Process Algebra: Goals.

The goal of a process Algebra is to arrive at a ratio of quantities or a deduction or an induction through a duality process. The duality process itself may consist of a series of combined sequences hat involve dualities of comparison, construction, combination or subprocess of quantities dynamic or static.
Though a process of duality , the freedom to utilise nonduality is not lost to the process,
The notation or terminology that arises from this process is then utilised to arrive at the end or conclusion of the process.

For example, the process of factorising has several goals: one is to divide an oobject into parts that make the remanufacturing simpler and more modular; another is o divide into common parts in order to divine a common measure, that is to arrive at a duality that fits all the parts of a comparison; the third is to divide a form into a multiple form that takes advantage of the rectilinear or curved gnomons. Each of these goals has a related but different process and notation.


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