Sensory perception

I find it important to include the observer at every stage of a scientific or descriptive process. In this regard I observe that something's commonly regarded as opposites are not truly " opposites" in the logical sense, u maybe spatially or procedurally opposite or contra.
I have been told to apprehend hot and cold as opposites. Further I have bern taught they are contrasts, and finally that Enthalpy is the accounting of heat either into a circumstance experienced as cold, or out of a circumstance experienced as hot.

I find that my sensory meshes are the ground of my apprehension . I also find that I am taught contrary to my sensory mesh, and this leads ultimately to confusion in synaesthesia..
Taking the retina as an example, I am taught to ignore the pixelated experience of sight and to asu,e a continuum. This has dramatic consequences in quantum theory, where it is taken as a revelation that energy is quantised. The photon embodies this quanta, and my contribution, by sensory pixelation is ignored!

A more telling aspect is with regard to darkness. It is known that the retinal rods are extreme
Y sensitive to contrast. It is also known that they consist in many plates of light sensitive mitochondrial cell structures. Their spiral structure is also known. The set up allows for distinct quantas of contrast from pitch black to blinding white. It is therefore fair to say that darkness is a degree of sensory stimulation in the rod structure, which also responds to blinding light
Although it is not a continuum I was taught to treat it as if it were.

Now do I have a sensor for darkness? The answer is yes, and it is the same sensor for brightness, but it is not the same logical sensor response. This s seen if I say brightness is 50 plates responding, while darkness is 1 plate responding. I have isolated darkness, but if I combine the number of plates I should logically move to brightness, giving the more darkness the greater the brightness!
Clearly a quantification measures not dark bees or brightness but something else. I the convert that quantity into a perception of darkness or brightness..
The universe is generally dark because the level of stimulus for these rod platelets is generally low. On some occasions it is so low that I perceive a quality in the darkness. Not just a recognition of darkness. Yet even this quality is pixelated and quantised.
Now I turn to heat and cold. As far as we can tell we have separated heat sensors and cold sensors! This means that there is not only heat in the environment but also cold! I am taught to ignore cold as a stimulus and refer only to heat.

The list of sensory deprivation goes on. It is therefore not surprising that we msperceive energy as entirel one thing, when it is clearly constructed from motions in many things we see expansion, diffusion and heat flow . We ignore contraction,crystallisation , and cold flow. Instead we attempt to describe it as positive or negative heat flow. For many things this is adequate, but for understanding the source of gravity, attraction and condensed matter it is inadequate. Ultimately attraction and repulsion electrical or magnetic relies on a proper apprehension of all the sensors and how they are related.


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