The game of mind!

Socrates and Plato wanted to make a nonverbal comment on a fundamental conceptual double bind. The theory of ideas/forms was introduced playfully, humorously and without dogmatism. Endless questioning which was presented in good humour.

It was introduced humorously and playfully because it was a game!

We may have heard or read the transactional analysis bible by Betne" The Gemes People Play", and we may be familiar with the game metaphor.mwe may not understand the insubstantiality of the distinction between the 2 concepts. Basically Plato set out a game in which the players have to choose one side or the other.mhaving chosen a side, the game is to convert all other players to your side!.mthe person with the most players on his team wins!

What is the content of the game? It almost does not matter! Pato and Socrates based it around Eide, what the eye can see and perceive. This is no simple function, perception, in the main is not based on visual information alone, but a synaesthesia of the sensory meshes. Thus the suggestion that formal , that is possessing a form, perceptions are eternal realities casting shadows onto our sensory meshes to populate the experience of the world with imperfect copies of themselves is playfully put by Plato through one of his characters.

But then another character suggests these ideas are mere abstractions mined from living in an imperfect world , and formed into impossible perfection called an ideal.

Once you get hooked in the game it is played in deadly earnest, and that is the reason for nonverbal comment of humour! What!mhave you forgotten that it is all just a game?


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