Is Acceleration Compound And/Or Simple?
The synthesisi of anything is in fact fractally determined. What that means is that we have many choices to considerwhen synthesising any object, attribute or motion. We are not used to this because we are taught the simplest way to do most things. this is a good rule of thumb, but often we ignore discrepancies and correct for them. This is how we remain on track., but it is this very process of correction which leads to the question.

We use terms like error and correction to account for not being in the state a simple analysis would lead us to expect, and adjusting the situation according to the simple analysis. Thus instead of any situation being self determined, we have situations that are human determined, that is according to an "ideal form", platonically some Idea or Form.But most natural force or motion situations are not human determined, and the simple analysis gives a relationship in terms of ideal forms. However, since Newton's method of fluxions we have been able to synthesise these simple forms in dynamic fractal structures which although still not exact are potentially more realistic, But it is crucial to allow this to happen through a self determined method of synthesis. the advent of computers and fractal generators enable us to play around with doing just this. The key is the iterative feedback and feedforward loops in any programme.

Iteration and recursion are now more and more referred to as convolution, and the results from such convoluted chips, programmes and systems are fascinating.

Although those involved in convolution do not yet acknowledge the clear link to fractal generation, and spend time attempting to "correct" the output of such systems. The intense control put in place by humans so that we may understand or know and predict how these systems will behave is the reason for there current form. However, if these system were given to artists then we would get to see their true creative potential, guided not just by formal ideals, but aesthetic sensibilities.

Strictly speaking i need to show a convolution is the same as a fractal generator instruction.


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