I am deeply disturbed. Moved by the simple presentation of theThunderbolts project. I feel as if I have been denied essential information about electric and magnetic syncopation. All my theorising with regard to the children of Shunya and the application of Euclidean , Hamiltonian and Grassmannian spaciometries, including the vorticular dynamics have an empirical base in the electromagnetic field theories and data, and I did not know it until now. Even gyroscopy is analogous to this structural electrodynamical theory!

As yet I have not read of the contribution of fractal spaciometries to this paradigm, but I know Fractalwoman has been working on a Mandelbrot model.

I am pleased to find a strong theoretical and experimental empirical basis to my ruminations but am annoyed that the so called scientific community is as tribal, faith and dogma ridden as it accuses religion of being. The information my not be actively concealed, but it is effectively buried and obscured



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