Fresh Synthesis.

Dirac's see pf electrons could be sloghtly modified to a bubble foam of electrons wrapped in positive energy surface tension film of condensing space. The interior of the bubble is filled with expanding negatively charged energy in the form of electron like charged fractal particles of space. This structure is fractal so that the deeper you zoom the more you approach similar structures at a smaller scale.

The positive charged space is condensing space and condenses to a surgace like film under the dynamics of the negarively charged space expanding radially. The positive film is super dense and can enwrap many negatively charged particles in a bubble, The combination of film and electrons in the bubble give the effective charge of the whole structure, Around the outside of the bubble an electron cloud presses onto the positive surface as best as it can, like bees in a hive. These thin positive charge sheets, in dynamic relations with the expanding negative electron charge spheres of influence, exist as a foam of varying sized bubbles, and particles are fractal particles because of this boundary condition that exists about the electron spatial disposition, which usually would be surrounded by some positively charged condensing space film.

This film, though positive relative to the electron is attractive relative to itself, and thus condensing. Positive bubbles however are filled with negative electronlike charge and so repel each other through the electron repulsion system overiding the positive attraction system.


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