Causality Within The Shunya Field

Consequence and determinism are descriptors dependent on the subjective process as it applies the principle of acceptance. therefore sequence and its modifiers determined or consequent, precedent or antecedent are all subtly and convolutionally or tautologically linked to the inherent acceptance status.

What is not accepted is usually discounted or even ignored in any sequential decomposition process, and if a choice exists those that favour the acceptance status are promoted over those that do not.

The effect on causality is clear, but an example will illustrate. If a christian trinity is accepted as the ground of all that is, and it is also accepted that this trinity has agency through "spirit" or angelic hosts then we may find sufficient explanatory causality in that mythological construct. If on the other hand we accept a pantheistic godhead with an even more complex agency through subgods, demiurges and elemental beings, then we may find a richer set of causal explanations amongst that mythology. Similarly if we accept a abstract universe as a receptacle for resident particulate matter with associated attributions of energetic fields with agency through various resident field forces, then we may find sufficient causal explanation within that mythology.

The point being that my explanation of the structuring of reality is subjectively determined and thus equally mythological.

The benefits of adopting one mythology over another is in its moral utility and its theurgical benefit. It makes us feel right and good and justified in taking or not taking certain free choice actions, as far as they are deterministically presented within an overall deterministic system of change! and it probably brings us closer to our theological entity(ies). But as a consequence,( free or determined!) the pattern of causality is set.

My only guide then becomes subjective utiltiy. If i favour the most useful causality pattern that determines my choice of mythology ,and may even construct a new mythology.


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