The Inertial Spider Web

My friends the spiders intimated this to me.

The stickiness in the universe is like our web . Things stick together, they hold together by electromagnetic forces. But the overall stickiness has a secondary effect : elastic inertia. The web deforms and springs back when one part is moved. The inertia at one point is the combined effect of all the web connections responding to a change.

When the webs elastic inertia is broken, the point moves under the pressures of all the other disturbed web connections. until a dynamic oscillating equilibrium is achieved. This oscillation is damped until a static equilibrium is achieved.

The more a fly gets enwrapped in our web, the greater inerti it has, the more fixed it becomes. In this way the greater collections of "matter", electromagnetic stickyballs, the more inertia it has.

There is a mechanical explanation based on compression and rarefaction around specialised poles. The combinations of such poles is foundational to all the inertial attributes of space and the fine structure of spatial interaction.


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