One of the wonderful things about shifting to a fluid dynamic paradigm is how many of the scientific elite are involved in various expressions of it.
Today I want to focus on


Fluid dynamics is very very cool! But most feel they have to use a Cray supercomputer to work things out. You certainly need a computer, but not a Cray. What you do need is a fractal generator App, and I will recommend Terry Gintz suite of Programmes at Mysticfractal.com. I use Quasz because I have an old Mac mini, I have still got to buy the full version from him, something I have been threatening to do for years! His prices are very reasonable, but unfortunately my finances are not.

There are of course many other Fractal generators out there, but I am loyal to Terry's Quasz because it is intuitive for a mathematically trained mind. Those who are programmers might find other versions more to their liking, but they are not superior to Terry's.


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