In The Image of Si-d

Suppose a life form evolved based around Silicon chemistry

They evolve to the state that they live for thousands of years as a hive , with individuals taking dynamic lead roles. They understand technology and develop it to the extent that they move through space colonising planets.

They come upon planets in which different chemistry is taking place, and one chemistry interests them : carbon chemistry, because it is analogous to their own. Chemistry in carbon is occurring at a faster rate than in silicon so the question is," Could it mimic silicon life forms"?

The answer is to look at what is the key difference, and it was found to be s profound item of their technology, the Vortex.

Carbon chemistry was joining long strands together, but there was only glimmerings of the vortex showing up. The RNA molecule was forming, but not getting anywhere at the time they arrived.

The experiment was to see if the vortex was encouraged what would it produce?

What vortex was better than their own ?

Suppose now they encourage the carbon chemistry to develop the vortex structure, what would the outcome be? They hung around to watch the experiment develop through its many stages, until finally the Ape family appeared. At this stage they become the mythological gods in homo sapiens consciousness.

For them, these millions of years even billions of years of the experiment demonstrated one thing: the model transmits , the image of the vortex delivers the potential . They could produce life forms from the dust and liquids and elements of the carbon chemistry!

The question now is: were they themselves produced by beings based on the chemistry of Germanium? Was the vortex the universal technological idea that transmitted this Fractal almost self similar form of life and many others besides, down the chemical chain of the Periodic Table?

This is a New Myth for a New Age.


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