I tried to explain the winter cold to my son in terms of the electromagnetic fields, but i had woken up troubled by the new information i have been receiving recently , and the cold.

The thermodynamic model is not sufficiently close to spaciometry to be ultimately useful, but it is fine gor steam engines. The electromagnetic model is still only a model and its mechanical basis is still not understood spaciometrically .Certainly the lines of force model is aequate but not accurate. So i turned to the Shunya Field Theory in which 2 contra fields ate used, but i am not happy with this bit of legacy terminology. The fields are just terminology to describe the mechanical pressure dispositions aound spirals vortices. I am not happy with the implication of 2 fields that inter act but which do not convert from one into the other. I was stuck by the field concept even though fractal. I looked into the heart of 2 vortices, one condensing one rarefying, one spins inwards the other spins outwards. This indeed could change from one into the other! In fact Ed Lorenz had shown by his equations that this kind of dualism exists in the butterfly form of the vortices. The change from one to the other was stochastic and unpredictable, but statisitically and probabilistically it could be modeled.

I had to belay the ambivalence about clockwise and anti clockwise and insted focuss on inwrd condensing and outward rarefaction, but once the meta pattern of condensing and rarefaction is in place, the variation in spiral spin can be accommodated, and indeed may explain the variation in the statistical or probability models.

The only other alternative was an energy versus substance model where energy into and out of substance describes its motility, but this is unsatisfactory and unempirical. All i ever observe of experience is variation in motiom in one way or another, and in fact the rotational or closed loop motion naturally identifies itself as the equilibrium basis for my experience, while extension[translation models only poorly model explosive systems.

So i now have two mechanical vortices as the basis for the SFTOE, from which i can derive the field ditributions in a vorticular fractal foam/bubble system in which the bubbles of foam are paired by Ed Lorenz equations to stochastically describe the electromagnetic field behaviour in this Fractal foam bubble model.

One very important view point is the nature of these vortices, The bubbles themselves are the expanding vortices, the bubble membranes are the condensing vortices. Thus an expanding vortex is bounded by a system of condensing ones which condense therefore into a relativisticall thin gilm.

I have already proposed this model for the explanation of the neutron and the proton, and therefore i ccan build on and modify the design , nowing that there is a fractal correspondence between the scales.
A bubble therefore is an Ed Lorenz butterfly system. where the surface tension is statistically related to the internal bubble behaviours.
There is a lot to think through with this basisi but it is more satisfying than the nebulous field /string theory.

This is clearly not accurate to my description as the vortices go inward only, but it is food for thought and meditation, the grist for a dialectic analysisi.

Exothermic and endothermic reactions are not explained by the Thermodynamic laws. No one notices that the decrease in temperature, thus the uptake of external heat energy, results in increasing order in the reaction and a decrease in so called entropy in the environment. Terms like enthalpy and spontanaeity are parachuted in to shore up an anlogy that is fundamentally innacurate as a model.

Behind the complication is where the sleight of hand is done. Firstly energy is a model of the actual phenomenon based ultimately on motion. This motopn is observed to flow in 2 ways outward AND inward. But the 2nd law only concentrates on the outward flow. Exothermic and endothermic reactions exist and negate the second law as a universa; ;aw. Enthalpy on the other hand is a better law, and includes the spaciometric reality of expansion. extension versua contraction intension. Thermodynamics can only state universally thatthere is a balanced flow system of both outward expansion and inward contraction in our model of the universe. Our universe is homeostatic in particular, but stochastic in general under the Ed lorenz rules of the butterfly effect, it both creates and destroys, but in between is an unpredictable period of stability.


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