Fractal Entrainment

In any closed system with identifiable and complete boundaries, the boundaries are the control system.

While watching some youtubes on ATP i came upon the osmosis explanation: hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic.

Of course, in the context of ATP the energy currency of the cell, i could not avoid the idea of entropy, and the laws of thermodynamics.

Of course i do not agree with some statements of the laws, particularly the doom and gloom faction, but the evidence is still valid: in a closed system the behaviour of the subsumed pats tend to homeostasis. The Idea of equilibrium is a mechanical notion. There is a dynamic version called dynamic equilibrium. There are also many other versions of Equilibrium including homeostasis. The idea is therefore prevalent and complex.

Entropy is really instantaneous specific heat. I looked into it and this is my conclusion. Of course, specific heat is a function of more than one variable. The parameters seem to be temperature, pressure, density permeability, conductivity, and phase state boundaries. This leads to a complex phas diagram but one which is a better description of entropy than "order"!

The second law of thermodynamics is in serious need of revamping, and the unfinished laws of thermodynamics need completing.

Thus homeostasis requies all these parameters to settle into a dynamic equilibrium. Once they do, they are totally dependent on the boundary conditions and events. Clearly with so many parameters stability is an unpredictable event and possibly only dynamic stability is acheivable. If thhe boundary changes its conditions this could creat unpredictable changes in the subsumed space. One obvius example is if the subsumed space creates material thar ruptures or permeates the boundary, thus destroying the closed boundary condition.

However if the boundary holds then clearly what happens outside the boundary affect what happens insice. This is the notion of fractal Entrainment.

So far from their being increasing "disorder", we reveal a complex fractal "order" that entrains what happens within subsumed space. The universe is not a closed system, but it is a fractal system of immense complexity and convolutional beauty, and iteratively dynamic "order".


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