Let go of number!

And join the innummerate.
Let go of letters
and become an illiterate

Of sophistry
and be unsophisticated.
Leave off washings
join the great unwashed.
Forget the dress code
and be undressed,
naked to the vitality of living!
What of food and drink?
Crave for it and thirst.

Every convenience forego
Deny yourself that which is easy and at hand
unless it be to aid someone or your ailing self.
Divest you of self.

In this strange place
where you know not what you are,
all beast
but a quarter man,
Smell out the intensity of quantity
Listen out the sensitivity of quality.
Experience the truism: " ignorance is bliss!"

gather up your sophisms like a robe.
Bind them to you by strings of letters.
Tie them with knots of numbers,
And peer deep into the blackest night.
There you will see
your mind in a twirl,
as all around you whirl:
the innumerable, inestimable
indescribable quantities of space;
Ceaselessly in motion.
And how do your numbers avail you now?
What more than letters can they bring to mind?

How is it that "they" dance in the swirling wind that breaks you down relentlessly?
The slightest breeze and you break while "they" bend.
Your knowledge has done you no good,
While "their" lack of it has helped "them" survive.
Know what they know.
Flow how they flow.

My forebears hid their magyke
in rock and clay and papyrus
marked in letters and numerals;
Symbols of their agreement with the gods!
And now their magic seeps out of crystal
and sounds of cardboard convoluted by tamed lightning,
flashing in fluorescent screens.
Will our numbers ever match theirs
For longevity?
It is the quality of their quantities that survive.
Shunya is everything!


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