Inherent Dualism

In the study of space i have to distinguish 2 iterative and complementary processes. The first is the action of motion on regions however small the scale. The second is the post processing of the resultants of the action by my computational perceptual output processes.

This duality exists fundamentally throughout the whole of my experiential continuum. There is a reality i cannot know except by a model which i experience as knowing. Thus the action of motion on regions in space in their exactitiude are not knowable, but an approximate rendering of surfaces and perspectives is possible by taking a pragmatic approach to the actual exact data. Thus a processing schemen may use latest data point, average datapoint, median data point, statistical average data point, moving average data point, the variance etc in premising its processing model, thus determining its output.

These methods act as filters to raw data which is already heavily filtered by the data collection process. thus i arrive at a statisitical description of the raw data , thus requiring my model to be a statistical model, and my appreciation of the experiential continuum to be a statistical process producing a statistical output from statistical data. My knowledge of reality is therefore purely statisitical, deriving from iterative processes within me reacting to iteraive processes of motion without me acting on regions of space in a way i can only sample statistically.

Things therefore are never quite what they seem. In this sense spaciometry or geometry is my best "average" of the whole scheme of things.

the precision i can describe here with mathematical language, has to be rendered in perceptual language to give the actual experience. The fractal generator enables this to happen in the most remarkable way, and consequently gives real insight into the spaciometry of my reality. For those not familiar with vectors or tensors, the fractal generator provides a hands on , sandpit way to grasp the essentials of these notions, for what it is worth. However even a simple geometrical knowledge will produce the most exquisite results.

Those who have worked on the formulae and those who have worked on the application have produced our most fundamental representative model of space as we experience it.

motions in space at all scales with surface computations at all scales is about the nub of it. A complex vector algebra, quaternion algebra, clifford algeba and Grassmann algebra are all the different ways the app can be used to describe relations of motion sequents in space. However, we can see, hear or feel nothing without the surface processing algorithms that output surfaces, the auditory processing algorithms that output sound intensity,and the haptic processing algorithms that output force intensity.

The possibilities are truly infinite.


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