Quantum Entanglement

This wonderful effect which is empirically observed in Nature is in fact a Field effect. That is the Shunya field naturally has this property.

The Shunya field is a construct of the empirical Magnetic and Electric fields as Dynamic entitites. Initially i attempted to include a gravitational field bu that aspect of the shunya field i have now rescinded due to further research into Newtons actual notion of Gravity.

The shunya field is a dynamic field that is an ether analogue. that is we do not currently accept an ether in space as a scientific community, rather we accept a Lagrangian description of space. Some do not recognise even that this i what they are doing, calling it mysteriously "mathematical equations"! However the difference is in whether one accepts a container notion of space or an existenial notion of space, that i space is what it is, not a box of nothing in which existing things exist!

I tend to accept that the shunya field is space, or if you like an ether is precisely space. This Shunya field is dynamic, and unbounded. Traditionall this has been a mind blowing conception, however, the fractal Paradigm tames this wild, feverish notion into regionalised and scaled strucural arrangements in dynamic motions. The current regional form that is preferred is the sphere and it has much to recommend it, but we need to respond to current research that indicate a toroidal structure of vortex and Torus. See Ginzberg.

This Structure , though dynamic, is in fact a Bose Einstein Condensate! This means that according to scale instantaneous effects occur. For example, in a pipe full of water , as soon as i turn the tap on it flows instantaneously due to the the incompressibility of the liquid. At the same time a pressure wave travels in the pipe but at a fixed speed according to the liquid properties. this is the phenomenon of entanglement in a nutshell. The undulatory wave in the condensate has two forms: an instantaneous displacement and a following pressure wave. Thus a phenomenon called a photon is in fact a shift in the shunya field like an instantaneous current flow in a river or pipe, with a following wave riding on that current.

I watched the waves on a flowing river to see this effect in action. What we call space and even solid matter is in fact this shunya field, a Bose Einstein Condensate of the Electric and Magnetic fields effects.

Gravity is the curvature of this condensate brought about by the consensation and rarefaction of this condensate .


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