Conjugacy and Adjugacy and the Structure of Magic

Actually it is "the Structure of Magnitude" but I could not resist!

Let us continue the meditation…..

I start with" me".
But already this is a " lie", because I am me and I know I do not start wit I. I have constructed the present I by a process of interaction with space, a developmental process. An iterative process…. A growth process.
New versions of me emerge every time I wake up from a sleep state. Over the interval of unconsciousness" overnight builds" have been done, partially black boxed in "dreams" or nightmares, but ready for me to "run" on awakening.

What is growing? When I analyse and accept my sensory data I come up with a model within a model, within a model…
This iteration goes on, but now I know a paradigm that fully recognises its structural is called a fractal structure, the icon of which is the dynamic computationally active Mandelbrot set. It is not an icon it is an iconic video in which one zooms endlessly down to smaller and smaller scales. But can one zoom out to larger and larger scales?

I have yet to see that video, and it would be truely amazing! To zoom ou , instead of in , and find that the Mandelbrot icon we usually start with is in fact a bit player in a much larger fractal structure.

So what fractal am I an enlarged part of ?

The cellular zygotic structure is where this unique fractal starts. And there I accept unity, from diversity, from apparently 2 cell structures that " complement” one another in many many complex ways. Within thes 2adjugate cells are smaller sub units that each collaborate by a chemical whip hand call the quorum sense. And this quorum gives even these complex cellular structures an identifiable stochastic goal.

And I ca go deeper still!
So the uniqueness is not due to a unit, but due to a unity of complex interactions. This unity of complex interactions is a conjugacy. The conjugacy is describable in terms of these complementary adjugates. The conjugacy therefore is also describable as an adjugacy of complementary unities, a complex fractal structure.

What distinguishes conjugacy from adjugacy, and, does it really matter?!

I used to be amazed when I learned that anthropologists knew of a tribe that had no formal numerals beyond 2 ! But this really reflects the anthropologists mindset not the indigenous people's. There model of space had all the distinctions required for their space, they did not need clutter, or numeral adjectives, which really serve very little purpose in any society one cares to mention. The additional point is they obscure the natural complexity of our observations and they hide the conjugate adjugate relationship.

Without " me" there is no conjugacy or adjugacy. These are functional distinctions " I " make, processing distinctions that have a context only in the interaction between me and space.

So the unique cell structure, the fractal that grows to become me by a process of aggregation , combination and then division into multiple copies takes a while to reveal the basic blue print that is being followed, thr DNA of the structure. The cells evoke models of the DNA, forming phenotypes , sequences of molecules in protein strings that build cellular structures and mesh them together amongs crystalline structures that form rigid structural elements like bones to support the protein mesh structures.
Flowing dynamically between, in and amongst these are an electrolytic soup of other compounds, and organic structures and proteins. This whole complex is determined by the environmental signals that pas through cell boundaries and sensors, dictating biochemical responses due to catalytic enhancement or retardation.

The cells form a colonic symbiosis, again ruled by a quorum sense, and this uniquely identifies the symbiotic group chemically.

At every rage the participants in a complex interaction have to distinguish themselves from all others that surround them. This is conjugacy. The process conjugates space into " them" and us so to speak. The " us" identification is adjugacy . The group identity is what is maintained and ditinguished between adjugates.
Adjugates belong together as a conjugate, conjugates distinguish him selves "digitally": yes,no;0,1. On,off…a,nota, the set FS, the set notFS.

Thus from the outset my analysis supported my current remarks by dealing with the conjugacy classes of my experiential continuum.
The realisation is tha Shunya is everything, and against Shunya as a backdrop, every thought distincti is made.

I have not arrived yet, the zygote has become a sentient foetus ready to be born, but not with a blank slate.. Already I have differentiated into structures that not only have been blueprinted, but also have been carefully mounted with a survival operating system of instinctual behaviours that set the structure in a "ready to input all " status, both for food and knowledge,nurture and socialisation, action and interaction, internal and external proprioception.
Thus the system is ready to build ever more complex "software" operating systems that make full use of the growing and developing biological "hardware" capabilities! In this complex procedural system the sub system" software" of executive "code" develops and is developed by external encouragement, and is uniquely identified by external markers as "You", from which, again with external support an internal sense of "I" is derived, to which language models are applied to enhance self description and self awareness.

This I where " me" starts from.

"me" …the proto Indian root for "measure", related to " ma", the root to and cognate of " man" — to think, to span with the hand, to be a man, to play with. "ma" is the fundamental material the hand and the mind interacts with. It is changeable, illusory, playful. From these I derive Manipume, a striking force of intellectual analysis and synthesis. Others have derived mathematics, the astrologers art.
It all comes back to me. Me and Shunya .
Me and Shunya is my ultimate conjugate model of my experiential continuum, and the foundation for the model the set FS and the set notFS

Conjugates scale Shunya,by virtue of ones focus region. If I choose a small focus region, then the scale is small. It's conjugate, that is Shunya in the background is consequently huge. If I choose to focus on this conjugate in the background,then this is pulled forward, and the small region disappears behind it in the backdrop. It is still there, but it has a small insignificant background presence. If it is not visually in the background, it is mentally at the back of my processing. The effect of this is to disappear it from the visual field.

You know when you are looking for a thing and it just is not there, but you turn your head nd it appears! This is attentional blindness! The image you were searching for was not visually traceable, thus you " overlook " the object you want. Only when you change your specific visual search criteria are you able to process the information that has been there all the time. Processing interrupt is sometimes neceasary to see fully! But more importantly, scale factors are also involved in assigning search or perception processing priority.

A conjugate class consists in all the adjugates that are within it. Thus to conjugate Shunya produces 2 conjugate classes full of adjugates relative to the classes. But one conjugation of Shunya is not a full experience of Shunya. We may in fact conjugate Shunya many times a second, but the analytical structure for a given focus region size is a tabular array in the visual field.
The more one meditates on conjugacy, the more one understands that it is a process that " I" invoke, it is a "me" response to whatever is out there! Thus visually conjugation is determined and fashioned by the density and arrangement of sensors on the retina; auditorilly it is arranged by the number of signal distinctions the cochlea as a stereophonic pair can make; physically it is determined by the rich and complex web of sensory meshes within the body, and it is these webs that produce the proprioceptive geometry of space that I experience, not as a projection but as an augmented reality experience; as objects outside and inside that carry an encoding tag which links me to additional information or formatting cues!
But the fundamental consequence of my conjugating space is that I factorise it by scale. Thus the conjugacy process always produces two conjuncted "sets" of adjugates that scale each other.thus if Shunya is 1 we coul conjugate it as 1/2*2

Suppose I am presented with a long piece of string stretching from horizon to horizon. That string would get my attention! Pretty soon it would be all I could think about. Then I would measure the string against my length and that part woul conjugate te rest! Suddenly I woul say if this part is as long as me, this string is HUGE!
Thus I conjugate the string into a me length Producted with a multiple me length, the huge bit! Pretty soon I would get round to thinking, well if that part is huge how small and insignificant must this bit be on that scale! Thus my conjugation of space is always a scale product.
The adjugates that combine together to make up a conjugate however may be any size and are not scaled in any direct conjugate relationship, instead they adopt the scale of the conjugate they are a part of.

So, the circle ,disk or sphere conjugates space. All parts and elements of that object are adjugates of it. The ratio of the arc of a semicircle to a diameter is said by me to be a constant. In fact the elements of different circles are different, and the ratios are different,mbut I can reduce them to multiples of the same ratio. I can conjugate that ratio into two conjugate ratios one that is constant the other that scales with the scaling circles.

Non of this happens if I do not choose a metron, and yet I can still experience the constancy of the ratio. That experience I call a sensation of similarity. And so the ratio os semicircle to diameter is similar in many circles, and of course all the circles look similar.this is how I introduce the notion of similar figures, and it is based on a sensation. Just as similarity exists prior to a metron being chosen to enumerate, so the ratio between a semicircle and a diameter exists.
The only person or thing that makes a constant constant is me! If I do not accept a thing as constant then it is not a constant.

Conjugacy is so fundamental. It is another way of saying I manipulate the scales I use to interact with space, but always unconsciously keepin track of the relationship to Shunya..

Since everything is subject to a conjugation process, everything is subject to my subjective measuring and proportioning. Thus when I notate this subjective proportioning and conjugating in algebraic terms, tha is terminology or notation for each adjugate part of a conjugate, and each conjugate factorisation of Shunya then I begin the process of quantifying what up until then I experienced as magnitudes. But I also establish a procedure, a list of activities and actions to produce this quantifying notation.
Thus my algebra does several things: it lists the steps or actions or measurements taken of thr adjugates in any conjugate. So first it describes a conjugate factorisation.Now Shunya is everything, but we do not always deal with every single thing.we scale down to the focus region. This scaling down is a conjugation, but then we can scale down within one of rhe conjugates! That is also a conjugation. We may then choose to consider only the adjugates within a conjugate, or we may choose to consider some or all of the adjugates outside a conjugate.We can precisely define these outside adjugates as the intersection of the adjugates in the external conjugate of a conjugate that sits inside a larger focus region, with the adjugates within that larger focus region. Now of course that larger focus region is also a conjugate.

Terminology helps to keep track of these relationships, and of the mental and physical actions we need to take to track these relationships. From this terminology, by definition and specification, I build a coded description of what I have to think,do, and measure to quantify a proportionate magnitudinal experience.

Thus my algebra becomes a detailed exposition and explanation, and thus a rhetoric of what to think,do and measure.It is a programmed set of specified and defined codes which are a programming language for interacting with space, on the assumption tha space is a magnitudinal experience.

This is why I say to mathematicians,get over yourselves! Your subject is now a fundamental part of a larger subject field and that is computational science. Not that I like the term computer. Rather the notion is a procedural algebra processor.

The procedural algebra has taken a few years /decades to find its feet, but now it is involved in everything we do. Unfortunately, because the procedural algebra is linked to Nerdism, the skill base for developing it is shrinking. It is only now being realised that we neglect it at our peril. People and curricula in India take it very seriously, and that is where our next generation of procedural algebraists are coming from.

We give it cool names like software engineering etc, but the important part we miss: the whole of our mathematical curriculum has to be recast in terms of procedural algebras, and our procedural algebraists have to develop a fundamental understanding of natural language.

Those that build the hardware to implement these procedural algebras need to get the feedback from enthusiastic procedural algebraists, who should understand the fundamental cybernetic systems they are writing procedures for from machine code up. These collaborative efforts can then pull in the rest of science to improve the hardware implementation along the organism model lines we have around us in abundance.

I know we break things in order to learn how to build them, and then to design them, but we are now at a critical stage, where we ate breaking our environmental home, and we now know we do not know how to fix it because it is on too large a scale! We now know that a humble and considerate approach to natural cybernetic systems is the best policy in the short term, and massive evolutionary variety in the long term if we want our children to survive!

We do not need to worry about surviving our DNA, that is in the hands of Shunya!


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