Why Are There Quanta?

Quanta exist because we count.

The subjective process, most of which is unconscious , delivers a computational output within limits. These limits are the boundary conditions for the notion of Quanta, and the psychological reason why we cannot but perceive fractaly. The "rea;iity" that e subjectively process has no such limits, the set notFs of which the set FS is an experiential continuum models not as limited as we find ourselves to be. Thus quanta is our unconscious psychological approach to our limitations in measurement, and our fractal boundary. As Mr Newton put it : These are our vanishing Quantities, below which w cannot assign value. Thus Planck, in calculating his Planck length gives us another description of it, but clearly in calculating it he uses an infinitely divisible quantity principle. Thus we have in Consciousness the dual notion that we are limited even as we accept no limits!

A Seemeioon is that which has no part
Thus all analysis ends with the seemeioon, and all synthesis begins with the seemeioon. These are our classical Quanta, and the portal to the Gods!

Such limits and Quanta form the boundary between our formal notions and our real notions, and provide the strange evidence that there is more to our existence than we can ever know or perceive. Thus our consciousness posits a continuum , our ability demonstrates a limit, and our experience enforces those limitations.

Thus from inertia, to the speed of sound, and the speed of light, and the speed of moving through a viscous substance, our experience is of physical and sensory limitations, which result in quantum, bounded bits of experience from which and by which we begin our measurements through rhythm and dance and poetry and music , ratio and proportion, Rhetoric and rhyme,sequence and motion, counting as we go.

And what do we count? The quanta of our experiences, the smallest indivisibles of our subjective processing output, the ones we used to call atoms, but now call Baryons and fermions etc. In ancient past all were called Henads, and they divided from the Monad.

Thus we have always known our limitations, and named them after gods. The gods have always been quanta, and their structure has always been fractal. Today our fine structures of knowledge allow us to peer deeper into this mystery, especially as the technological magyke that results makes some of us very rich! But beyond that we have a survival drive to create memories, and the memorie of Quanta are some of our finest!


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