A Curve Ball!




The MatheMagicians deceptive art.

These videos are an introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry and is crazy. However Norman has a more "Rational" approach to the ideas and this at least makes sense of the mathmagicians art as an ezcapist artistic activity. Remember, this is all an illusion created by the mathmagicians.

If you follow Norman's take on Hyperbolic geometry you will get to see the game that is being played by other Mathmagicians. Anyone who uses the number concept including zero and infinity is a mathmagician.

Shunya which was Brahmagupta's notion of "fullness of everything", has been changed by the mathmagicians to the notion "utter emptiness" : black has been turned into white.
The subjective notion of directed dynamic magnitude is the fundamental spaciometric notion. The fundamental notion of measurement is the subjective iterative rule of Fractal Geometry, applied to comparison and proportion by a projective spaciometric notion. That simply means that i chose a monad or metron and create multipleforms from it, scale the form arbitrarily and fit the scaled forms into a fractal geometric pattern. This pattern i then subjectively project onto the space that surrounds me from any chosen vantage point. In particular the 2 points zero and infinity represent the limits of te projective vantage point range, and have no sensible definition within that range. Their only contribution to the notion is as the boundaries of the range.

It is common to use the notion of sign to define a so called negative range, but this is not necessary as the projection is defined vectorially from the point of view of the subjective processing centre( compass multivector descriptors).


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