Gonia Agonia!





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The legacy of ditching magnitude for number is well illustrated by Norman. Thanks to Grassmann i do not think of numbers but forms and their magnitudes, and particularly intensive magnitudes. The dynamism of these magnitudes is awesome because they are relative to themselves and relative to every other form. The centre of symmetry comes into its own in dynamic relative motion, as the subjective processing centre keeps track of the self relative and the relative motion.

The notion of number and the successor function, plus the induction method tells us more about our own subjective processing than it does about magnitude in reality. It says we think Fractally, we induce fractally and we appreciate fractally. We are fractal patterns of space, rotating at a fundamental level through space contracting and expanding around multipole centres. This sinuous motion creates undulations like gears turning on space gears. The angular motion of the rotating space stores the enormous energies that balance the regions of space relative to each other.

Everything wobbles ever so slightly!


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