Sequence Synthesis Seance!

This is really spooky stuff! Lol!
Flow? Flow of motion or actions. Is motion a flow of sequences or is a synthesis of sequences a flow of motion?
Or, is a sequence synthesis a flow?

By what does motion arise? A sequence of changes? By what does a sequence of changes arise? By a motion?
If I am not observing, does it exist? Or do I exist and observe because it exists prior to me, and synthesises "me" observing it?

Before " I", is a synthesis aware and stochastically constructs through flowing motions and actions an " I" that has an eye to observe and an ear to hear, and a proprioception to apprehend it all? Or do the circularity and scale of synthetic processes process themselves and in this way evoke the many levels of consciousness that emerge and merge into the multiple "mes" "I" eventually synthesises? Is "I" the functional illusion constructed by social interactions from a myriad of "mes", that synthesis that is the sequential work of mothers, finished off by the matriarchy of women, who fashion the foundations of societ to which they aspire, by which their children may survive and dominate, and the dominant male is synthesised to protect their investments?
Thus is flow directed, delayed, stored up and released to shae the synthesis of Shunya at every level and scale, or does Shunya synthesise directing, delaying storing and releasing and "create" the flows?

Rather let it be that the flows synthesise Shunya and Shunya synthesises and creates the flows, and the great spherical relation makes it all possible and impossible to distinguish a beginning and an end that is not subjective and relative to the circularity of me. Let it be that all transforms and the great cycles of relations describe the spheres of influence at all scales and all levels as the most exquisite fractal patterns of flows and flows of action, of synthesis and of destruction and resynthesis, the very essential notion of transformation.

And transcendence is that which that one " I" , that synthesis of " mes", is able to apprehend, that fractal beauty of it all which it comprehends from scale to scale in eternal expectancy, though it be transformed and knows not whence it came and whither it goes beyond the fractality of it all!

Bubbles bouncing on a sea of of undulating vibrating patterns which both respond to and correspond to each bubble as well as flow the bubbles around each other in eternal arcs of motion.

And when I look in magnification upon a bubble I find at its surface a bubble bouncing upon it like a flea, and thus it ever continues by scale.


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