The theory of matter can now be radically rethought.

The corpuscular theory was developed on the basis of mechanical principles such as the divisibility of extensive magnitudes, and the empirical microscopic observations of corpuscles! Added to this was the long held philosophy of atomism and dynamic flow in unpredictable courses except in a crowd. The corpuscular assumptions, backed by the triumph of mechanical technology based on mechanical principles meant that a satisfactory explanatory model was soon seen in the corpuscular theory. Given also the powerful belief and reliance on intuition, this intuitively obvious model was soon embedded in an unchallengeable position in the popular psyche.

Not that it went unchallenged, because Huygens felt that it did not provide the correct assumptions to explain the behaviour of light. It was Thomas Young who eventually placed light on a different material footing when he clearly demonstrated tht the wave or Undulatory theory alone could account for issues like the lack of damage to the eye from exploding particles, and the focal apparatus within the eye being due to lense action not eyeball adjustment. His single and double slit experiments were the clincher, especially in the light of Faradays field hypothesis. It followed after his evidence, that Maxwell unified electric and magnetic fields into related phenomenon that relied upon an Undulatory wave mechanic. William Kiingdon Clifford also attempted to demonstrate an Undulatory theory.

The supposed and expected ether was a foregone conclusion but because it apparently did not exist, no move to radically alter the corpuscular theory. In fact there was a return to old intuitive certainties and particles were looked for with eagerness and anticipation of a fundamental particle. The splitting of the atom moreover confirmed the radical theory of Albert Einstein, who was a rampant corpusculrist. The notion of a field was developed into the more accessible notion of potential which though similar in act removed corporeality from the field and placed it in the particle! Action at a distance was then explained in terms of various force carrying particles which supposedly provided theoretical explanation for interactions locally and none locally. The field then became explained in terms of particles moving in space.

Not surprisingly this model fails at the quantum level, where distances are too tiny for action at a distance. Thus a whole zoo of particles emerges to explain these quanum interactions!.

The replacement of the field by particles of interaction has created the quantum divide between the so called 4 forces.bsuch corpusculrist exists even in the uantum probability descriptions of thes " particle" behaviours.

The solution is simple but radicle. Fields exist but particles do not!

This is not saying that particulate behaviours do not exist, but that our fundamental paradigm shift is away from particulate matter to fields as the basis of matter.

This I call the hunya field, and it currently consists in the empirical electromagnetic fields. Gravity is not included because it , like matter is a derived consequence of this Shunya field, as are the strong and weak nuclear fields. To see this clearly the notion of charge has to be apprehended as a field effect in a region within the field. Thus charge isr the field acting on itself regionally . This tautology provides the perfect basis for establishing the factal foundation of all reality, with each scale perception creating a boundary for each region and sub region, boundaries which are as mythical as they are perceptible!

It is what I accept that undergirds what I expect in my experimental continuum


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