The shunya Field

This is simply a rebranding of my concept of space, but highlighting a substructure called a subfield. There are 3 empirical subfields , density variation(gravity) electric variation, and magnetic variation.

These subfields are aspects of the shunya field, like a diamond with many facets, remove a facet and the diamond is destroyed. So space as a 3 dimensional entity cannot exist unless these 3 subfields interact exactly as they do. Removing one subfield may create a subspace never known before.

The subfields have the same characteristics but different actions. They are characterised by multipolar interactions, and are in fact multipolar fields. Their actions are different at the boundary of a rotating surface in the shunya field. The shunya field condenses or rsrefies surfaces around it multiple poles. The subfields have their own unique multipole distribution. The electric multipoles are where the subfield concentrates and rarefy electric action, and the magnetic subfield does the same. What is not admitted is that the gravity or density subfield concentrates and rarefies density action around its multiple poles.

The subfields do not have to coincide in terms of their multipoles, but when they do there is a special coincidence of the actions.

The subfields are like elastic bands. Some of the poles cluster together under the field action while others are pushed apart. The difference in action leads to the differences in motion. Fields and subfields, whatever they are are made objective to us by the motion they engender on a substantive and dense region of the shunya field. Thus fields are causal as far as motion is concerned. However the presence of multipoles in the field is an unexplained reality.

The action of the empirical fields generates rotational motion in the Shunya field, but it is possible that many other fields may yet be found empirically that contribute.

I have not mentioned till now the aether concept. Although i do not work with that concept personally, i do not denigrate anyone who does. However the philosophy of those who accept an aether is different to those who use a Pythagorean philosophy. in which the section on multipoles is of interest, but does not precisely match what i mean by multipolar.

Multipoles for me are the centres of rotation and condensing and rarefaction within a field. Their distribution is not uniform and neither is the condensation or rarefaction around a pole of the multipolar subfield.


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