I awoke this morning and realised that all that i understood about electromagnetism i did not understand at all! I could not recall how the changing "current" caused the changing magnetic field!
This was good! It meant that behind the scenes my unconscious processing was preparing me for another paradigm Shift!

Ivor Catt had been kind enough to have a longish chat with me about his experimental results and theoretical insights derived therefrom. I was impressed at the clarity of thought that had gone into arriving at these conclusions, and certain that they were worth y time exploring, as i have been with a view to accepting.

The following quote highlights the problems of miseducation by Academia, in an overly theoretical mode of pedagoguery!

n. The phenomena exhibited by a class of substances which, when under the influence of magnetism and freely suspended, take a position with the longer axis at right angles to the magnetic lines of force. From the experiments of Faraday it appears to be clearly established that all matter is subject to the magnetic force as universally as it is to the gravitating force, arranging itself into two divisions, the paramagnetic and the diamagnetic. Among the former are iron, nickel, cobalt, palladium, titanium, and a few other substances; and among the latter are bismuth, antimony, cadmium, copper, gold, lead, mercury, silver, tin, zinc, and most solid, liquid, and gaseous substances. When a paramagnetic substance is suspended freely between the poles of a powerful horseshoe magnet, it points in a line from one pole to the other, which Faraday terms the axial line. On the other hand, when a diamagnetic substance is suspended in the same manner, it is repelled alike by both poles, and assumes an equatorial direction, or a direction at right angles to the axial line.
n. That branch of magnetism which treats of diamagnetic phenomena and diamagnetic bodies.

For someone of my age to know that this was known before my time but not taught during my time in education it comes as an appalling disservice to a general understanding of the world/ All things respond to magnetism, even an every day bar magnet.
Now i have had experience of several magnetic scans, so do not mistake what i am saying. The wool was pulled over my eyes when a child by a stray comment that only iron responded to magnetism, wood and whatever else did not. I was alerted by the comment that the neutron responded like a small magnet to this universal role of magnetism, that Magnetic Neutron Resonance is the basis of the MRI scans i have had, and that the Magnetron that heats my food similarly oscillated by "microwave" transmission and transformation the water molecules in my dinner!

Lands Sakes! it is like i have been walking under a cloud in a somnambulistic half life worse than the Zombie attacks my son is so afeared of!

Now there is a lot of vested interest in the electron model and the kinetic model. The electron orbital theory seems to explain diamagnetism and paramagnetism. In fact it does not. The electron model has been discredited and redacted.mit is no longer an electron, but a magneto electric phenomenon rotating with high angular momentum.

The use of these old terms to hang fundamentally new concepts on means that scientific revolution goes on in an agreed way behind closed doors to the public. We do not need this kind of paradigm shift, we need to move to the more general fluid dynamical paradigm which we are now able to do. In the process we must re examine the terminology to ensure that confusion is eliminated.
I do not propose to use pole anymore in describing magnetism, when clearly we are observing toroidal regions of force intensities and dynamic instabilities , non equilibrium forces.

I also question whether electric and magnetic are useful distinctions . These forces again act in toroidal shaped regions and this may be a less disruptive and more insightful terminology


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