Frozenowl the ninja Triplex Algebraist!

Searching for a thread that used matrix vector notation! Why? i do not know.!/color-cycling/15/?PHPSESSID=cfbae0fa8862ee68910f4a3f73d07506

the origin of the notation i;u=410;sa=showPosts;start=480

I found him! He only ever did 2 posts and i found him serendipitously! that is so deeelicious it is yummy!

During my time o the Fracal forum i have come across some really neat Algebraists. Some have that ninja-like influence on me and Frozenowl was one of those.

No doubt i will find out why my "ken" (as in the scottish, "beyond my ken!") has made me search so hard for it in the near future!


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