The Shunya Field is Dynamic so why do we need time?

When i get to it i am going to work on the algebra of motion sequents. They are a dynamic space-sequent entity and are more analytical than just introducing a motion comparitor, and associating motion with this.

Looking at these shells carefully shows the polaroid nature of the expanding electromagnetic wave in space. Orthogonal to this is the density variation contracting in toward the origin.

At each coincidence of the orthogonal subfields in this spiraling form, is a pole. Thus any origin has many poles arranged around it in space in dynamic relative motion, either spiraling in or spiraling out.

This last frame is one of Kegan J Brills most inspiring insights. He names it a space-time monad. It links spirals and circles in a 3d matrix, showing that growth or expansion of a spherical wave front is driven by a golden mean spiral in a Fermat arrangement.

When you look at the expansion of the sphere the spiral that pushes the wave front out is not obvious. Similarly the condensation of a sphere to a denser volume is not obviously spiral.

This accessible graphic presentation is a masterpiece of insight. Kegan has recently succeeded in constructing a 3d fermat spiral!


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