As a young student of physics I met the ter EMF electro motive force. I did not know what it was, and was not sufficiently experienced to recognise the importance of this tautology. I di however experience it as a tautology, along with he tautology of the Period of a pendulum. As young plastic minds we can be bent into accepting even enjoying dissonance. This is a flexibility not open to a highly autistic mind. People with autism who survive the cruelty of socialisation often bring with them unique and useful insights into the observable empirical relationships between things. This I find valuable to correct the warping of my juvenile mind by not so well intentioned pedagogues!

The EMF is the static electric field when it ain't static! When Faraday developed the sphere of influence concept, it was to overcome the reactionary notion of occult powers as devilry. All could agree that the action was occult that is simply invisible to the eye, but not all could hold themselves aloof, avoiding jumping to associations that may or may not be observable. The development of the scientific method consisted in modelling this crucial forensic skill. The overly pious or bigoted therefore were not the easiest to comprehend, as what they observed they typically described by set paradigms, not by agreed observational paradigms. They were more likely to describe observations in terms of gods and angels and daemons rather than is less colourful language.

The development of science therefore rested on the development of a non religious paradigmatic language, and frequently this was chosen from the language of the classical philosophers, who similarly developed their language from philosophers more ancient than they!. Thus the scientific jargons, registers , argots and gobble de gook, do not represent a pure language, but rather an amalgam drawn from millennia of formulations. However, the central unifying core was Euclids Stoikeioon into platonic Socratic philosophy of Idea/Form and his development of dynamic/Mechanic principles in his later philosophical courses in the Academy.. Foremost in utility were the ideas in Book2, and the Eudoxian theory and philosophy of proportion in Books6 and 7. But none of these make proper sense outside the contexts of the course that Euclid presents in the Stoikeioon. The Arithmoi in particular have been distorted from the rather beautiful mosaics to the meaningless symbolic ciphers of the Indian way of accounting called Al Jabir or the "mind twister!" or more vulgarly " the mind Fuck!" .

Al Khwarzimi introduced this system as one should and would at the time, Rhetorically. Gradually over time formulation, terminology and notation came to dominate, and the Indian Gematria assumed a central presentational role becoming distinguished as " mathematical" and later "Mathematics" . The term soon smeared itself over all forms of scientific philosophy creating a numerical smoke screen , a fog of numbers over what is essentially a beautiful aesthetic empirical experience. Much has been found, but more lost and secreted away under the cover of this gematial, numerical " darkness" . It was like the introduction of computing, unscrupulous profiteers took full advantage of ignorance, shortsightedness and their technical edge to make themselves either fabulously rich or famous celebrities. In both cases it is only now we are able to see what power struggles took place to set up the current status quo advantaging the few over the disadvantage of the many!

But it was and is ever thus. In this age of Aquarius, let us become aware of this and actively mitigate it with " LOVE". And do not be fooled by the propaganda that uses love to dupe and mislead, to get us to hand over resources to the few to benefit even fewer!

So the static Electric field is a starting point, for nothing is static. However, relativity gives us equilibrium, and in dynamic equilibrium we may see the spider web of forces we call inertia. The inertial web radiates from a core fractal region, but when that core moves the web distorts the space around it according to the laws of equilibrium. The result is spiral forces around and in the surrounding region influenced by a spherical, radial field.

In the Shunya field theory I have 2 empirical but related field: the electric and the magnetic. The gravitational field is a weak tertiary effect to the strong secondary effect of the magnetic field generated by the primary cause of an electro static field in motion, that is to say such a field is to be called the electric field.

But there are 2 types of electric field we are told, both repelling and attracting opposites.. Because I could not figure out ghow this could be modelled mechanically in terms of motion of spatial regions I decided to drop the notion of like repelling and substitute rarefaction and contraction as the fundamental motions under a vorticular model. Such a model admits to attractive forces radially by inward vorticularity, and repulsive forces radially by outward vorticularity, but it does not yield likes repelling as described by the usual axioms.

I replace these axioms by the vorticular force , equilibrium dynamics, and the observed effect of likes repelling is deficient in only one area, that so called positive forces repel. This I overcome by the sheet/ volume axiom: rarefaction expands radially out into a spherical volume, contraction draws inward but into a surface or sheet configuration. This is empirically observable, and a utilitarian axiom.

The consequence of such an axiom is that positive regions, so called, repell other positive regions only by enclosing regions of rarefaction in a bubble structure, in which the positive regions form he surface tensions in an otherwise expanding bubble of rarefaction. At low motion velocities such regions will naturally coalesce, but at high velocities such regions will rebound off each other with ver little interaction.

Should such a bubble collapse, the resulting centres may contain either highly expanding space or highly contracting space depending on the structure of the collapse. In general however, collapsing bubbles dissipate both rarely in nd contracting space into the surrounding region in various states of motion on a velocity spectrum.

The dissipation of these vorticular regions of space maintains the ever changing dynamic of space and underpins the observed, so called Electromagnetic field observations in and of space.





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