The sphere and the vortex that surrounds it and the one that inhabits it is the special form on which in meditation it becomes clear tha our participation in real experiences is crucial and undamenal. We have to conjugate the sphere.

Shunya the unconjugated sphere is at the heart of Indian mathematics. Hellenistic mathematics started wit Monas, that is a whole unit. The difference is conjugation. Brahmagupta warned the Hellenistic influenced Indian mathematicians not to abandon the Indian astrological heritage in which Shunya, the unconjugated sphere takes a foundational position. But his words were too subtle! Brahma did not open their eyes. Thus dark Hellenistic forces buried the jewel of Shunya in the blackness of nothingness, where it was lost to the consciousness in plain sight.

Shunya, as Bhudda said is Everything.

Brahma has laughed with Brahmagupta as ignorant men have stumbled in the darkness searching for the holy grail. The great ring that unlocks the secrets of the Kundalini spiral vortex is the Shunya the unconjugated sphere, and when I conjugate it I atonce see the links between 3,6 and 9. These symbols are the relationships of the sphere in dynamism.



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