The Gematria of Semeia

If i take any scatter pattern of semeia i can charaterises them as a subjective compass multivector networkwith me the subjective processing centre at the centre or the origin of the "vectors".

I want to describe the subjective vector as combination of 2 parts, a position vector p and a vector function p()

p + p()=S

Where S is the sequence/subjective processing centre. Since this does not actually point at anything, but considers and compares and acts on all things it is equivalent to 0

I am going to define many distinctions on this combination but it essentially consists of an orientation/compass rotation and an information source about the region associated with the semeion.

For example p(distance) would return information about how far the semion was from the subjective processing centre; and similarly it could return information aout volume, intensity, density colour , temperature etc of that region. p itself gives the orientation.

This is a vector combination which is subjectively intuitive, but usualy obscured in the gematria of the gramme by notions of multiples of line length.

p + p() = p() + p = S

The order does matter in terms of relativity, but i have equated them the same in this nstance to show that the subjective processing centre is active. In the first part it assigns a semeion and reads the returning information, in the second part(as in hearing or feeling) it reads the information and assigns a semeion. This description allows me to refer to the semeion using various sensory systems and to distinguish or equate as necessary.

Thus the above equation means that i assign the same semeion to the same region whether i see it or hear it, but the processes are different.

Now subjectively i may switch between the two and actually feel as if i was viewing myself from the semeion. In this case the information vector is used to enable me to return its pure position vector value, that is the reverse of p or contrap, and to assign this vector to me ie S from the semeion. This is usually done in the "imagination" but is a sequence that involves the other sensory mesh networks alongside the visual, and leads usually with the proprioceptive(feeling) and finishes with the visual. Hence p() + p refers to the relativity sequencing, and not merely to processing order.
p(contra orientation) + contrap() = objectiveS

p(contra orientation) + contrap() = S

represent a subtle difference . In the first the subjective processing centre is associated with the semeion in the second the subjective processing centre is dissociated from the semeion and so "viewing" the whole thing as rotated to the subjective centres position rather than rotating the subjective centre into the semeion position. You actually look in 2 different places when processing these two aspects!


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