Brahma said
"COME, Let us sit down together and reason of Shunya!"
So i sat before Brahma, and He shut one eye.
"With one eye i see, but not everything, not Shunya" he began
He opened is eye again.
" But with two eyes i see all that is laid before me, i see Shunya!"

I ventured: "Great Brahma, you do not see what is behind you, then?"
Brahma laughed
" To see what is behind, one must rotate, Shunya must Rotate to present all things to the eyes. Everything moves in greater or lesser cycles!"
"Ah! Brahma you are too wise for me!" i stuttered, "For what is the meaning of the two eyes then?"
Brahma looked astonished. His Eyes rolled in his head.
"See and perceive! If i pluck out your two eyes will you not perceive less? Reckon it up. If i pluck out one eye will you not perceive more? Thus with two eyes will you not perceive greater Still?"
Quickly i fell before him and abased lest he became wrath.
"Would that you would grant me three eyes, fool that i am!" i blurted.
"Nay! but you do have the third eye", Brahma said, "but the two are for the two parts of the Shunya that you must perceive! Then the third eye will see truly, indeed!"
Brahma left off talking, and i bowed in leaving, wondering of the 2 parts of Shunya.


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