Gravitation 3

There are 3 structures positive , negative and dipole. Dipole is often called neutral or neutron.
These are static structures

There are a scatter set of dynamic dipole structures. The set can be sequenced by dipole size, but essentially they form a fractal structure with inherent regional boundaries fractally arranged at all scales.

The dynamic dipole structure is fractally entrained to the 3 static structures in motion. Thus a fractal structure has many levels which may be combinatorially distinguished by static and dynamic descriptors,

dynamic Dipole
dynamic contrapole
dynamic pole

The dynamic pole and dynamic contrapole are very likely to be extreme versions of the dynamic dipole

From these distinctions the theory of electro magneto gravito dynamics can be modelled and the strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces will be found within the models built.

The models must be fractal and iterative.

The notion of density is a version of the notion of intensity and the subjective nature of this experience can be modeled by intensity per unit space functions.

The model must be a compass multivector construction from the properly identified monads for each form, and the exposited relationships between the monads of the form both in spatial sequence relationships and motion sequence relationships.

Iterative computation of surface outputs is expected entrained to each motion sequent, and the other intensities, haptic, auditory in particular should also be computed and output.

Other sensory intensity outputs must eventually be included to complete the dynamics.

The goal? The prize of becoming powerfully in tune with our universe,and being able to dance on the "waves", and drink the sweet wine of Orion.

A rotating and translating dipole field formulation should be able to account for all known observations. The phenomenon should be a function or depedent on the speed of rotatio and the radial distance of rotation and the speed of translation of the dipole. The multi dipolar effect should show strong relativistic effects at very small scales. By relatavistic i mean reference frame relativity not space-time relativity.

The forms should mimic classical notions at larger scales and below light speed translations and rotations. Scaling up will have to be able to accommodate deformation, that is different scales to different regions at different times, as opposed to uniform magnification only..

Find the form
Find the monads
Strip it down
and put it back again.
What are the relationships?
What is the relativity?
What is the sequence?
Oh my god of Fractals,
what are the invariants?
And now…
What if……..?


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