I searched long and hard to find this particular image
http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9f4u0XRYM1rdp3g3o1_1280.jpg which connects he circle to the Fibonacci spiral in particular. It demonstrates the fractal scaling of the sacred geometrical standard pattern and the fundamental connection to Twistorque "charge", that is Newtons resolution the spiral /circle relationship into the centrifugal, centripetal and tangential forces.

We are taught to ignore the spiral and or circular force , to see it as a resultant of the centripetal and tangential forces or even worse tangential velocity. But any use of the principle remarkably shows this not to be the case. However we are told to overlook this in the false assumption that the differential calculus corrects the discrepancies. Newton in his method of fluents never makes that assumption. His Lemmae never make the assumption that the tangential and chord resolution are identical to the circular or spiral forces or motions. Newton's method of fluents only ever assumes approximation of quantitative measure. Thus Newton's method of fluents is a truly iterative formulation of the motion, an iterative model in which the rule of almost sel similarity is replaced by some with exact self similarity. The fractal rules that are so simple but so easily distorted are evoked by Mandelbrot in his description of a fractal geometry. Newtons equations are taken as exact when they can only be taken as recursive.

Cotes and Newton realised this and enjoyed calculating the different ratios his method of fluents provides. It was only when Cotes finished his exploration of the Logarithmic spiral in his Logometria , and his collaboration with De Moivre on Multinomials and their solutions that he discovered the extraordinary relationship of the complex logarithms of Napierian logarithms, that is those based on the sine tables. This provided him with a precise iterative or recursive identity which meant he could ostensibly calculate newtons approximations to any degree he wished.

Thus the formulation of the iterative identity for calculating the curve or the spiral whether it be a conic or an exponential could be simply and elegantly stated. He died before he could explain this to Newton and De Moivre, and Newton lamented this loss for he knew that had he lived the laws of gravity would have been changed and corrected forever!

What Newton could not fully realise was that his formulation, corrected by Cotes were in fact the laws of electromagnetism.

He utilised magnetism as a metaphor of the gravitational force, and no one realised how correct he was given the knowledge of the time. We have missed this point through custom and practice and bulldog defiance to consider the clear connection. Now, the very planets in the heavens thunder out the clear message: space is not nothing! Like Shunya space is everything but in plasma form. And the laws of plasma like Maxwells laws will reduce to the fractal recursive model of Newton as corrected by Sir Roger Cotes.

This image is to illustrate that the sacred geometry standard does not fit the spiral form. The sacred geometry scales spirally according to the first image.


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