Newtons Electrodynamical Principia Astrologica

Gravity as the back EMF in an electromagnetic field.

Randy Powell and prior to him Marko Rodin, claim that there is a force or energy or spirit or all three and more combined that principally emanates from a specific point in the centre of an ABHA torus coil or a so called Rodin coil. This they call an aetheron field. I would identify this with a spinning electromagnetic field emanating as a helical jet. But more interestingly they claim the sequencing indictes a backdraft which they identify or at least Randy does, with so called gravity. This backdraft I identify as a back electro motive field .

The question is would this hang together under the current Maxwellian electromagnetic laws, and would it give the signature very very small measurements associated with a gravitational force field in our solar system?

Secondly, would back EMF align itself vectorially orthogonally to both the electric and magnetic fields?

If it does it restores my original conception of the Shunya field as 3 orthogonal motions on any given region, but in this case one would be rotational and therefore magnetic by definition, one lineal and therefore electric by definition and the other possibly lineal but tangential making it an instantaneously varying electric motion which would be rotational but not overtly magnetic because the force would appear as minuscule! This is what we may call gravity.

When looked at in this way, it becomes clear that Newtons Principia are not in fact laws of gravity, they are in fact laws of electrodynamical motion. The refusal to accept Newtons centrifugal force or magnetic analogy as clues for further research, and his definition of the quantity of matter as inadequate by default, as Newton clearly states it, is the reason why we have obscured this obvious and natural link between the force field laws.

As I have surmised throughout this blog, the definition of mass and therefore matter was obscured and obscuring, and was wrongly left unrevised in science because prejudicial lay alchemy was thought to be the work of the devil by religious leaders who like the king craved the ubstance of gold and silver.

We have a chance now to properly define matter in terms of the Shunya field theory, and I invite anyone to criticise and extend my ideas in line with empirical, tautological data.
Sir Robert Boyle is also not to be forgotten in his pioneering efforts on developing the Electrodynamical universe theory and in working to free alchemical enquiry into it in the British Dominions.


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