Bahai mysticism and the Enneagon
The ground of all astrology is the space around us, and this is the source of all our musings, mythologising and mysticism and profound meditations. When Brahmagupta introduced his Gematria for Shunya, his combinatorial system for the astrologer, it was not in the context of Arabic mathematics, but in the context of Vedic Mathematics or astrology. The Ganitas or Sutras followed the Gunas in the Upanishads, which are summaries of the Vedhantas and the Vedic Traditions. These deep inquiries and philosophies on the meaning and structure of being and existence are unique in the human wisdom literatures and not at all fully understood by the west or tha arabic east. Several fundamental errors or misalignments occurred in translating and adapting uh is wisdom to the Islamic world view, and chief among them were the confusion of Shunya with Sifre or wind, which means symbolically or metaphorically, that is in terms of modelling, roughly " nothing/emptiness", and the other was "jamb" or limb for the semi cord with "sinus" meaning "cove/ small arc ".

Of the two the confusion of Shunya is the greatest. With the concept of zero the numeral system was shifted to a base 10 model of the Vedic base 9 model. The symbol adapted by the Arabs as 9 is in fact the script for Shunya.

The western numeral model claims to be based on the Indian tradition as transmitted by the Arabs, but in fact it is the Arabic tradition cloaked in Indian symbols. The Bahai faith represents a promotion or propagandising of the Vedic Astrological system . This is variously described in mythological or mystical or esoteric terminology, but in fact, these ancient concepts of the descriptions and philosophies of various sages represent what we may simply call analogous thinking and philosophy on the common referent which is space as observed by astrologers in different parts of this globe.

Why did the Vedhantas and the Vedic philosophers choose 9 as a fractal divisor of space? One reason is clear, in base 10 the effect is stunning. Everything relates to 9 in the most perfect cycle. In base 9 the result is the same but we miss the crucial meaning of Shunya. Base9 and base10 are mirrors of each other in that using the 9 symbols reveals that 0 is not a numeral but a symbol for wholeness or completion. In the Vedic system 9 takes precisely that role. The various hand gestures reveal this thought quite plainly. Shunya is wholeness, completeness and perfection.

It would be easy to put this down to loss in translation were it not for the fact that the Hellenistic waged an unremitting campaign against any eastern philosophy subverting the Pythagorean and platonic and thus( note!) the Christian theology and Theosophy! Similarly Arabic scholars hardly wanted Allah to be impeached by Indian or Bahai philosophy. The very name India is a foreign imposition on the native or indigenous peoples who referred to themselves anciently as being children of Bharat or Mother. The Harappan and Dravidian heritage which the Bahatians or Indians can refer to, speaks of ancient trading civilisations of great sophistication, and therefore of a high Astrological competency. In particular, models of the cone, sphere and cube as evidence of so called platonic solids , and the wheel as a technological implement are found in Dravidian sights in abundance.
The Vedic 9 therefore represents a Gematria or numerology or combinatorial system of great facility and flexibility. Traders versed in it could do seemingly incredible calculations at lightning speed. In fact the Ganitas form a system of calculus that we only learn a few systems from in the west and always always prejudicially presented as " tricks" rather than what they are, a fundamentally simpler approach to calculus because it is using a different base!

Euler explored all the different bases in general in his theoretical description of Equivalence classes or modulo or clock arithmetics. But underpinning all of these numeral based systems is the more fundamental and more straight forward Euclidean Algorithm for fractalising space.


If you approach a western mathematician about dividing the circle or sphere into 9 equal parts you will be told that it cannot be done! And then they will show you some complex manoeuvres to do it approximately. What they are imparting to you is a particular Atistotelian Platonic style of reasoning based not on fullness but minimalism or abstraction. The notion of the Idea/Form being the reality and our sensory experience being merely shadows of this ultimate idealism. . On the other hand eastern and far eastern philosophies explore the fullness of everything, and how this fullness is circular or snake like in it's structure. The model of the universe in vedic Ganitas is the model of the coiled snake, that is the vortex. 9 is the symbol of Shunya or the vortex. For this reason the Vedic system uses this symbol distinction. That it comes in a particular position in a sequence of symbols indicates its role as the completion of that sequence. However, when it is translated into base10 a curious slippage occurs moving the 9 relative to the 10's . This is like the cycles of the sun and the moon. Those who measure by the moon slip past those who measure by the sun, only meeting up again fter a 19 year cycle

The Bahia and thus the Vedic traditions measure by the 9. The reason appears to be profoundly simple: the fingers and toes become calculating tools! The neurology of the muscle meshes engages the proprioceptive meshes in a profound software of calculation. With a little training the fingers can be programmed to read out the consequences of immense combinatorial sequences. The human neurology is most efficiently accessed like an electronic calculator.

While this was hardly expressively except in mystical terms, the establishment of electronic calculators based on their "neurology" of hig and low voltage signals makes the analogy apt and plain in non mystical terms. However, it is not my aim to banish the mystical experience, which holds much much more than a technological simile! For example, explaining a fine wine in terms of its chemical components would in no way justify me removing the pleasant experience and associations of imbibing this bacterial defence system!

Shunya means everything, and fullness, not meagre, dry abstraction.

The Vortex mathematics so called by Rodin and Powell is a principle of their Bahai faith. The description of astrological structures is no different to what anyone may observe, but it is fundamentally easier and faster to calculate using Vedic Mathematical principles.

Unlike the sparse constraints in the Greek Aristotelian system, the Vedic traditions exploit the Eudoxian and Euclidean pragmatics of the Arithmoi. A circle and spherical Spaciometry underpins all of eastern thought , and Euclid absorbs this into the Isis Osiris Mythology. The construction of any division of the circle is pragmatically achieved by the ratio of the diameters or radii. These discs are carefully geared together to produce approximate ratios. These approximations are then iterated over many versions toward a high degree of perfection. This pragmatic neusis was frowned upon because it involved a fractal interaction with space, which undermined the platonic Socratic whimsy of ideal forms being reality. The Socratic presentation of this theory is highly enigmatic only if one does not accept the influence of eastern philosophy on Socrates. The whimsical Koans that a Socratic discourse present are highly hypnagogic and suggestive. They are designed to open the mind of the earnest student to the influences of the Musai.


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