As I consider space and matter to be An identity I am coining the phrase space/matter.

I f I now " colour" that box in as a Bona fide identity I can now tautologically define other distinctions relative to it
Of course I want to consider immateriality or no spatial entites but I require a notion of "something" or substance to do so. Thus I will define substance as my perceptions as a whole or a class of the identity space/matter.
My perceptions, as subjective experiences and/or processes of experiencing are sufficiently immaterial to describe or define the concept of immateriality.

Psychologically we must admit that our concept either is the thing it referees to or models it. Thus I chose my experiences as immateriality or at the very least a model of it.
In mathematical terms that I launched this blog with, immateriality is the set FS, the set of my experiences of the set notFS. The set FS has always been described as a model of the set notFs but never as a model of immateriality until now.

However sincee I have a choice I will make immateriality an identity with the set FS.

Now I have formulated in terms of immateriality, but I have also proposed that immateriality is the same as non spatial entity. This is a conception I have made accessible to the notion of Substance. The notion of substance is defined as the perceptions of SpaceMatterAs, so immateriality and non spatial entity are not perceived of SpaceMatter?

The notion of immateriality is derived by negating notions of materiality, but retaining perceptibility. The model or identity for this is the set FS. So I have a tautology where I say my experiences per se are not substantive, but my perceptions derive from substantive things..

The identity of immateriality is therefore based on concrete collections of data, empirical interactions with substance which produce a "non substantive" experience.

The question is not are these non substantive experiences real, which they are ontologically in this discussion, but whether they are independent of my substantive interactions?
My substantive interactions must include both empirical space material interactions and interactions with immaterial products of such interactions..

This tautology is a natural and common one. It is essentially recursive and iterating through it results in a complex fractal pattern, it is this fractal pattern that I wish to explore on the basis that it represents my complex notions of mind and spirit. It also represents an emergent property of the space material interactions which may characterise consciousness.


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