The Shunya Field

Empirical fields, gravitational, electrostatic, magnetic , and derived by calculation Strong and Weak Nuclear fields are all subfield in the Shunya field.

The shunya field is a relativistic rotational motion field with rotational centres i called poles of 2 types:condensing and rarefying. These poles are fractal in nature, that is they are similar (almost} at any scale of magnification.

Now i have heard of two possible descriptions of these poles: a klein bottle surface ring. or a torus ring that consists of vortices that have joined up. This is space at extreme densities.

The Klein bottle represents an unstable surface structure, one likely to explode, and in fact it also represents a transition phase beween stable toruses and unstable exploding ones.

Thus essentially a black hole does not necessarily go into another dimension, but it recycles space from condensing to expanding.

With that notion, the mechanical rotation of space around and between these poles can explain and differentiate all these empirical forces by means of curvature.

In particular the reference frame to describe all this should be selected from the rotational spherical orientation structures i am currently investigating. These structures provide a connected range of types of extensive magnitudes which can be arranged in a parallel regional field, where parallel included spherical shell parallelism.

I do not promote the primacy of the sphere . For me the sphere is a special vorticular shell. Spiralman explains it s well here


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