Spirit and extension

Isos dOes not mean the same or identical but dual. That subtlety is lost when not perceived , for a triangle on the same base as any other sharing a common parallel line, is dual! It is transformed befor our eyes and yet it shares the common process that gives the same result! Thus to what does isos refer in our common judgement? What is this Keine Abweichen in the process we perceive? By what are our senses deceived but our logic not?

We are deceived by dissembling shadows changing form, but still our Arithmos's monads count the same!

This wonder when revealed forces a gasp! For what the shadow gives up behind it imbibes ahead, remaining present as long as it is stretched thin, showing us that our perceptions will cling on to things through our fixed Arithmoi and our heart's beat count. Nor will they vanish from our memory even though they disappear before our eyes.

This very wonder is the conservation of our notions of space, the conserving of the ontological ground of being, the extension of all magnitude into infinite lines which cannot exist but we insist they do, and in insisting thus create a magical mystery world of spirits and of ghosts and other dimensional entities we cannot see, but by our minds stubborn insistence on its rules!


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