Uniting the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces

The strong and weak nuclear forces are of lae discovery and seemingly limited applicability. There is a debate about whether they are truly necessary. Firstly they are empirical fields like Gravity and Electricity, but not so easily observable and heavily reliant on theoretical considerations. Thus they are prone to questining, even if it is just have you done the accounting properly?

For example Einsteins E = mc2 is not observable. Rather it is demonstrable by accounting procedures within the level of accuracy. Nobody doubts it today, but at one time this was not the case. The only demonstration of such an effect is in an atomic reaction. Marie Curie clearly did not set off an explosion, but here radioactive reaction products would not account properly without this factor of mc2 to account for the missing energy, and the glow in the dark.

Careful accounting therefore revealed a missing force field between the nucleons and a missing force field within the neutrons. However the methods of normalization and the presuppositions of the time leave a gagging question? Why the vacuum energy collapse?, Why force Dirac to change his Equations to remove antimatter?

Today Nassim Harameinand others are working on a different curvature model of space whch makes some "assumptions" acceped in the past highly dubious, and removes the need for the weak and strong force fields.

Now i quite like the idea behind the weak and the strong force fields in terms of my model of condensing motion and evaporating or rarefying motion. This motion is fundamentally what drives circulat motions in the motion field theory.

Thus i characterise all other force fields in terms of 2 the nucleus strong force that is the condensing motion , and the neutron weak force, that is the rarefaction motion. These motions i have characterised as multipolar motions with 2 statuses:clockwise and anti clocwise rotation relative to self. Thus there are 2 tatuses for the condensing motions and 2 for the rarefaction motions, giving already a rich combinatorial system. Now if i add to that relative rates of spin, then the possibilities become infinite!

The quantum wisdom is that spin can only be distinguished as quantas of 1/2, but his relates well to the binary statuses and the dificulties of measurement.

Thus from the Combinatorics involved with the nuclear strong and weak force field i postulate a construction of Gravity and the electromagnetic force fields And based on Grassmann's methods i would equate the strong force in terms of electric and magnetic magnitudes consisting of positronic magnitudes of both spin statuses , dipoles of the same and electronic magnitudes of both spin statuses again with dipoles of the same, and finally dipole magnitudes arising from the 2 electric forces. The whole system itself would have a posited trochoidal spin pattern which would give rise to magnetic magnitudes and dipoles qhich would occur as additional magnitudes. Any gravitational effect may be swamped in all of this or may in fact be absent, but i suspect that the curvature of the resulting field patterns would be isolatable and comparable with gravitational effects. Thus gravity would be a consequential equilibrium force field exhibiting static and dynamic equilbrium behaviour between the charged intensitie s and their dipoles.

The weak field i would equate with the magnitudes within the internal dynamics of the dipoles of all combinations of the motion statuses to wit the positron positron, electron electron and the positron electron magnitudes. The magnetic factors of such dipoles in system spin will also be added to the equation. Thus the weak field would be a localised field with a high degree of instability, and a tendecy to rarefy.
I will write a sketch of the Ausdehnungs groesse later.

Thus i posit a relationship between the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces from which a curvature may be calculable which corresponds to gravity.


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