There are 6 fundamental attributes to, within and of Shunya
The awareness of awareness.
The awareness of motion,
The awareness of boundaries,
the awareness of sequence
And the awareness of mark
The awareness of difference.
Every one of these is a tautology of fundamental analytical and synthetically significance, from which all other experiences in and of Shunya may be derived iteratively, and as a fractal construct of the same.
They themselves are expressible in terms of fractal patterns of the same attributions at all levels a priori to them.

The value of identifying them as stated is to synthesise a model that provides utilitarian advantages within my experiential continuum, that I may philosophise naturally on some principles which are of a sound nature and not ultimately deceitful. For this to be the case I must add a 7th principle,
The awareness of fractal self similarity at all scales when devised.


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