Helyx and Toryx

Helical loops of motive , behaving as described by the theory by Ginzburg can intertwine in ways that separate the motive effect by induction into dipoles with the electrostatic and magneto static behaviours.

Consider a spring or a slinky toy. Once those neatly separated turns become entangled they pull everyother turn into a tighter " knot". But loops which have the same gyroscopic orientation do not entangle, they rather push each other apart.

Motive is induced across a boundary, which usually is a layer of complex turbulence around a congruent core, which is either spiralling inward or spiralling outward. The change from one type to the other is unpredictable but like Ed Lorenz water clock application of his equations it does happen..the change is aperiodic.

The properties of physics are therefore on the large scale average. On the quantum scale the behaviours are unpredictable, but my be consistent for long durations.


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