth will pass away but not one yod or squiggle of my law will pass until all of it is achieved."

The ephemerality of the very universe was declared centuries and centuries ago, and the laws of god and nature were established in the minds of men before the laws of science.

I write this as i redact the work of my very good friend Vasil Penchev. And i come upon a section in which it is proposed that probability is a substance or fluid, by theoretical thinkers. The details are technical, but the probability interaction in a quantum description of an event behave like forces, and those versed in the field see them as an alternative impactful description of matter interactions.

Of course i was surprised and delighted to see this, but not overly convinced that the idea is well expressed. Instead i caution the reader to beware. It is written in the torah that Adam was made in the mould of Elohim. Some say we bear the image of the Elohim, but others say we are the Elohim, we are the product that the mould was made to produce! Thus our subjective intuitions are often played out in our detailed expositions. `in short we make the theory to fit our intuitions!

This is a subtle process, even a magical one, for it is certainly not a crude direct "forgery" but a slowly slowly catchy monkey scenario.Remaining skeptical is not recommended, but remaining pragmatic is. Who benefits by this consonance of theory and intuition? As long as the majority do i am happy to go along with it, but if only a privileged minority or a special group benefit, i will reserve judgement to myself.

Yes it is a beautiful consonance, and one which i applaud, but it is only one of many possibilities, as it must be if 'h¶h is truely incomprehensible.

You might wonder where the fractal nature of space has gone? Indeed my space is a fractal infinite possibility space. Now that i can only begin to apprehend.


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